Neil Macdonald gets it wrong… so very.. very wrong.

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An answer to Neil Macdonald at the CBC – Why Mainstream ‘News’ is failing.

The general public has weighed and judged mainstream ‘news’ based on performance and we have turned away… the same way the general public has turned away from the law courts (inaccessible / racist / myopic) and the elected officials (lying / self-serving / oblivious). The Doctors have devolved to shills for the pharmaceutical industry, and the church… well… it just plain refused to grow up.  These, along with the Universities, are dying institutions.  We know that as a global conciousness.

The facts are facts – and stamping ‘approved by a dying institution’ isn’t going to save a thing here. The concept that Neil Macdonald proposed is ‘formal accreditation’: ‘there is no other way’ – would almost be funny – but Neil Macdonald is ignoring some simple facts here:

We, with our cel phones and internet, are recording the real news… and that’s what we focus on… reality.  

We don’t need a stamp of approval to post a picture on Facebook.  We are smart enough to decide if it’s real or not… we are smart enough to decide if it’s ‘news’ or not.


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Take a look a the stats – this is the reality Mainstream is Ignoring.

1 – One in Five children go hungry in Canada… 100% of families are impacted by this in countless ways… so at least 20% of the news should be talking about this… instead of 0.1% of the news.

2 – 50% of us die from heart failure and stroke, another 50% of us from Cancer… not ‘terrorists’… not ‘trade deals’… but from real problems. Yet that’s what we get shoved down our throat continuously – war and unending financial disasters.

For some reason Neil Macdonald says ‘get letters of approval’ and we will be happy with the status quo; while mainstream ignores how we spend our last days.

3 – Both problems have simple solutions – solutions that are over complicated by talking to 0.1% of the population monopolizing the arguments: the ‘government’. Mainstream is not telling the story of the real statistics that kill people.  Mainstream lost it because we are at work in the real world, we are ignored while we’re trying to pick up the pieces.

We have the perspective, and mainstream ignores it.

A stamp of approval from the dying education institution (that only creates poverty by student debt – see Generation Jobless / CBC) is never, ever going to regain any credibility for reporters.


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As citizens, 70% of us have turned away.

We’re cutting the cable, we are ignoring advertising based outlets. We don’t pay for our news, and we don’t care about celebrities, sports stars, or lying politicians… we care about day to day life. We read more, daily, than any other generation before us… per capita we are far better educated, far more peaceful, than any other generation.

You had an audience that is informed, and you talked yourself out of the deal.

We are waiting for reality, but we don’t care if it surfaces. Facebook groups devoted to saving the CBC have thousands of members, when they should have millions. You lost the social media war because we’re waiting for a news headline that represents reality…

…try this: ‘Today the government (only 0.1% of the population) continued to stand in the way of Cancer cures:  REASON – 0.1% of the population wants to mobilize billions of dollars worth of equipment to move 1,000 soldiers into war… a war nobody wants.

That is reality. That should be the headline. If mainstream wasn’t listening to old people thinking up ways for young people to die in wars, if mainstream reporters like Neil Macdonald wasn’t content to ignore starving children, to make old people richer… well… we wouldn’t have the mainstream hysteria over fake news.


image courtesy CBC

Mainstream is just a small group of old people, quoting more messed up old people, who just plain hate their own species.

Wars? Poverty?  None of this is necessary, or inevitable, except to those old people who are tired, desperate, and vengeful.

The story here is that mainstream panders to lazy ass baby-boomers and their excuses… people who never actually get off the couch and do something different – like solve big problems their own complacency created.

Mainstream is listening to those old people… we aren’t. Get it?

We grew up with people who hate their own species… religion…. government… financial institutions.  They created the mess on purpose – why on earth would you say these people are worth reporting on?  Mainstream government, religion and education institutions had total authoritarian control – and they messed it up… and now we know the Baby-Boomer institutions have failed across the board.  Yet Mainstream ‘News’ gives them air time?

That’s like talking to a Trump supporter about solutions to Racism.  But that’s what’s literally happening here.

The information vaccuum is being filled by those of us who are independent reporters, and the rising stars of other outlets like Huffington Post and the National Observer.  We are taking the ratings because we are starting to tell the story – and the rising stars are getting the ratings and income to prove they are on track… but still they are in ‘transition’… sometimes distracted by shiny nonsense mainstream competitors offer.


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The other headline that could turn the tide is simple:

‘One in Five children are left to go hungry, even though we could easily feed them, and in the next 10-15 years we will be phasing out 40% of all jobs for automation, and we need to fix this now.’

The real world of journalism is now firmly in the hands of us, the rest of the real world, and we are simply not talking among ourselves about 0.001% of the population that makes up mainstream news editors and reporters…

and we don’t care about your opinions on why you lost ratings.

Mainstream doesn’t seem to be able to face the fact they lost their ratings all by themselves.  They aren’t getting invited to the party – and they obviously think it’s because everyone else has a problem.  Really?  I mean, Really?

Overall I don’t think mainstream has an intellectual mirror.  They seem to think like Neil Macdonald – he doesn’t believe we turned away on purpose and for good reason.

We cut the cord on our own, with scissors provided by people like Neil McDonald.  We turned away on purpose.  We ignored the National Enquirer for decades as ‘fake news’… but all of a sudden Mainstream is trying to point at the Clown in the room… openly ruining their own reputation by saying ‘you guys are looking at the clown!  that’s why we aren’t invited to the party!’.  We don’t listen to Alex Jones, we know the difference between Shinola and Prarie Oysters… and we aren’t looking at the clown in the room.


Neil Macdonald – courtey 

We are looking squarely at those outside the party bitching about the cover charge… the cover charge that says ‘you have to be relevant’.

We, the people, have common sense – we can tell the difference between mainstream b.s. and authentic facts.  That’s why Neil is proposing, that somehow ‘more authority’ makes you a leader in society.  It doesn’t.  Anyone in the Management field knows that a position, some letters behind your name, means absolutely nothing in the real world.  In fact, in the business world, we know the more edcuation you have, the more of a liability you are to progress.

Earning respect gets you a place in the world today.

We as a ‘Global Consciousness’ have moved on from those assuming positions of authority – especially when they don’t earn it.

All this ‘Fake News’ and ‘credible sources’ nonsense is just more water-cooler talk in an office with less people, smaller paychecks, and dwindling credibility. Neil Macdonald just posted a summation of the problem – with an asinine solution that ignores logic, and above all, statistical reality.


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Neil – you should know better.  You lost ratings with articles like this – you are simply talking among yourselves now, and coming up with bizarre solutions divorced from reality.  I‘m just waiting for the straw on this camels back… the one that says ‘Russia did it’.

You guys are convincing us to tune you out – while muttering amongst yourselves… the ‘Neil Macdonalds’ of the world are not answering their own questions of who, what, where, when, why and how.  The Neil Macdonalds of the world sit and watch the ship sink – and for some reason – they ignore what I learned in my first year in Radio & Broadcasting:

Get out of the office and go get the story!

We know how – and why mainstream news lost it.  Every day, as we turn away, we show mainstream what it’s unwilling to face – we have far bigger problems than their limited observations present to us.

Gray haired people who hate their own species caused our current problems – and their institutions are not going to do a damn thing to fix it – so listening to the inmates about the quality of the locks isn’t going to feed people, or find a cure to Cancer.

This is the swan song for people who hate their own species, and Neil is fiddling while the flames get hotter.

I’ll be in the streets talking about people standing in the way of feeding kids, and finding cures for cancer. Taylor Swift can’t compete… neither can accreditation shared among yourselves.. on nice shiny paper… around an empty office… with nobody listening

Darin Howard

Radio Free Canada – Facebook

Radio Free Canada – YouTube

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In Kelowna, British Columbia – we’re working on an awesome project to create Municipal Sustainability. Grocery prices are going through the roof, rent prices are out of control, and there are NO jobs – so instead of just complaining – we’re working our way towards a solution.  (The first part of this story is in a YouTube video below).

Our Solution? The Municipal Sustainability Project – a program to create low cost, high quality food by building an ‘Up-Cycled’ farm that runs 365 days a year. A high capacity farm using old and new technology – and we’re going to be uploading videos showing everyone exactly how it’s done…. so stay tuned!

A farm is just like any business – it’s going to take a lot of resources and manpower to get things done. Fortunately – we live in Canada – and it seems like everyone has too much stuff. So – to solve one of our ‘resource’ problem, we’re turning to the public to make it happen. We also had to test out our Social Media Program – and it worked awesome!

This is the story of how we ‘crowd-sourced’ our resources, and an example of how easy it is to ‘Up-Cycle’ the future.



Some of the sketches we have of the Municipal Sustainability Project on YouTube

To build a free fence – we needed a plan

The first thing we did was make a list of what we needed, and checked off on the list all the things already had. Fortunately – we already have all the tools necessary to finish this project – so if you’re trying this out yourself, make sure you have a standard set of construction tools ready to go.

If you’re trying this at home – it’s very important to make sure you schedule the time you need to get your project done – and above all – set a date you’re going to be complete. When up-cycling at home it’s a really good idea to set the date you want to complete your tasks so they don’t drag on too long.

The second thing we did was go on-line and see what people had for free. We set a timetable of one month to get the resources together – and we did it in under three weeks.


In every city there’s things like Craig’s List, and other local web-sites that people advertise in. In Kelowna, it’s called ‘Castanet‘ – and there’s even a ‘Free’ section where people advertise a ton of stuff they want to get rid of. We also use Facebook quite a bit – since there’s a ton of stuff listed in a couple different ‘free’ sites, or really, really (almost free) affordable ‘garage sale’ type listings.

We where on Facebook to begin with – where we found someone in West Kelowna giving away the lumber from an old back deck. Next, on Castanet we found someone with some long 2×4’s leftover from rennovations – they also had some 1×1 trim, some miscelaneous screws and bolts, and l-brackets we would use later.

During our search – we did find over 80 feet of green chain link fence, and a chainlink gate that someone was selling for $20.00. We bought this while garage sailing…

…but later on, we found someone giving chain-link fencing away – so we could have gotten the whole fence for free… (and it might have been even taller) – but we didn’t need it – so we let it go.


Just when we finished the fence – we experience a major windstorm – but all that reclaimed wood stood up to the elements just fine!  It also kept the kids toys from blowing away…

Then, back on Castanet again, we found another pressure treated gate with two six foot pressure treated fence polls – completely for free.

Finally – a neighbour of ours just up the street was downsizing and advertising on Facebook – and he had about 20 cans of paint sitting around, so after a quick talk, he donated all the paint to us! That was very cool – and within the paint we found over six gallons of primer, exterior white paint, and even a cool, modern colour for the accents!

At home, our neighbour across the street was remodeling his front yard, putting in sustainable, low maintenance elements in his yard, and that meant he was getting rid of about three cubic yards of crush gravel – so instead of just dumping it into a hole – we took his pile of rocks, and put it to work.

Within our one month period – we had found for free enough resources in Kelowna British Columbia to build a 65 foot fence for our kids to have a little yard to play in… for free. We already had the tools, and a big box of Deck Screws we inherited, and the painting supplies – so it was time to get to work.


Wind Power is just part of the things we’re going to Up-Cycle the future with!


First I did a quick drawing, a plan for how to maximize all the resources we had. Then I figured out the exact dimensions, and double checked we had all the right stuff. I wanted to firm things up, and since we had some concrete kicking around – we set the gate posts for concrete so they would last.

For the other fence posts – we dug an extra eight inches deep so we could fill the holes with crushed gravel – so the bottoms of the fence posts wouldn’t rot.  This was all reclaimed wood – so you have to take care of it.

The fence posts were put in, a trench was dug so we could sink the bottom of the chain link into the ground (that’s so little toddlers couldn’t try and escape by crawling under the fence).

Now – the area in front of the main gate was always a puddle of water, so we dug down, and filled a foundation area with more of the gravel. That didn’t solve the ‘puddle’ problem, we needed drainage for the puddle, so I dug a trench a little lower than the drainage area, and led it out under the fence to a natural water flow area. A Civil Engineering friend of mine suggested I look up a ‘French Ditch’… so the crowd was taking care of us again, giving us great information.


The ‘puddle’ problem – the water is draining into the wrong place… so…

The ‘French Ditch’ was filled with gravel, and topped off with some ceramic leftovers from bathroom construction – to form a roof of sorts for the drainage rocks – and that was all covered with dirt.


The ‘French Ditch’ was dug… and you can see where we set the chain link into the ground.


This ditch works awesome!  The drain from the roof was filling our yard…  I was worried that all the extra rain was going to spoil our summer… but crowd-sourcing our problem worked!

With a little help from our Uncle, we set the posts and strapped together the posts and tops. It took about two weeks working evenings and weekends, but it was worth it. The final fence is kid proof, they won’t be getting caught trying to sneak under the fence, and they can’t pry the chain link off the back supports – since we screwed the fencing directly onto the wood with 10 lbs of screws we already had.

The top plate consisted of a board from the used deck, strapped together to a 2×4 – we made posts with 2×4’s strapped to 1×6’s (some fence pieces we recovered from the yard) which all made a structure that are strong enough to sit on – as proven at my birthday party…

And the really cool part was… we had just enough paint to give the entire fence a primer coat, and two coats of outdoor, awesome quality white and coloured paint, with pressure treated accents and a chain link gate for the back. If I would have been buying all these elements, I sure wouldn’t have ended up with such an expensive design – it’s even strong enough to hold flower boxes on top – so I would highly suggest anyone working on a limited (or non-existant) budget to think about trying this.


This DIY Free Fence was made possibly by the generosity of my neighbours, and some very cool total strangers who really helped out. Now we have a place for an exhausted mom to be able to go out and get some fresh air in – when it’s not covered in a foot of snow.

And this summer – we hope to have video of the fence in action, but then again – we might be building something a little larger than a fence.


The first part of our experiment on YouTube


Even things as complex as a ‘Methane Generator’ can be up-cycled at home.

This whole effort was for two reasons.

One: To prove that we could build something big and expensive by crowd-sourcing the material

Two: To give Momma and two little boys a safe place to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.

For the Municipal Sustainability project we know our entire farm can be built from local resources – donated by or funded by people like you. Even the most powerful and effective electric and biological generators can be made with up-cycled material. There are also many other plans on-line that we can experiment with, perfect and distribute throughout the valley.

Low-Tech resources creating high tech results is what we’re after – and we’ll get it. Just using a little common sense, and a little hard work. Building the future out of the recylcing of today is just our first step.


You can really help out by contributing a little or a lot through Patreon right now – or by getting a hold of Darin Howard at the Municipal Sustainability Project.

Dana Larson sets back the ‘Legalize It’ movement… again…

Darin Howard, Editor
Radio Free Canada – April 7 – 2016

Quote from
“Under the Canadian Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, it is illegal to distribute marijuana in any form regardless of whether payment is provided,” the release said.

Police say they will address the incident at a news conference Thursday.”

Dana Larson and his political ambitions where stopped cold in Calgary as he tried to take his popularity out of the province, and failed once again to do anything legitimate.

After failing so spectacularly with the ‘Sensible BC’ campaign, he’s set to bring his bad P.R. across the country with an unknowing and unsuspecting fan base who don’t realize how continuously failing campaigns hurt the ‘Legalize It’ movement.

It’s the Medical Patients relying on the real medical benefits of Cannibas, and our economy that really suffer. We could use the money to do something real in this country, but not with Dana Larson out in the public.


Supposedly to pressure the Canadian Federal Government and Justin Trudeau to owe up to their election promises to decriminalize and legalize marijuanna, Larson set out from Kelowna to distribute ‘a million seeds’ across the country…

…supposedly to be planted in homes to ‘defy the law’.

Nothing could be worse for the movement.

There are literally hundreds of other ways to get the word out, and build credibility among Conservative types who are holding out on the Legalizing Marijuanna.  Dana Larson lost it since he’s playing to the choir, and not addressing policy makers who are content to sit behind their policies.  Remember that – even though Dana Larson says he’s promoting a ‘civil disobedience’ stance – he’s literally offending the policy makers who are used to ignoring the debate.  A very small percentage of people actually make up the rules here – it’s the reason why many ‘Legalize It’ advocates adopt the suit and tie, to influence those policy makers superficial enough to judge people by their clothing.

The point here: Activism is Winning major victories against corrupt cops, corporations and individuals… yet that all seems to be lost on Dana Larson who continues to offend, detract and destroy any legitimate public campaigns to get Marijuanna into a respectable light.


Bong Man – Probably the most immature of public personas… a dancing ‘mascot’ of the legalize it movement, appearing next to legitimate proponents medicinal marijuanna – this ‘mascot’ stamped the words ‘jack-ass’ onto the public forum. Not everyone is a fool…or respects such nonsense.  Did he do anything to stop this from showing up?

bong man

Green Bud & Hash – A parody of Dr.Seuss, this was a direct kick in the crotch to every Conservative type making legislative decisions… a waste of creative & publishing efforts… he set back the movement decades… and it wasn’t necessary at all.

green buds and hash

Photo Courtesy Dana Larson

Seeds for Anarachy – Setting himself up to get arrested – he goes right to ‘Conservative Central’ to do it – Stephen Harpers backyard – once again proving his ego and shortsightedness are comparable to Donald Trump. He’s not some champion here… he’s setting us farther back.  I have no doubt the Harperites still hold sway over certain issues in Cow Town – it’s kind of embarrassing to think of Calgary as a home to Fascism, the people there are so friendly.

Now think for a second… why did Dana Larson choose that spot to distribute seeds, and break the law… was it because he was almost assured a spotlight by getting arrested?  Personally, I would have avoided Fascist Party Headquarters till the end of my tour… then get arrested if that was what I was aiming for… make better press and get a LOT more seeds out there in territory the RCMP have already proven they’re not going to prosecute.


Image Courtesy


There are a lot of mature, logical and educated people that know the war on drugs is an expensive failure, and the prohibiting a plant from a peaceful and well disciplined general public is just plain stupid – and asinine at a federal level.

Until we get massive ego’s out of the spotlight (which is where Dana Larson seems to do the most damage) we’re faced with corrupt officials guiding our efforts.  I’m not getting to in depth right now, but you have to see that it’s statistically a failure to fight a war on Pot in any manner… that’s more than just a corruption of logic.  We are also in massive economic chaos – with Colorado and Washington continue to capitalize on our failure.

We need a real, national campaign that doesn’t appeal to the ‘jack-ass’ crowd. We need firm leadership, with support of not just the immature ‘bong man’ crowd, but from everyone including the Conservatives who can be won over with logic – not grandstanding.

Dana Larson will continue to benefit the cops, the courts, and the Conservatives until he’s removed from the spotlight… what is now, obviously desperately needed.  The ‘Psychos in Suits’ who maintain MJ prohibition where just handed another years worth of internal rhetoric and a poster boy for ‘reasons to keep MJ illegal’.

With Mainstream Media promoting Dana Larsons every word, you know that we’ll be waiting for the ‘Legalize It’ movement to gain traction across the country… for a long… long time.

That’s my opinion…
Darin Howard
Editor – Radio Free Canada

Radio Free Canada – Facebook




Hope for the future… Dancing in the Rain as a new day breaks

A letter to myself in the year 2113

Today is a good day – like any other day.  The Rain is coming down, it’s cold outside, looks like it will be like this all day.  That’s part of life – that’s reality… and that makes it a good day.

Accomplishment is like that – and where I live, Rural Canada, there are a lot of ‘conservative’ people who are shouting me down, lying and misinforming the public about what I’m doing, and why.  They have a lot of different excuses, and agendas, and above all, obvious weaknesses.  I don’t care – it’s of little importance, since that’s the way it’s always been, a little cold rain… an awesome day.

For my friends here on the net – I do have a little explaining to do.  You see, I come from lineage that stands up for what is right, a people that aren’t complacent in sight of injustice.  Unlike those entrenched in the system, my world is not limited by the haters and back-stabbers, the weak ones, those lost in the illusion of freedom while they slave till they die.  I am not content, as many are, I’m not leaving a legacy of regret and delusion.  You can die with your eyes closed, that’s easy… and it’s no way to go.  

Lately – I see it as a grand experiment of sorts… this Internet thing.  The experiment was simple, it was to see who was who, and what was what.  Now that I have the information… I’m moving on it.  Some two weeks ago, I pressed a ‘go’ button on some bigger plans that are coming to fruition right now.  So as the sun comes up behind gray and foreboding clouds, I take this moment to consider where we are – what’s really going on.

To those of you who where there from the beginning, who don’t need to agree with everything I say, or do, I welcome you along.  Life’s like that – it’s sticky, and it’s not perfect.  Those close to me for the past 20 years know that my battle has always been against racists, lost Conservatives and haters of every type.  We all fight wars in one way or another… I just chose not to be destroyed by it – and this morning that is full of all that is human life today – in the cold and rain – I smile because in many ways… I made it.

There were a lot of times when I thought of giving up – I thought of just doing what everyone else seems to do – ‘take care of yourself, be content with the common thought of ‘it’s all you can do’… I found that line of logic was a pathetic lie.  Right now, as a society, that evil concept of ‘it’s all you can do’ is packing up the older people, and their wisdom, and shutting them up in old folks homes to die without sharing their light.  It’s a tragedy of epic proportions, spurred by a generation of Baby-Boomers too self involved to save the world, or even their own families… they are literally locking their parents into cages called ‘care homes’ instead of inviting them into their world, to do what we used to do – be responsible to our family and our community, both young and old.

Baby Boomers say stupid things like ‘I’m tired’ and ‘you can only do so much’… and that’s a lie they get to live.  They haven’t built up their endurance, physically or spiritually, and that’s their loss.  I really don’t care about that – I care about the results of their complacency.  That attitude of ‘we can only do so much’ has created the disaster of environment and culture.  Right now they are turning away the disaster they are individually responsible for, to go shopping and on vacation.

We are the new generation – the ones left to clean up the mess from the laziest, most complacent and irresponsible generation to ever walk the face of the planet earth.  We do not have excuses – we have a task.

In the past 30 months, I have researched, wrote, produced and operated many different outlets for information and action… and every last one of them was amazing… because they where not for any corporation, not for any greed fest, not for any myopic banker or lawyer… they were for my kids… they were for those that we raise on our shoulders to see farther than us.  That’s what those haters in Kelowna, and throughout the world are angry about – that there are many of us who are actually working to fix the mess they’re to lazy and filled with excuses to attend to.

Every last person needs to wake up to the lost generation, and expose the effect the lazy baby-boomer has on our future, and our lives.  We, as a people, need to take a look at the grocery prices tripling, the monopolies set up by power companies, the way the law courts hold back humanity and the way that a bunch of freeloaders are sitting atop pyramids they built for themselves, as they crack at the foundation and tumble before our HD cameras and our YouTube accounts.  We are witness to the great change – and we must do more than just be witnesses.

Regardless of what is said – I will continue to fight for those that cannot rise to fight – I will speak for those that cannot speak for themselves, and I will continue to expose the crime against Humanity which is the ‘society’ that those lazy Baby-Boomers are watching crumble… without doing a damn thing about it.  I will keep going, and I am joined shoulder to shoulder by the brightest, strongest and most capable generation to walk the planet earth.

We have a prosperous and limitless future in front of ourselves, even if a very scant few pour millions of dollars into ‘news’ outlets that pander to the lazy generation – the minority explaining to everyone that ‘it’s all we can do… scorch the earth and watch the chips fall’.  That’s the poison pill the Boomers swallowed – the big lie being told in between commercials that continue the lie.  Those that are losing power allow commercials to lie to them, by the hundreds every day.  The actually put up with the concept that if you ‘buy this’ you will be happier, you will be better.  They tolerate commercials and nonsense pandered as truth.  

We have a bright future, and now that the stage is set, we must only reach out and take it… or in reality… take it back, from those that are too greedy to see the light… to lost to find their way back to humanity.

They will shout me down – make up lies – and say hurtful things… the rain will fall – it will be cold.  But that’s another great day being human; because I know what they know, that change in inevitable, and that humans are meant for more than just supporting a useless and medieval system holding our species back more effectively than the Catholic Church during the Dark Ages.

No matter what, there are those that wish to see us fail… so they can leave the earth a worse place than before… confident their laziness was the right decision… since they couldn’t do it themselves.  But within those lost and lonely individuals, there are those that are waking up – and are reaching out.  Entrenched in the system, a few who hear our combined voices are stirring in spirit – they know that things are wrong, and now, they are waking to a new light, and a new prosperity.  That’s what happened to me over a decade ago – I was there with all the money, the toys, the friends… and I turned away for something better.  I found I was blind – and outside of the greed there was an awesome life full of rain and sunshine, happiness and tears, and above all… honesty.

It is our destiny to shed of the shackles that kill us, to rise up against slave masters and their stooges, and to do what we can, as individuals, to help humanity regain itself.  We are here for that singular purpose, and we’re destined to achieve it – to achieve real human prosperity.  We will not be turned away, we will not fail, and we have a lifetime to perfect dancing in the rain… all of us.

Surround yourself with success, and hopeful people.  Shed off the negativity and anger that the Boomers call ‘normal life’… it’s not normal to fight all the time, it’s not normal to hate humanity, or have a negative view of society, or the general public.

It’s normal to have faith in your fellow human being – it’s normal to have hope for the future, and to work towards that hope.  It’s normal to fulfill dreams, and invent new realities… it’s normal to dance in the rain.

And when my time is done, maybe a hundred years from now, I will look back and see that I wrote this letter to myself, and to you – the one that made it to the end of the old, to build something new… to simply share my thoughts on a morning full of rain… when those that profit from misery and hate turn from sleepless nights to days filled with distractions.  I wrote this because I hope that they too can be a part of the change.  That is the final note – they too can build the future… they just have to shed off the lie, and join us…

And to the Baby-Boomers offended by the fact they have no endurance, or responsibility – I say this… get over yourself and join us – or continue shopping and going on vacation till it’s all gone.  I have a world to build… and there are a lot of motivated intellects building along side me.

The future is ours.  Thanks for being there at the beginning… I’ll see you at the finish line.Image