Truckers, Trudeau and Trump

by Darin Howard

40% of all jobs are being phased out in Canada – right now.

That’s way more important than Covid… or anything the legacy media says anymore.

Legacy Media; you know – commercial Baby-Boomer news that only Baby-Boomers watch.

Unemployment of 40% of us will have far more damaging effects to everyone’s health; you think it’s about your health? Are you awake in the slightest?

Okay – try this – The mortality rate in Canada hasn’t budged. Nothing in mainstream? It’s a pretty easy statistic to look up. But mainstream did report something – they reported on ‘desperation’.

The ‘Health Authorities’ were so desperate to prove there’s some sort of Pandemic they’ve been caught several time ‘fudging the numbers’ so that Covid was related to suicide, car accidents and anything that walked in through the Emergency room door… they lied… like Trump.

And just like Trump, the mainstream news didn’t call them out… mainstream just kept reporting the same flu numbers we have every year and hyped up the ‘death rate’… lying for our ‘health authorities’.

The mortality rate hasn’t changed… there was, statistically, no pandemic.

And mainstream wonders why they lost credibility.

Take a good look at CTV, Global and all those newspapers, Legacy Media will be spun out as the baby-boomers die off… just like the church. That’s just statistics and demographics… less than 20% of us go to church once a month now – and that will be down below 5% after the boomers are gone, just like legacy media – and for much the same reasons.

But mainstream doesn’t talk about that – it speaks like religion and legacy media are still relevant in Canada… as if they ‘got a chance’. They don’t. Just facts.

So let’s get back to the doctors with no credibility – how far they’ve fallen – mainstream has now been recorded as pandering to the passive aggressive, outspoken, narcissist doctors who’ve never felt appreciated, or that people listen to them…

…they destroyed the credibility of EVERY doctor in the country by claiming the normal flu ‘disappeared’ in one year… the Covid year one. Then they lied a lot more… expecting us lowly, stinking people to listen.

That scenario is weak at best – but disturbing since we can’t trust doctors anymore.

So ‘for our health’ … they ended standard Cancer testing – even though almost 50% of us will die from Cancer, and only 0.03% of us die from the flu… ever. You can call it whatever you want – there’s a ton of variations of the flu, Corona is just one of them…

…but for less than 1% of the population – we ignored 50% of us who statistically will die from Cancer.

‘It’s for your health’.

And if you think ANY of it is for your health – remember this. Our health care system can handle 0.00003% of us going to emergency… do that math. With 10 Million people in Ottawa – they have about 330 Emergency room beds… and we shut down the country to insure those beds weren’t filled…

…we shut down our country… spent $600 Billion.. and we don’t have one new hospital to show for it. Trudeau, the Liberals, are not working in our best interest or for our health… at all.

Remember: Not one ‘wave’ ever overwhelmed the system; firing health care professionals for not taking an experimental and obsolete vaccine did.

It’s not about your health – or even reality.

Mainstream should be sued for ‘false advertising’ when they say ‘we are the news’ or ‘you’re informed with us’. That’s just journalism and facts.

So let’s do some simple journalism to keep this quick.

1 – The Government has NEVER had your health in mind – just add up the lies from the Authorities at every level, and look at the real problems we face as a country… there are hundreds of things more important than 0.03% of us dying from the flu. Big Things.

2 – Truckers didn’t do their research – Canada is a fascist nation – it’s just got good propaganda, and all of us being polite citizens to keep the veneer. Trudeau and the Liberals are far more Right Wing than the Conservatives are, their true colours just came out. Here’s some R-Wing facts about the ‘Liberals’.

Trudeau put more money into planet killing fossil fuels than Harper.

Trudeau expanded trade with China, killing our jobs.

Trudeau paid lip service to #blm without changing anything.

Trudeau skipped our nations first Truth and Reconciliation day…

…and now the truth is out: Canada is full on Fascist – installed by the Liberals.

Apparently Jagmeet Singh is going along with this; and we had so much hope for him. Oh well – collateral damage.

We march by millions – they ignore us and call us names.

We sign petitions by the tens of millions – they ignore them completely.

We vote, we don’t vote – they don’t care.

Are you getting it?

Historically – our ‘governance’ system is simple.

We have over-paid bureaucrats we don’t elect, who are oblivious and fascist, and aren’t held responsible for anything. Cops can kill people on camera, judges can be career racists, City Clerks can order the most oppressive poverty punishing orders, teachers can teach kids women should obey and ‘God’ is real…

…and in front of them there’s our Politicians. That’s what we’re inheriting.

Trudeau proved that intelligent people are NOT in party leadership. Failing worse than Harper or Trump, Trudeau took our country to the main stage globally by simply running and hiding when the Truckers were on the way;

He is triple vaxxed, and follows all Covid mandates, but still got Covid; and then says the vaccine works (you can’t make this level of stupid up).

Mainstream still reports Trudeau (like Trump) as if he is credible.

And the truckers are angered by this? Shocked? Really?

40% of all jobs are being phased out.

Millions of people were displaced by the Climate Crisis.

We could simply plant trees to start solving this, in this huge nation, and we’d be helping the entire planet… but that’s not happening.

And we are left with one thing;

The Liberals and NDP are full on Fascists now… discounting all logic, all reason, all reality; saying for some reason that installing more fascism is what we ‘need’….

…how very far we have fallen from the illusion of freedom in this country.

But the Truckers are not paying attention at all… not to what’s important. They had the microphone and broadcasted their demands, without understanding these few points;

1 – The government culture is out in the open; ‘we hate our own species, and we should control them’. You think you’re going to negotiate with that?

2 – Mainstream news works for the corporations (advertisers) who benefit from the destruction of our lives and small business – 70% of us. What the hell did they expect from Boomer-News?

3 – No matter what – we’re not ‘all in this together’… we lost lives and homes, they never skipped a paycheck…

…and all those canceled surgeries… thousands of them? You’ll notice NOBODY is talking about those surgeons, nurses and other fools keeping their paychecks even though they’re doing… nothing….

…they certainly aren’t filling in the positions we fired for not having an obsolete vaccine – the health authorities destroyed our capacity to help people, and then said ‘we need more fascism because we don’t have health care capacity’… and mainstream still reports on the health authorities as if they have credibility… (just like Trump – or Trudeau).

Yes, the vaccine is far past obsolete – it’s impotent against the Omicron variation – you think we don’t know that because legacy media reported the vaccines ineffectiveness against Omicron for weeks.

This is all about an obsolete vaccine now… get it?

But here we come – armed with facts. There is no crisis in Ottawa anymore;

A huge number of truckers left, after the borders opened, after the bouncy castles and lack of racists everywhere (yes, there was an incredible lack of racists out there)…

…for a pandemic that’s over…


The ONLY people that the gov’t is interested in is simple;

If you’re willing to be a cheap, paid hooker for the government… you got a paycheck.

You can lie to a hooker, tell stories, even be full of hate… and that hooker will still do their ‘job’.

That’s all that’s left… cheap surgeons, and narcisist doctors who don’t feel they’re appreciated… and nurses willing to be fascist.

We’re left with intellectual, cheap street-walkers in the education system still teaching Catholic medieval rules like they’re facts; or worse, public school administrators destroying kids lives with outdated teaching and school structures, with Covid insanity added on top.

Then we have the cheapest prostitutes of government – the judges and lawyers paid to maintain the law, and ignore justice. We have one of the most racist group of judges to walk the planet… any mainstream news on that? It’s not the cops directly who make the legal system so statistically racist – it’s the judges filling the prisons with brown people, and protecting authorities from any prosecution.

You gotta government paycheck now? We know what culture you’re a part of… paying off your mortgage while selling out every part of morality there is. Doctors, Educators, Judges, Bureaucrats – that’s just statistics and demographics now… that’s what we’re inheriting – us – the millenials that are faced with 40% less work…

…we, the ones expected to pay for it all.

And that’s the end of Canada. $600 Billion further in debt without one new hospital built, and we destroyed the country for 0.03% of the population that might die from the flu…

…while the street-walkers still get their paychecks.

We ended Canada because they refused to build a health care system that can handle the flu… we destroyed Canada because of normal flu numbers… that’s it.

Trump lied; was still president the day after he told that first presidential lie. He set the tone.

Medical Administrators took advantage of Trumps precedent – and continue to lie to this day… never to be questioned by corporate ‘news’.

Trudeau continues to lie; Truckers are not racists, violent or dangerous.

Trudeau destroyed more jobs than a few places in downtown Ottawa… so it’s not about jobs. 40% of all jobs are being automated… and not one authority cares about that… that’s our problem apparently.

And the threshold of the ‘Emergency Act’ has not been met – at all – by any legal definition. But the NDP go along with it? You don’t have ANY choice for a logical or responsible government anymore… at all.

But they still get paychecks, they don’t even have to wear short skirts or bad makeup. The truckers didn’t do their research, they didn’t have a plan to deal with people in government who sold their souls for something as paltry as a temporary paycheck, and the disdain of the country.

You can’t negotiate with people who have no morality – who will lie to keep their mortgage payments. You can’t speak logic to a government prostitute – their world revolves around getting paid – not thinking, not being responsible, not even having the morality of a street-walker who can chose when and where they ply their trade…

Do you think anyone with a gov’t paycheck is anything but an intellectual street walker anymore?

That’s what this generation is inheriting – whores for fascism.

The truckers didn’t pay attention to the playing field, or the opposition.

They thought logic, reason and peaceful resistance would work….

…the government prostitutes in doctors greens, or judges blacks, or educators wearing… whatever… don’t care.

…the government whores just changed corners… and called in their pimps to deal with peaceful protesters they way fascists always do; with violence.

How’s the reality of the moment working for ya?

Lookin’ for a party stranger?

I don’t think you’re ready for what’s coming after the pimps beat our asses for protesting peacefully…

So what do we do now?

By Darin Howard

A Note from Experienced Admin: Thank you for being you.

We have hit the ‘long road’ portion of this protest. The lines are drawn. The government won’t budge. Neither will we. The Police are openly breaking the law, the politicians are hyping things out and lying (wow… are they ever lying a lot), and we have to video tape reality to try to balance things out.

Frustrating isn’t it? Mainstream repeats anything the gov’t says as ‘fact’. Both the government and ‘news’ groups will only say one thing; ‘this must end!’ And now – people are seriously wondering what to do. You are probably wondering the same.

So I’m going to share a few things I’ve learned from well over 20 years of street activism and social change.

1 – Watch your groups now… they will show their true colours.

Most groups are headed by people with political/social agendas beyond the subject. They are mainly Christian/Right Wingers who eventually crack under the pressure and promote only one concept:
Vote for this person and they will champion our cause.

If they really crack – they will dissolve the groups since they can’t push their other agenda.

This is called ‘managed opposition’ – Occupy, Idle No More, Extinction Rebellion all started out ‘real’ by real activists – then were co-opted first by Christians posing as activists, then by political entities. The main ‘Occupy’ organizer wrote a book about how he was a Christian who was working for ‘god’… when that was the opposite of the truth. Idle No More folded and went political before it really got going… and there were so many church leaders in that organization most events were held at churches at one point.

Don’t lose hope – just pay attention. If suddenly these organizers say ‘we’re going home to vote for this person’ – seek out and find real activists again… it’s part of the ‘program’ – but people who are awake see it for what it is. You found others before – you can do it again – we’re always here for you.

So if it does turn out that the main organizers are just religious or political schills… don’t lose hope – just count yourself as ‘experienced’ and then do what you do best; just be you.

If you have to; start from where you are – using what you have. Here’s a few things everyone can do.

2 – Watch the Government – break the law.

Never ever stop commenting on mainstream news, and countering their propaganda. The government is breaking it’s own Constitution and the Geneva Convention. You CAN get informed about these intricacies, they’re written in confusing nonsense legal language, but take your time, see through the childish wording, then put it into your own words (like an adult).

Every time you post a legal, informed common sense response on mainstream – they pay attention, closely.

If you’re not in the habit of reading, ask others, follow lawyers and doctors who are real… ask them… copy and paste their easy to read bits. It works.

The hold the ‘authorities’ has on the public is paper thin – they know it. Never let them forget. Continuous logic is what has brought down bad cops, corrupt bureaucracies and corporations, and lying politicians – every time – so stick to the truth and abandon the nut-bar conspiracy theories (especially the ones you can’t prove personally… ), we always won when we stuck to truth and common, easy to relate, truth.

Sit in for the long run – do NOT expect instant results. Expect years of court and gov’t dragging things out… that’s their plan… beat everyone with paper work and delay tactics to keep paychecks going for the bureaucracy.

3 – Eventually – a few sacrificial lambs will be trotted out… Don’t be fooled.

It’s the leaders – Trudeau, Tam, your provincial health authority leaders who need to be held accountable. The bureaucracy will do what they can to protect these people – they are just people – and they have made huge mistakes and told huge lies – write them down, (who what where when why) and never forget.

They will ‘get sick’… they will ‘resign’… they will hide… watch the Nuremberg trials to see how guilty people behave, and then compare it to the news releases promoting the leaders of the bureaucracy and the cheerleaders among the politicians. Call them on it – never stop.

You have a mission now…

4 – Ask ‘why’ more than you say ‘this sucks’

The ‘authorities’ are just people, who are trying to ‘stick to talking points’… the new and asinine tactic that ALL western fascists are using. Do not let them get away with it…

…above all – don’t let the reporters themselves get away with allowing questions to be unanswered, or ‘talking point’ answers.

The reporters and authorities assume you’re stupid, and will allow them to just ‘talk’ their way out of anything. The reporters have advertisers, the politicians have supporters – call them all out – and don’t stop using what you have to do what you can. If all you have is a voice – use it. But use your critical thinking skills.

4 – The long run pays off.

During a Police Brutality campaign I ran for two years, the Police and government used all these tactics, but we didn’t put up with ANY of it.

They sabotaged our group (a Christian/pro-cop was posing as an activist) – they ran us into the ground in the media… and it all took years to go through (and agonizing court that was stupid beyond belief – judges lie too – I can tell you stories).

And worse things happened!

Our protests went from 500+ people, down to six. I thought we lost… there we were – being strong, we had the cop on video breaking the law… being a bully… and we had six street supporters?

I was depressed… but determined.

Then… after out 15th protest… and countless hours in the court… We Won!….
the cop turned around and plead ‘guilty’… he lost his lawyers, pay and job, and went down in history as a ‘bad cop’. He is off the force.

What the hell happened?

We did a quick demographic study – and it turned out mainstream news and politicians/bureaucrats knew that the vast majority of voters were following us… just our little group… and when we asked
‘where were you?”
– the response was
“we knew they had this – so we just watched”

… and we won – with six supporters in the street… and 890 on-line.

The cops, government, bureaucrats and corporations are used to short runs, and instant pay off. We beat them all by sticking to our guns no matter what – and it worked.

You can influence this process a lot – we CAN stop this government from ever, ever doing something as monumentally stupid as what they’ve been doing for two years. But that brings us to one simple thing;

5 – Have a real plan.

The one thing that the gov’t and it’s corporate entities do NOT have is a plan that’s more than another band-aid.

Police Brutality proved that – COVID is proving that – straight out.
What about the 10,000 restaurants that closed down? Any plan for that?
What about the mass depression caused by the lockdowns? Any plan for that?
What about the damage done to our children’s normal development – the won’t ever talk about that.

What about… everything?

There is NO plan for jobs – we are stuck with price gouging big box stores now… what’s the plan?

You have to look beyond this fascist gov’t to what we WANT – not what we’re angry at.

And as soon as you take out the psycho gov’t – what are we left with? You CAN use your critical thinking skills and solve problems – whether they are big or little.

In Covids case – they are big problems made up of a thousand little ones – choose one – and work the problem.

Above all – don’t expect perfect results. You can help a local restaurateur get their business back… it won’t be perfect, but it might work… You can help feed, or clothe those put into mass poverty by this government/corporate price gouging system.

You can share hope – in the end that is what really works. We have real hope – they have advertisements.

6 – While you’re solving problems – spread hope.

Nothing is instant for humans; it doesn’t have to be.

Instant is something mainstream sells stupid people to convince them consumerism/capitalism is a ‘good thing’… most bad things we have come out of the mismanagement of our capital systems – but the advertising has everyone believing that ‘work’ is bad, and lazy is ‘good’….
…you can spread hope that we can end that bit of nonsense.

That’s why the gov’t is out of control right now; they believe that they can get instant happiness for themselves by enforcing totalitarian fascism… get everyone consuming, and ignoring their neighbors plight… and that will ‘get things back to normal’.

The gov’t promotes greedy, selfish and lazy.

Just see what they do – and what they ignore… which is everything that doesn’t make their corporations money. Whatch them promote the maintenance of their irresponsible, psycho authority. Psycho isn’t normal. The gov’t is ‘consuming’ and distributing hate and poverty… using capitalism against us…. none of that is ‘normal’.

You can spread hope and show people that there’s a far better way than the old, medieval ‘be lazy and you’re successful’ b.s. If you make meals from scratch, grow food and feed others, help the neighbor, check in on a friend… if you’re a normal, strong, intelligent and caring human… you are defeating the gov’t/corporate partnership in failure.

Lazy people die sooner, in more pain, and have really, really bad personal habits. That death spiral comes from believing advertising, and ignoring problems.

The more you solve problems, and show others you CAN change and be self sufficient, not depressed, healthy… the more you inspire others to make the change – and see our solutions put in place.

7 – Give yourself rest – but don’t stop.

You are a leader if you’ve read this far.

Leaders are not always the well spoken, handsome and charming person mainstream worships… that’s failure.
Leaders care for everyone.
Leaders think before they act.
Leaders never leave anyone behind.
Leaders promote hope – not fear – or hate.
Leaders create other leaders… they never put themselves in charge.

You probably don’t realize that you’re part of the top 0.1% of the human community – but if you’ve read this far – you are definitely a leader. Don’t forget that.

Sure – others pose as leaders – they’re outspoken and convinced they are leaders… that’s fine. Let them do their thing. Follow if they make sense, but always follow with your own path. If you see something lacking then start a solution yourself – if you need help from the public – ask for it.

But for you… it’s personal… just like me. You will get tired – rest – but don’t lose hope.
You will get discouraged – so go out and play, relax, don’t take it too seriously so you don’t get brittle and… break.
You will ask ‘what the hell is going on’ like I did…
…but if you’re true… you will be fine.

You’re not supposed to be some movie star – never tired, never depressed… you’re real… and the future we’re building is real.

And there really is hope; I have seen this culture go from drunk ass, racist old men picking fights and promoting stupid in the 70’s and 80’s… to #blm and the champions of LGBTQ etc… that’s fine. We live in a country with the lowest violent crime rate ever, ever recorded…. we live in a country with the lowest crime rate ever reported… remember that. Live it – never live in fear – always question the gov’ts continuous need for more and more power, over peaceful people.

Mainstream ‘news’ represents despair and a loathing of our own species – do not fall for it.

The world is inclusive, diverse and has the potential to transform into something real. But these ‘authorities’ are used to just squatting in their filth and lies… don’t let them. Continuously point out their squatting. Point out the stink of their lives and their agendas. Propose plans to wipe out the squatters and the stink. And know this one thing for sure; The WORLD is waking up.

You are part of the advance crew.

Thanks for being here with me.

I’ve been at it for 20 years… so please… don’t make the mistakes I did by expecting results, instant or not… and never expect ‘perfect’

Humans are not perfect – and that’s fine.

We are all a work in progress… so now the long road starts. But this road – a road where we care for each other – we don’t tolerated this medieval system – this is a worthy pursuit.

It takes strength of character to be truly human and not a selfish, lazy leftover from the old world.

Help others build their mental and spiritual endurance – be patient with everyone – and yourself.

Above all – learn how this society – this culture – is evolving right now. We need not let people with political or religious agendas hi-jack our chance to end medieval authority structures.

We have a future without this corporate fascist nonsense.

We just have to stay the course.

The road may be long – but the company is good.
You take care… I’ll be here for you.

Darin Howard – Radio Free Canada
‘screwing up for 20 years to get things almost right’
a lightworker in the right place – at the right time.

Why Trudeau Chickened Out


Darin Howard

January 2022

There were two incidents that caught my eye before Justin Trudeau Chickened out.

The first was awesome – The Truckers were starting to say that they had 50,000 trucks coming – and it really looks like it happened… but that wasn’t the best thing that happened.

Two days later – on Tuesday – January 25th – 2022. C-Day occurred (covid day… lol… get it?).

The Government drew its line in the sand on that fateful Tuesday in January. In a joint statement, three obscure and unknown ‘sacrificial lambs’ were trotted out before six lanes of oncoming trucks (literally), and they bleated out their war cry…

“BAAAA! ‘We will not be changing mandates…’

…it wasn’t very impressive… the obscure politicians slinked back into obscurity.

But for those of us who study such bleating… oh what a mighty bleating that was. It was historic – it was monumental – it was completely glazed over on Social Media by the rhetoric and fervor of people who were finally organizing to fight the Covid B.S.

Everyone got distracted by the energy; It really was exciting, the way the Convoy was binding the country together – but we missed the bleating. Community after community with flags waving and kids cheering – the groups getting larger and larger the closer they got – the trucks rolled and the crowds greeted them. From Vancouver through Calgary and across Prairie and Lake and church and farm… they came, truck after truck – and were greeted as heroes. But Bleating was not part of the cheering… was it?

Mainstream tried to ‘sell the Convoy down’ in size… it didn’t work… there’s something about live, private drone shots of a large number of trucks and protesters that makes the CBC and National Post ‘playing things down’ an embarrassment to any journalism student, graduate, or aficionado. It’s offensive – the one sided and blatantly obvious way mainstream ‘news’ proved it has a pro-vid agenda, and a perchance for exaggeration on the Governments side.

Since when did all the news sources continuously support every last thing the government does… for two years straight…? That’s a real question? Did IQ’s suddenly go down while I was working?

If you can answer that question – I gotta hear from you… because in ANY other case, cause or action in history, even during the war, the ‘news’ talks about rational questions from the start of anything. Yes, newspapers questioned the need for war in World War II – there’s extensive studies of the dissenting voices. Right now, they are talking about dissenting voices over the Ukraine matter – but cohesive analysis of anything Covid is completely non-existant in mainstream. Even those slightly critical articles about this novel flu virus are peppered with apologist remarks and the inevitable reference to some ‘expert’.

It’s creepy.

But that government joint statement… ‘we’re not changing mandates for protesters’ was a biggie… it was even bigger than what brought us to the reason I started writing this;

‘Trudeau Chickens Out!’

Sniffle sniffle… the great and brave ‘I will go out even if I have to wear a flack jacket’ Trudeau…. the handsome and clean shaven good church boy Justin the humble… tested positive (without symptoms) for Covid and… just so happens… on Thursday he calls a five day weekend for himself and his family.

‘He had to go into seclusion’ for security reasons… was the story. We’re thinking Tofino… but who really knows…? It’s a big-ol coward of the county moment… and that’s a repeat of a previous Prime Minsters Yellow Tainted reality.

Lol…. I remember Harper hiding in a closet when things got real… he ran… he hid in a closet…

…there were other party members getting spears and weapons together during the active shooter incident in Ottawa during the Harper era… Harper will forever be known as the ‘one who jumped in closet’, and Indian name I just thought up.

Don’t get all bent outta shape. I’m a real Indian… and unlike others I actually have my papers to prove it.

But laughing at the bravest Conservative ever… hiding in a closet… that was priceless. This was the first Canadian Chicken Fried Moment – and it wouldn’t be the last.

A lot of people said Trudeau was a big chicken when Trump started really Trumping around.

I don’t think Trudeau chickened out when he was answering questions about Trumps movement of ‘troops to guard the Canadian border’. Justin literally took out 30 seconds to answer – he knew exactly where he was – he was speaking to the world – and Trump was a complete Ass to Canada in every way there could be…
…oh yes – Trudeau knew where he was… and he thought, at the speed of politics, about his options to say what we wanted him to say.
“Trump is a blustering, lying sack of crap treating Canada like a third world country, fuck him.”

Yes – Canadians talk like that – if you didn’t know that, be part of the ‘mom’s of future hockey stars’ section of the arena… I was putting things mildly (and that’s from the polite moms still allowed in the Arena).

Trudeau didn’t freak out when faced with the Orange Nightmare – he was the cooler head – he took the high road, put on his flack jacket, and waged straight into international headlines as saying ‘I hope it gets better’… or something… I can’t really remember what he said. I just know he thought about it.

I was pretty impressed he didn’t just say ‘You know what – Drumpf – Fuck You… in the ring and put them up, fat boy!” That’s because I know Trudeau can actually box, and he got beat pretty bad one day – and still got off the canvas and came back for more. I really thought Trudeau was a fighter – turns out – he’s not.

(Mainstream doesn’t tell that story either).

Fast forward to 2022 – and the bleating continued with ‘I tested positive for a five day weekend’… what the hell was that?

What? Seriously? BAAAA! *sniffle sniffle.

You called in sick?


I would have had huge respect if he put on his flack jacket and went and addressed the truckers.

But in the annals of history – it will be noted that he missed a real opportunity – he could have marched down there and said ‘I will negotiate if you leave’. That would have screwed the truckers forever. These guys in charge of both sides of the confrontation are lucky journalists and writers aren’t running things. I could think my way around both sides faster than you can say ‘important’…

… they both missed the mark in this outing of public outcry.

Trudeau could have been a human leader, he chose to be a politician – and set… an example…

…not for you and me… oh no.

He did not set an example for budding little boys looking up to a strong, intelligent leader.

He didn’t set this example for his fawning and masturbating fans of how cute he is

… because being a coward in public just isn’t sexy for anyone.

No no… he was leading… he was just leading the people we don’t think about.

Justin Trudeau has shown us the final, most important role that Politicians have in their position, their podium and their lives… every last politician in this country serves as a cheerleader, and a shield for bureaucrats at every level of government.

The bureaucrats are the ones who sign the papers, issue the orders, check off the clip boards and issue the edicts. We didn’t elect Theresa Tam… oh no we didn’t… she’s a bureaucrat like the head of the RCMP and the Generals of our War Machines. We don’t elect the general in the Army, we don’t elect judges who are racist, and we don’t elect our medical authority.

That is why the medical authority was allowed to reduce our health care in Canada to third world status. They have job security and their only concern is the budgets they handle, and not telling you the extraordinarily high pay they give themselves, or the way they expand their numbers and paychecks on a regular basis.

The bureaucracy is expanding to meet the needs of the expanding bureaucracy.

We’ve also learned that our Medical Authority can be racist too – so can doctors – and nurses. It’s really true – I’ve been there – I can tell you first hand stories.

Funny… the story isn’t about specific racist doctors or incompetent administration… or the fact that Trudeau is a big old Canadian Fried piece of crunchy-butt Chicken… The story is about what the players do with the roles they are given.

Trudeau is a leader – that showed the ‘power’ people of the bureaucracy – City Clerks and Regional directors across the country – that you can run and hide in public, and still keep your paycheck and authority.

“You can be a coward, hide, and dictate from an undisclosed location – and you’ll get paid… paid… paid!”

Trudeau said exactly that, in public, to everyone in Canada – and above all to the managers and directors of governments both public and private. Oh yes – you can… you can chicken out and profit to tell about it.

Let’s put it into perspective; this is the digital age – Trudeau just told everyone that lashing out from behind a keyboard was the way to go.

Whatcha gonna do now truckers? Revenge of the nerds took a creepy, smarmy turn didn’t it?

I know that’s harsh – but it’s true. The lot is set, the die cast, the line drawn, the equanimity obfuscated, among a few things. This is for real, the modern way a ‘government’ shows what it is, the agenda of control and power like a social media nerd arguing about the flatness of the earth. The obvious cowardice and incompetence created from a University that you don’t know about, from teachers and trainers you’ve never heard from. So we now stop on our journey and ask;

‘where the hell do we get these people?’.

That’s the most important point here – this philosophy of cowardice and the conjoined dysfunctional twin of ‘the noble lie’… well… the two together are messed beyond belief – and come from a classroom hidden away in your local university – under the course of ‘government’.

I would like you to explain to you the exact education that Dr.Tam has – But that is secret and confidential information. Oh no, not her title, that’s well known. But what are the exact directives given to the head of the medical authority in Canada? She won’t show you, I can predict that for sure. But within that strange, hallowed and moldy old philosophical stance contained in ‘government education’, comes a woman who says things like ‘glory holes’ (where guys get blow jobs through a hole in the wall) and wearing a mask during sex is a good thing… what school produces that?

Well – it’s an old school – and you’re not invited to look at it, think about it, or question the quality of its graduates – cause they’re doctors (and you’re not).

You suck… just live with it… and wear a mask during sex.

Does a person with a healthy sex life encourage others to wear masks during sex? I can’t envision that being… realistic… from a medical, biological, virus-a-logical, or even common sense way…
…but who put people like Tam, and her provincial cohorts in charge of anything?

Well – it’s a system – a way of doing things that bureaucrats memorize and recite to the pleasure of their superiors till they become Dr. Theresa Tam and become superior. The model of Governance we have is an adaptation of a 1700’s ‘template’ for governance that the church and royalty came up with so they could do stupid things like have elections – so someone else could get strung up instead of church bureaucrats or royal rich people.

Yes, in all history, politicians are just there to be strung up instead of the people really responsible. Remember, we lost businesses, got divorces and ruined children’s lives with masks and distancing… and they still got paid. We were never in this together – by design.

Go figure.

But if you’re a product of the western idea of education, I’ll bet nobody taught you that our system of governance was all just a fancy budget from rich people to protect rich people, with paid stooges to head it all up, did they?

*We know that some politicians appear very, very stupid – but they all aren’t that stupid are they?

It all developed back during the era when most of us were illiterate, including Royalty. Yes… Royalty was insanely uneducated and illiterate, like the spoiled little brats they are. So during the 1700’s – while we’re getting pretty good at small, technical things, we also formalized ancient governments based on Egyptian bureaucracy, and their forerunners. By the 1500’s Royalty knew that ‘systems’ and ‘business structure/accounting structure’ is pretty useful – and a lowest common level of Royal Education occurred – and thus the industrial era of the 1700’s and 1800’s came around that did some pretty cool things.

But basically – Royalty was/is useless, basically illiterate by today’s standards, and basically violent. So they needed things like accountants to keep track of stuff; they needed priests to point at people to burn; they needed guys to grab people and burn them… That’s what we’re taxed for and support today – it hasn’t changed all that much – we just call these people ‘institutions’. But when you wake up, you realize, it’s all exactly like they were in the prehistoric ‘royalty is cool and run things’ era.

Indeed – the same rich people run the show today – just not from behind perfumed hankies because they stink so bad – they do it from behind corporations because they stink so bad. It’s not a conspiracy theory – it’s called Amazon and The Royal Bank.

*people get so bent outta shape when I point out how medieval-stupid things are.

I digress.

This is 2022 – and the same medieval culture exists in the ‘university of government’… handed down to us from Royalty and expected to run things forever. At NO time was it dedicated to our health. The ‘health institution’ grew out of a budget like every institution we have. Royalty decreed ‘give them cash and fix this…’, and a committee was given some cash, to develop a group of bureaucrats, who were then told to ‘do healthcare’… they spent the cash and ‘did health care’ so everyone still gets paid.

It’s pretty simple. The Military runs the same way – so does the judiciary – and the education system.

“Here’s some cash – do this – and we’ll call it ‘necessary’.” That’s the entire ‘government’.

It fails pretty hard when faced with simple things like the flu. This system fails really hard when it creates the schools that train doctors who suggest glory holes for the nation… (that’s really creepy-weird you know).

So let’s bring it on home – let’s show you how this ‘do something’ institution doesn’t in real time. These committees were given cash and told to ‘do education’. They did it wrong – they’re still doing it wrong.

1 – If your child was being educated to be intelligent and useful – they would start in kindergarten doing simple puzzles of every variety. 3D puzzles, mazes, all kinds of things… so the child could learn PROBLEM SOLVING. By the time they graduated they’d be able to do two Rubiks cubes at the same time while doing math in Japanese and beating you at chess in Russian. True story. Our kids are NOT educated for intelligence… at all.

Real education has nothing to do with memorization. I’m a bar manager (when we have a restaurant industry) – I teach real problems solving in real time, I can tell you stories on how I learned how incompetent and damaging our education system is. But for us right now – you know the truth.


You now know where school aged depression, frustration and low test scores come from. Kids are expected to memorize, instead of learning about learning. If our kindergarten kids were challenged to build problem solving skills like analysis, and theory – from kindergarten on – there would be Einsteins of epic proportions right now – everywhere.

But they don’t do that.

‘Teachers’ make students memorize everything while sitting quietly doing busy work for the school day. That process creates depression, and a small minority of people who sign up for more… it’s insane.

We could be training the next Einsteins – instead of hoping our kids will win a lottery – because that’s the ONLY way ANY of these kids will get the time to create the next reality we so desperately need.

So I’m going to continue and make everything worse, so you have something to think about.

Why would the rest of the bureaucrats and politicians listen to a woman that is… creepy and weird and makes 100% no sense at all. Yes, she makes no sense. Because she can lie and get away with it – in front of the other graduates of the school of failure.

Ask Dr. Theresa Tam if there’s any ‘normal flu’ for two years now.

BOOM! – you get the ‘noble lie’.

She will say there’s NO normal flu, anywhere – COVID took over and that’s it – a 95% reduction in one year of the normal flu (but take your flu shot…).

Yes – they think we’re ‘that’ stupid. We will believe the outrageous lie like all the other bureaucrats do; there’s no flu… that’s going down in the history books with chicken-boy.

The culture of the ‘noble lie’ states ‘if it’s good for the heard of ne’r-do-wells… if it helps the great unwashed and stupid masses… I can lie and do it… it’s for their own good’. That’s the prime directive of the school of government failure. That is the pinnacle of government education – job security with a twisted and unstoppable purpose. Just lie – put it in writing – and lie some more. It’s all good.

That ‘noble lie’ is trained into doctors, lawyers and bureaucrats at an early stage – and if you stick to it – you get promotion after promotion, and paycheck after paycheck. Think about it.

Aboriginals are 25x more likely to go to jail than white people… have you ever heard of a a judge in Canada going to jail for being a racist? Those judges are at the top of the education and legal field – they just maintain the paperwork ‘as is’… without thought or responsibility to the public. They have no urge or culture that would upgrade their system to something that works. They believe that ‘without law, and the ‘thin blue line’ we would all be wearing hockey gear on the outside, while shooting at each other for the last can of tuna. Yes… without these judges and these laws – it would be violent anarchy and bad fashion decisions. That is government culture. Remember that.

The racism problem in our courts, cops and jails is enforced in writing by judges. It can be no other way.

How are you doing with that ‘reality’ thingy – do you really think these institutions stand for ‘civilization’?

If you do… I got a bridge to sell you…

…but before I get ahead of myself – let’s rewind to the distinct clucking and pecking going on in Parliament right now.

Trudeau just sent the ultimate message to every bureaucrat and politician in the country – the group he is leading is extremely small in number – a tiny group of people at your city hall or regional district – Trudeau whispered into their ear that fateful Thursday; “you can be a coward and hide – and you’ll be doing the ‘noble lie’ a service… you’ll be fine… and you will keep your authority and paycheck’.

But I got an answer for all those noble liars in government today.

“Ya, that all works, till it doesn’t”.

A passive aggressive, ambitious pencil pusher or popularity hound will now spend a whole, sleepless night… because you don’t sleep well when you realize the truth over the fiction of your life: The ‘authority’ of this medieval and bizarre culture is paper thin, and a semi-truck just parked right on top of the 100’s of thousands of medieval laws that the cheerleaders and law-makers cherish and hold dear.

Oh yes – Trudeau is about to learn that cowardice is returned with honesty.

We really have a good point here about the mandates, and the nonsense. I have 14 proven points that take the whole Covid thing apart – but I’ll start with the one that should make every graduate of the medieval government school of incompetence shake… if they were wise… they would be afraid right now.

WE are $600 Billion Dollars In – and they didn’t build one hospital – or hire additional staff (since they knew how many they would be firing) – after two years of canceled surgeries and treatments.

If Trudeau is hiding from truckers now – imagine about 15,000 managers and directors across the country hiding… from all of us… everywhere. That’s the honesty that’s not being discussed in mainstream. And it could start off with a reality check;

We’re all waking up to $600 Billion with nothing to show for it. If the truckers start asking for that little bit of accounting… if anyone starts to distill down the arguments, posturing, and medieval stupidity… they’ll ask about $600 Billion and the fact we have nothing to show for it – at all.

…I’m not sure that we’ll ever see our current Prime Minister in public again.

And that will be the end of the story of Justin Trudeau.

Trudeau’s Intolerance

by Darin Howard

Warning: Triggering Graphic

Over 7,900 children have been found so far in Catholic Concentration Camps – in unmarked graves… because a Prime Minister said “we don’t tolerate their language or beliefs’

Radio Free Canada Meme – Thursday January 6 – 2022

Most people don’t know that I’m a journalist, with Radio News and Copy experience, and a small media company in the middle of Calgary. I have researched the statistics and facts surrounding Covid – and I do not logically believe that the Authoritarian measures, and financial ruin, the Canadian government has undertaken are justified. I am pro-choice, when it comes to what is done with our bodies.

That being said – I am a strong advocate for a restructuring, and refinancing of Canada’s third world health care system. I’m saying that, because in many, many ways, it’s true.

But this is a more personal note for you, my equal and most likely intelligent citizen.

To start with, I look pretty normal. In reality, most everyone I know doesn’t consider me ‘First Nations’ – or ‘Aboriginal’ or anything other than… local. I am First Nations – and I have direct experience with the Genocide committed by the Catholic Church – and I have direct experience with the 215 Children that were found in unmarked graves in Kamloops BC in March of 2021.

It is with a sad heart that I report this – but through a lot of help from every last person around me… white, black, brown or everything in between – things are getting better – but they’re also getting worse.

In late December 2021 – Justin Trudeau asked
“Do we tolerate these people?”

He was asking ‘do we tolerate unvaxxed people?’
He was asking ‘do we tolerate people who question authority?’

He was asking a lot… he was showing his true colours… he taught us a LOT about his character, and ambitions in that one question; “Do we tolerate these people?”
4.58 Million of us un-vaxxed…

I’ve been studying this for 20 years – this way our society has devolved into open, outright, menacing and dangerous Authoritarian Fascism.

Now that we’re in the modern age – a lot of people would feel defeated by this ugly, and insidious turn our government, and medial bureaucrats have taken.

So I’ll say this; Yes – we can fix this.

Through tolerance.

But our Prime Minister – Justin Trudeau showed his exact, intolerant self when he asked ‘do we tolerate these people?’. Unvaxxed people.

There were other interesting fallacies in Trudeau’s career ending rant in December 2021

That put me to work – that made me think ‘what is the end game for Trudeau here? What is he really advocating? Is it, seriously, Concentration camps for the unvaxxed?
Is this what we’re facing today?

At any other point in my career – I would have considered myself insane to ask that question.

Now – with Trudeau – it looks like Concentration Camps is an entire possibility. I heard about huge ‘treatment centers’ being built, I didn’t look up the veracity there… I think I will now.

But this is a dangerous moment for millions of us – just like in China – a country that Trudeau promotes, and listens to. Our government and banks listen closely to China, regarding economic and health policy. That’s for real, for both Right and Left wing parties – China, Communist China, is their favorite friend.

I can’t believe it, but I’m going to say it – Everyone is starting to discover what Trudeau’s agenda is here, and now, and it follows lock-step with China in every manner now.

But I seriously do have to explain to you why I would create a meme like this.

I do not do memes for the shock factor, ever.

But a moment of honesty is necessary when I create these memes. This statement, and the genocidal nature of Justin Trudeau is not a small, or trite thing – this is the most serious, hateful, and damaging thing he could have said anywhere.

He has followed up and said ‘Canadians are angry (at the unvaxxed)’ more stoking of anger – and hatred.

If we think about this – it doesn’t hold any water at all. Trudeau doesn’t identify a number of people that are angry at the unvaxxed – or even qualify their problem since vaccinations don’t stop transmission of the virus, and it’s a strong possibility you can still work in hospitals if you test positive for Covid in Canada – right now.

This must end. He’s far out of control now.

So I’m responding exactly how Canadians do – with logic and reason first.

The French language TV where Trudeau ranted ignored some bizarre facts he was stating…

We are a thinking people first – our game is the fastest game on the planet, and it takes incredibly fast intelligence to succeed… that’s the start of our abilities. We embrace diversity and tolerance – as a wide group of people (ignore either wild and vociferous ‘wing’… most of us are not nut-bars)

We are, statistically, the most peaceful people of any generation, ever… so peaceful they have criminalized any sort of behaviour to maintain statistics (calling small things important crimes – I did a huge study in 2011-12… statistically Canada has the lowest violent crime rate in recorded history – mainstream glazes over that fact )

We are educated – half of us working have post-secondary qualifications and degrees. You look everywhere and people are obviously, incredibly compliant. It’s people with degrees and post secondary education that make up a huge portion of the unvaxxed. At one point – 50,000 educators refused the vaccine mandates – that’s people who value education enough to make it a career – 50,000 of them… people who Trudeau cannot tolerate.

But look closer and you see, even our public protests and our demonstrations are peaceful and vastly intelligent. We protest against pipelines peacefully, we protest against racism peacefully.. the list goes on and on… right here in Calgary, Alberta. (Imagine that… people don’t know how peaceful Calgary can be).

10,000 people show up – and two kick over a garbage can – and the mainstream media calls it violence.

For 20 years I’ve stood against Fascism – I have a lot of experience in the news, and in media development – and as you can see I don’t stretch the truth.

But for 10 years these authorities have ignored every march, every petition, every peaceful action we’ve had to hold authorities accountable.

Cops can kill you on camera – city hall doesn’t change.

Corruption – Skewed Priorities – authorities don’t care.

We go broke – their paychecks don’t stop – it doesn’t end.

And we protest more – they still ignore it – they won’t change.

Now – their cheerleader – Justin Trudeau is stoking anger – hatred – division – against people who are pro-choice. Things have gone too far. So I will say this, upon this eve of fascisms truest form; we are not going to quit – ever. I know that we need not tolerate the intolerant – and it makes a better community. It’s odd, but it’s intelligent and people know it’s true – you can’t tolerate intolerance.

That is what World War II was all about – and we won back then – we can do it again today.

My Initial Response:
Does he realize that he romanced everyone… and now we can see his true colours?

I hope you understand where we are in history, and what definitely has to be done. We need to stop this whole system – and pause – and think. Justin Trudeau is saying that we shouldn’t tolerate a minority.

For me, the last time a Canadian Prime Minister said we shouldn’t tolerate people who live here… …it ended with children – in unmarked graves in Catholic Residential schools. If you don’t think we’re under the extreme bootheel of fascism – I don’t know what to think…

…I do know one thing. My father fought in all six years of WWII – he taught me we fight Fascists. It’s unfortunate we have to say this. Justin Trudeau has show us he’s not only Fascist, he’s willing to promote intolerance…

This is not any Canada that we can be proud of anymore. I will continue to work hard to change that, and hold these ‘authorities’ accountable.

Thank you again.


Just a note: Now, more people who are fully vaxxed are in the hospital, or testing positive for covid -than the unvaxxed. I’ll add that soon to new graphics about the story that needs to be told here, very soon.

Trump Lies – Trudeau Lies

by Darin Howard

December 2021

Trump destroyed journalism in one move… he knocked them to to the canvas.

There was one reporter among them all, who said the one thing every thinking person wanted.

His name is S.V. Dáte, he’s a HuffPost’s White House correspondent, who sat quietly in the White House press room and said what no other reporter had said;

“Mr. President, after three and a half years, do you regret at all, all the lying you’ve done to the American people?” Dáte asked.

Trump looked confused. “What?” he asked.

“All the lying. All the dishonesties,” Dáte repeated.

“That who has done?” Trump asked.

You have done,” Dáte said. (he pointed with that adult… ‘don’t try lying to me’ look).

Trump paused briefly, then called on another reporter without answering.

The blunt exchange quickly went viral on Twitter, garnering millions of views

…that mainstream ignored.

Wait! Stop! Mainstream ignored the lies Trump told?

Oh yes, yes they did….

In the end Trump told more than 30,000 lies – his claims went from far ranging stories to small and petty concerns – and the reporter pool at the White House complained, but did nothing about the misinformation.

No matter what – remember that – because if mainstream really, really carried the news, if mainstream ever did ‘journalism’ – after the 1st lie – the very first lie Trump told… the news reporters would say;

‘I’m sorry – but you lied yesterday – why do you expect to believe you today?’

and that would continue.

‘I’m sorry – but you’ve told 100 lies so far – why do you expect us to believe you today?’

‘I’m sorry – you’ve told 10,000 lies so far – why do you expect us to believe you today?’

Oh yes, any parent of any teenager has more constitution than these reporters.

‘Is your room cleaned up?’

‘No it isn’t – get in your room and clean it up’.

That’s the way mature adults work – the opposite of mainstream news.

During this supposed ‘Covid Crisis’, where we received dire warning that the first, second, third, fourth and now fifth wave would destroy our country, cost countless lives, and overwhelm our health care system, the reporters remain silent… it’s pathetic.

Health Authorities – for 18 months – have cried ‘wolf’, and every last cry was sounded, resounded and amplified by every politician looking for a vote, and every doctor looking for some ego time on camera.

In the classic fairy tale – the little boy who called wolf only got two chances… and after that.. he was left to the real wolves.

In this case – we have Trudeau – and he’s not a little boy; Trudeau is a great big grown up that has destroyed his reputation, and his governments ability to formulate a future strategy in Canada, due to the great lie.

The lie is not that ‘Covid exists’.

The lie is that Covid – and now the Omicron variant – is a risk.

Did any of the waves ‘overwhelm’ our health care system? No.

Did they use the huge number of emergency beds last year – temporary treatment facilities designed to care for the ‘wave’ of patients expected by early Covid? No.

Did the death rate extend beyond the natural numbers of the Flu? No*.

*once you take out the Cancer, Heart Attack and Suicides that these ‘doctors’ attribute to Covid – you can plainly see, as an adult, these Health Authorities are using Trump tactics to lie, exaggerate and scare baby-boomers outta their brains with constant, non-stop Covid fear….

…and Trudeau gladly, enthusiastically, takes up the mantle of fear, and spreads those headline statements about ‘we’re all in this together’ and ‘let’s keep Canada safe’.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Where are the journalists? No where.

They parrot Trudeau’s statements, they don’t ask real questions at all. Here we are, faced with 2022 in plain sight – and the nonsense continues from both Right Wing and supposed center wing news outlets in Canada.

A real reporter would focus on reality – so here’s a bullet list of what a real ‘Journalist’ should enter the Health Authority Press Briefing with… and one real question at the end to clear things up.


– there is no ‘spike’ in deaths… anywhere in Canada – the same average of 7.5% – 7.8% death rate hasn’t changed much in 20 years

– vaccine: you can still get/transmit/die from Covid

– vaccine: last 6-8 months with endless boosters and variants

– where is the flu?

– they had 2 years to prepare for this flu season…

– where are the extra beds, staff, equipment?

– the only thing the health authority did was reduce services

– there is no 3rd party confirmation that anything the health authority did was scientific, valid, or necessary

*and let’s think about a few Omicron things;

These health authorities will fire staff for not taking an obsolete vaccine… because of the Delta Variant and every other mutation to come is not reduced by this vaccine by their own press releases….?

*and why didn’t they just build the same temporary treatment facilities like they did last year? Maybe because last year they weren’t used, at all… by anyone? Or because they would have to admit that even our hospitals today aren’t overwhelmed in the slightest.

15,000 canceled surgeries in the one province of Alberta alone; and the health care system is in ‘crisis’?

So go ahead – watch a ‘press briefing’ – watch how delicately the ‘reporters’ avoid any sort of analysis, see how they avoid any sort of journalism… see how they avoid the real question that ends every question that we don’t need to hear;

“Excuse me Mr./Mrs. Health Authority: How stupid do you think we are?”

There’s no flu? That was the first – most outrageous lie that continues to this day.

There’s 5% the normal flu rate in one year… no vaccines for the normal flu stomped out 95% of the normal flu in 2019 – or 2020… but there’s those pesky statistical lies:

There’s no flu – and Covid took all those numbers.

Forever after – the reporters should have asked;

“I’m sorry – but you lied when you said there was ‘no flu’… why should we believe you today?

“I’m sorry – but the first, second, third, #blm, and fourth wave didn’t overwhelm anything? In fact you reduced services and other hospital wards are closed – why are you saying that a ‘wave’ of Covid can overwhelm our system?”

“I’m sorry – but you haven’t justified Authoritarian Fascism at all”

That would be questions for the Health Authorities if we had journalists.

That would be the question for Justin Trudeau if we had journalists.

We don’t. We have a Covid Propaganda machine run by news editors that would fail a first year journalism course – and they’re doing it on National TV.

It’s insulting – and the history books will reflect that Covid, and Authority/Politicians lies ended journalism as a mainstream pursuit going into 2022.

And above all – I don’t understand Trudeaus’ intention here.

“We’re all in this together” is one of his statements.

No – we’re not – they still get paychecks while we close down 10,000 restaurants and destroy small business and every secular service there is in the country.

“Help us protect Canadians” is another grand Trudeau lie.

A major report in the European Union states the Omicron variant isn’t a severe, nor dangerous flu virus – and not worth the panic. What on earth would Trudeau be thinking?

Nobody seems to be thinking.

FACT: You get still acquire, transmit and die from Covid if you get vaccinated… so who would possibly be protected by any of these vaccines?

More importantly, with all the masks and distancing – the flu rate hasn’t gone down at all… so there’s no evidence, and more importantly, no independent third party audit that ANYTHING the health authority, Trudeau, or any of the provincial flunkies have had to say is truthful, relevant or necessary.

They all lie, and get away with it.

Trump told 30,000 lies – and that isn’t the start of every story on Trump.

Trudeau has probably told a couple hundred lies so far… and that should be the first statement by every reporter at every news conference; but it isn’t.

It’s insulting – when the numbers showed up and the first lie – the lie that said ‘there’s no flu’… when that showed up the reporters should have stood their ground.

I’m going to be writing about why we have 22 year old reporters that just parrot what anyone says to them, or why Trudeau can get away with lies when faced with a monopolized and inferior ‘news system’ in Canada. But right now, today, we’re going to end things off with that last question that should be on everyone’s lips – both right wing and left wing united… because we are sick of choosing ‘the lesser of two evils’… and we are adults who don’t put up with well documented nonsense…

…and if you have a chance, jump on social media, get all your friends to ask the question too;

“Just how stupid do you think we are?”

We have a country to repair – that was destroyed for unjustified reasons, and championed by both left and right wing politicians that lie at every chance they get… because there’s no journalism anymore.

The fact is – we aren’t that stupid.

And I think everyone’s had enough of the bullshit surrounding Covid, Trump, Trudeau and Health Authorities crying wolf for 18 months of wolf-free life.

Darin Howard,


Why Petitions work… 23,287 times…

23,287 signatures on our Petition to stop Vaccine Passports/Terminations – in Five Days.

This is why petitions work…

Likes, Views and Shares got us 23,287 signatures on our Petition to stop Vaccine Passports/Terminations – in Five Days. This is how the strong protect the weak, and the truth defeats the lies. Below – I’m going to talk briefly about why petitions work… and work wonders.
We are in good company – the world is waking up to the Covid story – and more and more gov’ts must face an intelligent and motivated population… so we’re not stopping.
Thanks to all – never stop liking and sharing – until we win.

Our petition

Later on – I’m going to write the full article on Social Change – and what petitions really do…
but here’s a brief answer I gave to one of our supporters – who asked the hard question:

“what do petitions do… anything?”
Petitions do two things

1 – They are undeniable – in this case the numbers have huge impact on the authorities themselves, since this type of action precursors larger actions when we hit a ‘critical mass’. Petitions, and your signature – are as powerful as voting.

Petitions like on really work since they’re simple, targeted, and reach out beyond just social media to the larger internet world. Understanding statistics and demographics puts the petitions into a high ranking place; The numbers they generate are equivalent to ‘polls’ done by major survey groups that predict things like voting trends and buying trends. That’s important.

A poll/petition introduces the ‘solid response’ factor in mass surveys – every last signature represents 5-10% of the actual size of the sample (a common metric we use to predict sales/votes); so your signature represents far more people than you can see – since a lot of people don’t see the petition, and others are reluctant to sign for various reasons, but still support the cause. We in business count on this type of response to drive up sales – or get votes for a particular candidate. I drive up sales in any business using very similar tools.

In major surveys and ad campaigns, a ‘click’ is solid evidence that person is a very strong supporter, and above all – a leader. People who sign petitions are more likely to like, share, and continue to support you long, long after the campaigns starts out. When you are a community leader – you show others that you CAN make a difference with a simple signature.

Voting is the single greatest ‘petition’ there is – remember – every vote counts.

Petitions are the exact same ‘metric’ as voting – every signature counts.

2 – Petitions empower people to do more.

When people see us get 23,000 signatures in five days – they know there’s momentum – and they start doing things themselves – that is how any one signature really propels positive change. Why just sign? Share – promote – talk to others – it all creates a ‘positive feedback loop’ – where people are part of a larger positive change and those very real numbers show us we’re in good company.

That starts a cascade effect that… creates #metoo… creates ‘occupy’… creates truth & reconciliation. You can agree or disagree with these promotions, but from any side of the fence, you can see they work, and those petitions and likes and shares propelled these concepts to the front of the community, and did not fizzle out or die away – they get stronger.

As the positive social change speeds up – specific issues such as gov’t irresponsibility are highlighted and create a group consciousness of action – it’s a sociological effect that we’re just starting to understand. If the petition creates change – it creates positive confidence in the population that things can change to the better – since someone is ‘listening’.

But beware; if things don’t change – people who sign are not ‘defeated‘ – but are motivated to do more. That’s why people watch, consistently, the progress of the petitions – since so many people support the petition, if that petition fails to create change it’s solid evidence that the ‘authorities’ are irresponsible to logic and reason, and not accountable to logical or motivated people. ‘Failing’ is not what occurred, a petition is about what has to change; if it does not change that means more work has to be done, more truth must be told, and that’s a strong difference between this modern generation and those that came before us; we know change is inevitable.

If the authorities ignore the petitions – it creates a stronger and more motivated people; That is a strong social element to larger events like mass demonstrations, and strikes, boycotts and direct action.

The two edged sword of intellect and action come into play in either outcome.

It’s all because we read much, much more than the older none technological generation… we may enjoy our cat pictures by the thousands, but one signature on a petition counts for thousands of cat pictures every day… we don’t have to be serious all the time (boring), or ‘on fire’, or ranting in the streets – we can safely take out one minute and make huge change (and return to cat pictures).

…and we’re connected by social media – up to 25% of some communities… and that drives long lasting change. Social Media follows Social Change – sometimes it leads, but most times it follows.

Ask the police if they ever saw ‘defund the police’ becoming effective in 12 months… nobody did – I sure didn’t – but I signed and promoted a realistic change that’s working today. The interesting thing that came out of that was ‘we need more training for cops’… ‘defund’ turned into ‘fund in a different way’… and a LOT of cops I talked to saw it as a positive change that created an interaction and discussion with cops on the streets and people who sought change. *I can talk more on this later.

…or a petition that started out #blm… and continued a wave we see today. 10,000 people downtown… there’s no denying that leaders, like those who sign petitions, make positive change all the time. 85% of Canadians fully support, and are aware of major issues of racism and toxic hate now – that all started with a petition that said ‘Black Lives Matter’. All lives matter – even #blm supporters say that now – the action created a ‘positive reposition’ of opposing toxic, and promoting diversity – creating a stronger community.

*these examples may offend some – but they are just examples of how petitions work – and how a signature, and keeping focus, can create more positive change in every community.

I’ve been working on social change for 20 years now – programs like this definitely work.

thanks for asking


Darin Howard, Calgary

Our facts that lead up to this petition;

– there is no ‘spike’ in deaths… anywhere in Canada – the same average of 7.5% – 7.8% death rate hasn’t changed much in 20 years
– vaccine: you can still get/transmit/die from Covid
– vaccine: last 6-8 months with endless boosters and variants
– where is the flu?
– they had 2 years to prepare for this flu season…
– where are the extra beds, staff, equipment?
– the only thing the health authority did was reduce services
– there is no 3rd party confirmation that anything the health authority did was scientific, valid, or necessary.

The Health Authority has not proven the need for Authoritarian Fascism

But they have proven that they’ll fire staff for not taking an obsolete vaccine… because of the Delta Variant and every other mutation to come are making the current vaccine ‘ineffective’ by the ‘health authorities’ own metrics.

*and why didn’t they just build the same temporary treatment facilities like they did last year? Maybe because last year they weren’t used, at all… by anyone? Or because they would have to admit that even our hospitals today aren’t overwhelmed in the slightest.

8,500 cancelled surgeries in the one province of Alberta alone;
and the health care system is in ‘crisis’?

our petition to end the vaccine passports and terminations
our facebook group
our production center


Our petition

Canada’s Fascist Future

Covid and the end of individual rights


Darin Howard

August 2021

British Columbia announced sweeping Covid Restrictions that target all secular entertainment and gathering places…. let’s take a look at this from a center wing / business point of view;

  • indoor ticketed sporting events
  • indoor concerts
  • indoor theatre/dance/symphony events
  • restaurants (indoor and patio dining)
  • night clubs
  • casinos
  • movie theatres
  • fitness centres/gyms (excluding youth recreational sport)
  • businesses offering indoor high-intensity group exercise activities
  • organized indoor events (e.g., weddings, parties, conferences, meetings, workshops)
  • discretionary organized indoor group recreational classes and activities
  • student housing on college and university campuses

You’ll notice the two, favorite religious places to go aren’t here.

  • Churches
  • Shopping Malls

The cards will not be required at grocery stores and other retail settings, where Henry said there haven’t been high levels of transmission. They also won’t be necessary to enter a place of worship.

(Dr. Bonnie) Henry said there will be an exemption for children under the age of 12, but not for people who are unable to receive the vaccine for health or religious reasons.”

Not one journalist noticed this… at any mainstream outlet.

And there’s another thing here that begs for reality;

If you get vaccinated – you can still ‘get Covid’, and you can still ‘transmit Covid’.

Please repeat that last line 14 times till it sinks in what we’re facing here.

This is the full installation of Authoritarian Fascism in Canada, the complete erasure of all individual rights… to favor the fascist, religious minority. Mainstream media is backing this all up, and it gets far worse.

A Little Background on 2021

This is just one example of how Journalism is dead in Canada today.

“During the September 11 attacks in 2001, 2,977 people were killed.”

There was 24/7 news coverage of this – $Trillions of dollars were spent, and millions of lives lost over the wars enabled by the attack on the World Trade Towers in New York – and through that event – extreme fascism was installed in the United States under the guise of the ‘Patriot Act’, that civil liberties groups still fight today. A fight that is whole heartedly ignored by mainstream media.

But that’s just the tip of the fascist iceberg.

In May of this year, 2021, ground penetrating radar revealed 215 children’s bodies buried on a Catholic School Ground – unmarked graves of children who died at the hands of Catholic Priests and Nuns…

The numbers have gone up – and as of this writing – 5,297 bodies have been found in unmarked graves at only five sites out of over 400 across Canada… think about how many children really died in these schools.

Where’s the headlines? The Government mobilization? The Media shouting it out 24/7? More kids dead than in 9/11… and the media is silent. We can easily quantify the mainstream media response.

The new ‘normal’ is mainstream media repeating what a very small number of government authorities say without question;

Government authorities who say we need authoritarian fascism to ‘keep everyone safe’.

Almost 3,000 people die in 9/11 – full coverage.
Over 5,000 children’s bodies found in unmarked graves in Catholic schools – no coverage.

Only 1% of Catholic Schools Sites have been searched…

…but let’s get historical – let’s show everyone why we can put a Swastika on our Flag now… thanks to people like Dr.Bonnie Henry and every last doctor that doesn’t stand up for logic, and reason.

I’ll point this one thing out: The Nazi’s in Germany in the 1930’s literally said ‘we need our laws to keep everyone safe’. They put it on posters – put it up everywhere – made their mainstream media repeat it over, and over again…

In the case of the Nazi’s – it was keeping people safe from the scourge of Jews, Gypsies, Homosexuals and anyone that questioned the need for safety against… Jews, Gypsies and Homosexuals. None of these people were a threat to society in the slightest, they added to the German culture and helped their fellow citizens… and that has a direct parallel to 2021 and Doctor Bonnie Henry in British Columbia.

We now have British Columbia instituting Fascist Laws preventing people from attending secular social activities unless they have a ‘vaccine passport’. If you get a vaccine, you can still get infected with Covid, and you can still transmit the Coronavirus. People who are not vaccinated are not a threat to public safety at all – and those people are prevented from socializing, or adding to the economy, because…

…Fascist unelected ‘Authorities’ are expanding Authoritarian Fascism under the blatant lie that ‘it’s for our health’.

So let’s point out one other little fact that mainstream ignores; nothing is about our health – and there’s a whole list that backs up this stream of logic, unlike what ‘doctors’ are saying.

I’ll ignore the cigarettes you can buy… I’ll ignore the cancellation of Cancer screenings when 50% of us will die from Cancer, I’ll ignore the people with Heart Attacks and Strokes that don’t go to hospitals because they’re centers for ‘outbreaks’…

…I’ll point out one, major flaw.

Where are the Ventilators?

At the beginning of the ‘crisis’ – the numbers of Ventilators that every province had was widely published – since that was the last point of defense in the emergency ward.

0.05% of us will die from respiratory failure, usually due to ‘flu and flu like symptoms’. That number hasn’t really changed; I will ignore the blatant lie from these unelected ‘authorities’ who say ‘there is no flu this year’ – a statistical impossibility. But I will focus on one thing; the blatant promotion of Authoritarian Fascism beyond all reason.

In Alberta (as in in other provinces) early on there were hundreds of beds put up in treatment facilities in large emergency tents that were never used. $Millions of dollars were spent on putting up, then tearing down (did they take them down??? I haven’t checked…) these useless emergency treatment facilities. Nobody used them.

Not one patient treated. No emergency room was overwhelmed… on average there were four to six ‘Covid Patients’ (because there is no flu anymore… right?)… four to six patients per hospital on average in any region of Canada… which prompted the headline from Ontario;

“Doctors will have to choose between who lives and who dies…”

What complete, absolute nonsense.

Six patients overwhelm a whole health care system?

Oh, but it gets better… remember those Ventilators?

So, after a year, how many more did they buy?

Has mainstream media reported any expansion of our Health Care system, after A YEAR, to accommodate the ‘pandemic’?

Why is that?

Well… just like the emergency beds that cost us millions, those ventilators would be sitting gathering dust right now – a physical example of the credibility that the ‘medial authority’ offers.

If there really was a ‘pandemic’ – it would affect a large portion of the population… the ‘authorities’ would be scrambling to buy ventilators, build hospitals to treat the huge number of people dying…

… but let’s do something Mainstream can’t seem to do at all; Math.

Six patients per hospital: 0.00001% of any given population (an err on the percentage high side).

Above: Taken from May – 2021 – and things are about the same….

Did they expand emergency care in case there was a real ‘wave’ or Covid?


Do we now have 10’s of thousands of ventilators in every province… to treat over 0.00001% of the population?


Did they build (like China) thousands of beds to care for the infected?


Everywhere they test, they find more ‘cases’ (another logical fail) – so we know it’s everywhere anyway – and deaths from Covid dwindled to nothing *but mainstream just puts ‘cases’ up in headlines because… nobody is dying from Covid anymore… right?

At least – that’s what they’ve said across the country – deaths at near zero – all without a vaccine for the vast majority of the population.

These ‘doctors’ defended the fact that 4-6 patients per hospital can ‘overwhelm’ the system… and now… they’re using their extreme power to install Authoritarian Fascism to punish the secular world for… being ‘infected’.

You are sick until… you get a vaccine… where you can still get sick and transmit the virus…

(in fact – even if you get a vaccine you can still die from Covid… but…)

Once again – repeat this all 14 times for people still scared of Covid.

So, as an individual, I’m done. Doctors do NOT stand up against this asinine and obviously criminal installation of Authoritarian Fascism. Mandatory vaccines to attend secular functions, while leaving churches and malls open (because they are not centers for spreading Covid… yes… that’s what a ‘doctor’ said)….

The Nazi Swastika is appropriate today – starting in BC – and moving across the country. Genocide is not important – Authoritarian Fascism is.

Think about it; We are not talking about the Genocide overseen by the Catholic Church (amongst others) in Canada. There will be 10’s of thousands of children’s bodies found in unmarked graves, and mainstream is ignoring the crime of the century, far worse than the Nazi gas chambers because it’s not targeted at any one small minority – it’s targeted at you, your children and your future – indiscriminately causing massive poverty that will result in unneeded deaths; all because it’s part of the religious / authoritarian system.

Mainstream is ignoring math – and reality.

Mainstream is ignoring the installation of Authoritarian Fascism as far reaching as the Nazi’s.

If you get a vaccine – you can still get Covid, and you can still transmit Covid.

According to ‘doctors’ – the only places that Covid is spread widely is in Secular Social complexes.

Apparently you can’t get Covid in a church or mall – where we wander freely or are packed together with no chance of social distancing.

If you disagree – please put on a mask and get a vaccine. Later on; get the tattoo and don’t complain when you’re loaded into a box car… it’s for your own good. No, this is not an exaggeration; every last history book shows the slippery slope started by little rules, that result in lockdowns, that restrict all movement, that restrict community gatherings… then restrict family gatherings… then make you carry your I.D….. then…
….another excuse for more fascism. Remember – Out of populations over 5 Million, British Columbia has the second lowest Covid death rate in the world.

But in reality – this turns every restaurant owner/manager, every concert organizer and every gym owner into a fascist for no reason at all.

Mainstream will continue to paint people who present this logic as ‘nut bar right wingers’.

Absolutely none of this article has anything to do with a political party;

This is about business – I’m a business owner and manager.

And unelected authorities are now installing Authoritarian Fascism that only affects me, a secular individual…

…while protecting religious institutions… because you can’t get Covid in church, or the mall.

Doctors will never regain credibility after this.

I wonder why they don’t stand up.

Because, like my father in World War II – I am standing up.

Now – I need you to stand with me, against this.

Because, for my kids, for our future, for our businesses – we need to end the ‘Medical Authority’ in Canada – because it’s not about our health;

It’s about punishing us for being human, and surviving Covid just fine.

One last thing;

There’s no additional deaths in this country from Covid at all…

… because there’s ‘no flu’, and because they count Suicide and car accidents as ‘covid related’ deaths.


Unelected Authorities.

We now have no individual rights of freedom, to operate secular businesses, at all.

The plan is simple;

Ignore catastrophic climate change and economic meltdown,

to shop at big box stores (who are jacking up prices right now),

so you can go to church…

…and accept the Authoritarian Fascism the Canadian Government is installing…

…just like it installed for the Indigenous population, and you too can be buried out back in an unmarked grave;

The cops won’t investigate your death – they obviously like all the psycho rules.

The church will defend the fascism – because we’re all sinners if we don’t agree with them,

and the ‘authorities’ are pushing people to go to church.

…and the Government, and the Corporations the government creates, will profit from it.

But that’s just facts and everything… it’s not about your health, or protecting anyone.

It’s about Authoritarian Fascism.

Welcome to 2021.

And you thought 2020 was bad.

Darin Howard,

Calgary, AB – Canada.

*here’s a few more points on my research into this.

Thanks you to everyone who contributed – liked, shared, and stands against this Medical Fascism we face today.

Catholic Child Molesters and Child Serial Murderers


Darin Howard

July 2021

Darin Howard is a Status Indian who was ‘scooped’ from his home at age threeand deposited in Kamloops in 1969 with a Christian Family for ‘indoctrination’. He visited the Kamloops Residential School during this time.

As a Status Indian – who had all the horrors of the Christian Church inflicted on me, I’m offended at the outright hatred and racism by mainstream media and Government right now. I’m just going to make a few points here – because ‘that which is understood need not be discussed’.

First of all – it’s seems always assumed that it was a Native person who is vandalizing or burning down Catholic Churches – with no evidence at all. Even Native leaders appeal to end the vandalism… saying for some strange reason ‘this is not what to do’. I know there’s a LOT of anger – but remember – there’s a LOT of survivors of Child Molesting priests and nuns out here with me – so let’s not assume anything.

I don’t condone burning down churches – but are the Government, or ANY authorities. doing ANYTHING at all about the extreme sickness and twisted reality of this government funded church?

No? Okay… I guess doing nothing is what our Government does best.

All I see is a lot of denial and cover ups. I see the government still does nothing about forced sterilizations of Aboriginal women in Government hospitals… I see the government does nothing about IUD’s forced on 10 year old girls… (and ignored for any medical follow up…) I see the governement does nothing about systemic racism in the RCMP at all… or the education system… or the health care system. I see the governments do nothing about the wildly racist child services system. It goes on – but let’s talk about what Mainstream ‘News’ is not talking about.

Not one Mainstream outlet talked about the reasons why Catholic Residential School Records weren’t released immediately to the investigators of unmarked children’s graves…

…just typing that sentence shows us how truly sick the Catholic organization is. They actively held back records of their own guilt… I can’t say I believe these type of people would release all the records. But in reality, the RCMP itself is proving it’s systemically racist by NOT investigating every last case, every last residential school and church as a massive crime scene.

You kill 50 hookers in your pig farm – you’re the worst murderer in the country.

You murder and bury 1000’s of children in your church – the Government still funds your schools, so you can continue to indoctrinate kids with… what?

What on earth is the Government funding? A church school that specifically teaches;

  • women should shut up and obey
  • children are possessions you can do what you want with
  • slavery is just fine… as long as when your slave is disobedient you don’t beat him/her so much they won’t recover in a couple days. That’s unchristian. (See the book of Timothy for more deets)
  • Rape is just fine… in fact… ‘God’ says it’s a reward for a warrior.
  • You can pay off the father of your rape Victim to clear your way… not sure what the current exchange rate is for 50 shekels from 2000 years ago, but, it can’t be that much – it wasn’t that much when these goat herders wrote their book.
  • Genocide? That’s fine – in fact God instructs his warriors to kill women and children, unless you want to rape them or keep them as slaves. God is thoughtful like that.
  • There’s talking snakes
  • There’s magic boats
  • ‘God’ is love… and ‘saves’ us because we were born; and without that ‘saving’ we will burn in eternity and be tortured for… being born… by that ‘God’ that loves you.
  • You can be happy in heaven knowing that 96% of the people born today, and for the past 10,000 years (or 4,000… or whatever)… everyone is being tortured except you. That’s a reason to ‘praise God’… and his psycho love.
  • Child Molesters – Child serial killers… are fine… because… ‘God’.

Did it ever occur to anyone that this stream of b.s. Isn’t suitable for an adult, let alone a child?

If anyone in government was being realistic, they would close the church, close these psycho schools… this is 2021, not 1947. We now have huge, massive financial overheads with these ‘churches’, especially in their ‘shelters’ where I know one that takes in up to $80,000.00 per bed they offer per year– where they might let a scant $8,000.00 of value trickle down to the one sleeping in the bed – lots of bills to pay with that cash… and the poor unwashed sinners only deserve to be treated like cattle anyway.

Yes – that’s reality – remember how many tax deductions circle around these ‘organizations’.

But think about how many people actual go to Catholic Church right now, how many people knew the story of dead children in mass graves in the back of Catholic Schools… and still actually goes to that church – these people still send their kids to the same schools to teach the same things? What kind of person does that?

What kind of person goes to a church that has serial child rapists? Serial child murderers?

What kind of person believes in any of that crap?

Well – I know of two for sure – Our Education Minister in Alberta; Adrian LeGrange, and the UCP leader Jason Kenney – our premier (a Trump brand Liar now… I have a story on that coming up). These are adults who believe in magic boats, talking snakes, and drinking blood and eating human flesh every weekend. They, and the entire religious centered Conservative Party here in Alberta supports and defends this brand of toxic irresponsibility and fantasy theology. I would walk right up to our Education Minister, and our Premier, who both ignore all reality to ram through their Conservative agenda… and ask them;

“Do you, as an adult, believe the Catholic Church should stay open – do you believe what they teach?”

I’ve heard their talking points; Traditional values… completely irresponsible, toxic, and hateful philosophies contained in the ‘bible’ would be defended by ‘talking points’ by Jason Kenney or Adrian Legrange.

“Did you go and eat human flesh and drink human blood this weekend? Yes? And we should vote for you?”

Why are we still funding this psycho factory?

Why isn’t there big warning labels on the churches, and orders to close the church schools down because they teach a completely psychotic religion with toxic, and long lasting negative effects on people? The vast majority of us don’t believe in their brand of ‘religion’… whatever that is… 70% of us are either atheist, non-believers in psycho… or ‘agnostic’, which is where many of my friend fit. But most of us in Canada are full on angry about all these serial child murderers.

“You were born? You are a sinner and dirty and unworthy… and that won’t change because… God.”

What kind of person teaches that to kids?

What kind of parent allows that to be be taught to kids?

What kind of person says ‘I should be in Government control because I believe these things.”???

What kind of person votes for someone that believes this brand of medieval messed-up?

In reality – if you add up the child molesters, the serial child murderers in the Catholic church, you start to see what 70% of real Canadian see – medieval religions are a toxic, and expensive way to damage our children’s psyches, and a part of our ‘culture’ we certainly don’t need – and should never, ever fund.

The vast marjority of us don’t go to church, and after the Baby-Boomers shuffle off, the real statistic is that there will be about 5-7% of our population going to ANY church, since every type of Abrahamic Monotheistic church only has gray-hairs occupying it.

Abrahamic Monotheism is anyone who is Catholic, Jewish, Christian or Muslim, they’re all the same basically… they just have propaganda that gives them excuses to hate each other.

And us… don’t forget how they view the vast majority of Canadians of every race. All the Abrahamic Monotheists believe you were born, and they are going to heaven and you aren’t… because you are a dirty pagan who deserves torture for eternity since…

…you were born.

It’s hard to get your head around isn’t it?

God is not love… at all… he’s psycho and threatens anyone who dare question, or stray from the tight path that allows child molesters and serial child murderers to run things… but eating shell fish is ‘bad’… or wearing mixed fabrics… or having a tattoo… that’s all ‘bad’.

And nothing… nothing gets done about this brand of illusion.

If McDonalds had thousands of children buried in their parking lots… it would be closed tomorrow.

If Starbucks had serial child molesters in their management… would you go there anymore?

If your public school had a teacher that taught kids ‘rape is fine, women should obey, and there’s talking snakes… oh… and you can murder anyone as long as you say ‘God’ within the excuse…’; if you had a public school teacher teaching that… would they be employed tomorrow?

Myself, my family, are in mourning… we are shattered and depressed because more and more graves will be found.

But every last Sunday these indoctrination centers remain open is an insult to every child molested and murdered by the Catholic faithful.

Every last child indoctrinated by this backward and toxic religion is destined to suffer from this medieval illusion… either by personal depression or public action… because society is so well connected now, so well informed… we are talking about all this.

And that’s what’s wrong with government today.

81% of us are Angry about this – and the government does nothing.

Serial Child Rapists? Government still leaves this church open.

Serial Child Murders? The Government funds these schools, and the RCMP do nothing.

Oh, and remember that.

Immediately after a scant few churches burnt down in British Columbia, they were investigated as ‘crime scenes’ by the RCMP. No witnesses, no records, nothing… but the RCMP are appealing for help in solving this arson crime…

…but when there’s witnesses alive, records, and a crime scene that’s easily accessible, the RCMP aren’t investigating at all… 1000’s of children murdered… not one investigation… because it’s not a crime.

I would say there’s a 99% chance there’s large numbers of the medieval catholic church faithful in the RCMP and government… all ‘pushing back’ against any sort of accountability (– or even logical reality). I mean, can you assume someone who believes in talking snakes is reliable in ANY way? Can you tell me that someone who defends their church that molests and murders children to bury them in unmarked graves has any sort of morality?

Cops and Government bureaucrats and politicians… all celebrating the drinking of blood and eating of human flesh this Sunday… believing in Rape, Genocide and that Serial Child Molesters and Serial Child Killers are worth a defense, worth being loyal to.

But out here in the real world – today – remember this.

Our own government is loyal to Child Molesters and Rapists over everyone… 81% of us.

The Government is just taking their summer break, getting their paychecks, and getting ready to fund these schools for another year; schools that will twist and warp children into believing some toxic story about how we should hate everyone, because God certainly does…

… and a child being sexually assaulted, or murdered and buried out back is fine.

No crime here. Part of being Canadian… it’s traditional values… just don’t dig up the back yard.

Cut these guys some cheques so they can continue another day, another month, another year.

Any real civilization would close this church down – and hold the leadership accountable. But we have an extremely, extremely small number of ‘authorities’ standing firmly in the way of justice.

Arson is a crime.

Serial murder of children… isn’t… because they were brown like me.

Welcome to your inheritance – just plain psycho… talking snakes… women should be beaten… children are expendable and unworthy… eat your human flesh and drink your human blood – and you get money and protection.

This is 2021.

This is Canada.

Darin Howard, Calgary
and unwashed heathen sinner who deserves to be tortured for eternity… because God loves him

Coming Soon: How to do nothing about children in unmarked Catholic Graves!
a Canadian guide to informing children about how wonderful our country is.

The Viper in the Wall – an introduction to our almost-civilization


Darin Howard

Once upon a time – a long time ago after the last ice age – people figured out agriculture, astronomy, domesticating cats, and we invented things like fire, shoes, swords and urinary catheters – and after enough fumbling around we invented writing. This was all done in the Middle East – India and Asia and eventually Europeans learned some of this stuff and decided to leave their caves and huts and started imitating the people they saw because… living and caves and huts really sucked.

Europeans – with their limited education – traveled around, and got really jealous of the Romans, Egyptians, Indians, Africans and basically anyone who had an almost-civilization.

This was the start of what we now call European Feudalism.

All across Europe – when one European family got successful enough, they built a bigger house, and other houses to help out in their successful agricultural operations… because that created a lot of food, and people like to eat and grow fat.

Eventually families got so rich, they had to build little castles – trying to imitate the successful almost-civilizations they discovered when wandering around the Middle East and Asia. These castles were used to keep their big swords in, so they could share those swords whenever any door to door salesmen, revolutionaries or hungry peasants dropped by.

Eventually they killed enough local poor people that everyone got the picture, and the rich family inside could build bigger castles, and they didn’t have to share their sharp swords with door to door salesman quite as often.

First we can all see that rich people built cool castles across Europe to try and imitate developed civilizations that made the feel… inadequate.

Now during this time a little almost-civilization called Rome was doing a bad job of falling apart, and it was splitting up in a messy way, causing wars and all kinds of problems. They had spent a lot of time working on their almost-civilization, writing books about medicine, accounting, and of course – the Romans wrote a little book called ‘The Bible’.

Under Constantine, the Romans formalized the Christian church (since it was taking over, causing riots and wars), and the Christians were totally disorganized and being unpleasant to everyone.

To make things a lot easier, the early Roman Government decided that they would only recognize the book they wrote about Jesus, Moses and Abraham, and this book is what we call the ‘Bible’ today. To expand the Roman form of Government, they decided that a very small number of peasants would be trained to do a radical thing called ‘reading’. They also trained these missionaries in basic Roman Bureaucracy and teaching methods. The Romans then built simple temples for this new ‘God’, and the government appointed missionaries to work both inside Rome itself, and then spread those missionaries everywhere – even to Europe where many were mistaken and killed for being door to door salesmen.

But the Romans knew this system would work, and eventually they sent cash along with the missionaries to bribe, or convert, the backward and uneducated people who called themselves ‘Kings’ in Europe, so everyone could join the bureaucracy that didn’t hold the Roman Empire together.

So – to understand where we are today – remember that the main players in this drama are Rich Uneducated People with swords, and barely educated missionaries spreading wealth through early churches to gain control of the uneducated populations.

So let’s see what kind of system we’re all inheriting. It all starts inside the Castle walls.

Remember: None of this has changed… at all… and when we do try to change it they call it ‘cancel culture’ or some other nonsense.

First off – the family controls the money – and thus controls everything – that’s the way feudal systems starts… it starts with cash. Well – it started with gold, sheep, cows, peasants, pitchforks and, of course, swords. We’ll cover more on that later.

That cash builds walls, and houses for workers, and buys things like health care, food and higher walls, and of course, sharper swords. The trade developed through the adoption of the official church languages sure helped – and that was the start of the first European Trade Networks.

Eventually the medieval wealth was concentrated enough – so it payed for even more peasants – and in most cases it required a whole system to handle first the cash, and second, a system to handle the rules about living inside, and outside the castle.

Now remember, it’s not important that the rich people controlling the swords are educated – it was only important that there were accountants and doctors who could almost read – to create the first medieval almost-civilization. Those people who called themselves ‘Royalty’ could always remove the heads of bad accountants or missionaries, so order was maintained in a very uncivilized manner.

So let’s take a look inside the Castle Walls.

The first ‘institution’ that was created was the ‘government’ –

which was the organization that protected the rich family from everyone inside and outside the rich families house. The government consisted of representatives of services for rich people; the head of violence, the doctor, and the accountant. When things got super complex, a person was put on top of those three called ‘the clerk’ who was the person that interpreted the information given by those who practiced violence, medicine, or accounting – and this clerk was the most important person in Government, and in Fascist Western Countries – the Clerk is still the most powerful person in government.

There are different laws for people inside the castle – and different laws for living outside the castle. It’s important to remember that; there are different rules for the rich and poor.

The most important law we inherited is the fact that if you live inside the castle… you can kill anyone you want outside the castle – because… that’s what the whole Feudal system is for. The system of government we have today was designed for nothing else.

This explains Police Brutality, Corporate Bail Outs, War and all other injustices we see today.

It is interesting to note that anywhere the Rich People were too lazy to watch all the details of how the violence, medicine and math operated – the rich uneducated people would put trusted friends in place to rule like they did; they put ‘judges’ in their place to oversee these things in the rich persons absence, and this ‘law court’ became part of the bureaucracy of the medieval almost-civilization.

Bigger castles attracted more and more people, and it was helpful in the dark ages to add a little entertainment within the castle walls called ‘the church’, since the family who ran the castle always benefited from someone in a pointy hat telling everyone GOD said the rich folk running the money where really, really cool – and that of course… if God says you’re cool – you can kill, rape, steal and basically do anything you want. You can read about how ‘God’ loves genocide, rape, slavery and the oppression of women in any Bible today – to see how messed in the head the early Rich people were, and the Romans, and the missionaries.

That made a lot of people hate the rich – and it continues today.

It should be noted that any type of GOD works in a feudal system,

you don’t have to be picky, just as long as that GOD and those followers keep pointing at rich people to say they’re cool. And remember to include the pointy hats and a language that you barely understand, that’s important.

Some castles got so big they spawned industries and universities, big farming infrastructures, and even stadiums to keep everyone distracted from how dysfunctional the rich people were getting. All kinds of festivals and parties were invented or adapted by the rich people to keep us distracted from how many people where left to starve to death outside the walls.

Remember – not once has this system been altered in the slightest, however now-a-days we add the word ‘democracy’ to install someone to talk to the Clerk, a ‘politician’ to talk about the problems the peasants are having, or to talk about how the rich people aren’t allowed to make enough money.

The only thing you do when you vote, is put a person in place that rubber stamps their approval over how the government runs to benefit the rich.

This type of Feudal Government is called ‘Fascist’. And it is very easy to install a Police State in this kind of system – as we have seen today.

The Modern Feudal Systems around the world all operate in the same fascist manner. This is called ‘the American Dream’ or ‘Capitalism’ or any number of things – it makes no difference – it’s all the same.

Let’s see how it works….

Today – Rich people can steal, rape or kill anyone they want to maintain a monopoly on everything… this is called ‘Nationalism’.

Those in power, starting with the money, monopolize the simple elements that humans require to live;

– they are Air, Water, Food, Clothing, Shelter, Energy, Transportation, Health Care, and Community Services.

Concepts of Law and Religion are represented in exactly the same Feudalistic manner as in the Dark Ages – with very few exceptions. In modern society, they adapted the Roman education system and called it ‘school’… with little difference from the medieval churches everything is based on.

Discussion Fun with your friends;

As a great example you can entertain your friends with – let’s look at a medieval fact we face every day; you have no voice in the courts (or in any government function) – the judges represent the rich. For even more fun you can test this out; if you even question the judge, you’ll be thrown into jail for any time they like, or even murdered on the spot if you resist, because Feudalistic Courts are violent and only responsible to the Rich, who pay the armed thugs, judges and bureaucrats who enforce the Feudalistic law that insures the rich get richer.

In modern society – the Rich are represented by Banks first (over the law courts) – and protected by the Government bureaucracy as always – and they call this an ‘economy’ and a ‘government budget’ that always insures there’s lots of thugs to control the peasants, and a few services that are inadequate at creating a better life for the peasants that power the system.

As another example; we can see how these Medieval Governments handled our latest series of crisis’ in Western Societies;

There are billions of dollars for subsidies and support for things that make the rich people rich.


The government always questions why ANY funding is attributed to people living outside the castle walls. If the rich people don’t profit – it’s assumed that it’s too expensive to support, so a half ass system is maintained; see for example the Canadian Health Authority.

Remember – The Feudal system is centered around the three pillars of it’s own self destruction;

Rich People

Supported by the Church

With a government / laws and bureaucrats that protect and enhance the Rich Peoples wealth.

Since the Dark Ages – it’s only those who inherited the wealth, and expanded that wealth through the use of government that benefit.

That all changed in the 1700’s, when, after several unsuccessful attempts – the banks within the castle walls installed ‘FIAT’ Currency and the Central banking system – this ‘FIAT’ banking system created paper money out of nothing. With this little mechanism clearing the way for the rich people to have unlimited wealth – we have our next chapter in this Saga called

‘How the rich shoplifted the world and screwed everything up being their normal, greedy, uneducated selves’.

Stay tuned for more.

The Level of ‘Stupid’

The Day Trump Let His Supporters Try and Do His Dirty Work
by Darin Howard

Nobody insured more ‘Proud Boys’ will be going to jail than Donald Trump – next time we may not be so lucky.

Is the smoke cleared yet? Nope? Well let me jump on in.

When you are attempting a coup – you get in the front of the line and direct traffic. That’s the way it’s done if you’re looking for success.

Trump, during his speech before the Terrorism started, stated quite simply that he would be there with his supporters, walking down Pennsylvania ave to demand Mike Pence overturn the election, among other things.

Then, after promising to lead, he went to his house, and enjoyed the view while his supporters did the dirty work. Trump abandoned his own supporters – then condemned them on National TV after they failed – presumably to save his own ass. Those ‘Proud Boys’ are going to jail… a lot of them.

That’s not how revolutions work. The best meme I’ve seen so far says this in no uncertain terms;
“This is the revolution you get when you order it on Wish”.

It’s sad but true.

Trump had every element going for this – but as one analyst said ‘Trump is the type of dog that doesn’t like to bite, he likes to be petted’.

He ‘spins’ instead of fighting.

Trump had clear sailing to overthrow his own government. Every element was there. The ‘Police’ opened the gates, then opened the doors, then posed for selfies with the terrorists.

The Pentagon stood in the way of the National Guard.

Trump didn’t call the National Guard; Pence did – hours later.

In fact, while the terrorists where storming the Capital, Trump was phoning Senators telling them to overturn the election.

He lied – he riled up his followers… and he left…but he was delighted at the terrorismfar away from the front line.

The one thing missing was simple; during the violent take over of government, if you’re really looking for results, you do it yourself. Like many revolutionaries in the past, you are the person overseeing the action in person.

Trump, in many ways, is the classic #okboomer – where he ‘orders out’ and then bitches about the results.

The backlash afterwards – after Trump himself said ‘you will pay’ in addressing the nation much later; those that committed crimes against the country are right to be angry – they did Trumps bidding – their anger is well earned.

Those people listened to him lie for four years, longer in some cases, and really believed that Trump would walk with them to ‘make America great’.

When you have both the Police and Military on your side – you have free reign over the lawmakers you want to force to your will – when you’re supporters surround and trap even the Vice President inside... you’ve done what you set out to do – you’ve taken over…

…then you set up your violent court, and in the case of violent Americans, you would probably enact some kind of physical justice. You have off duty police officers and ex-military helpers everywhere– they’re equipped with zip cuff restraints among other things… what’s the problem here?

You have to wonder why ANY of the GOP think they’re going to survive this….

The problem was simple; Trump is a coward. He couldn’t tie the noose, pick up the blade, hold the gun, or issue the direct order. Trump is the poster boy for failure in every respect – since all he had to do was oversee the kangaroo court that always develops during this type of 3rd world b.s. – and he was protected by two out of three armed services present.

How do you screw that up?

That’s a rhetorical question, since Trump even bankrupted a Casino… a money making machine that’s physically incapable of going bankrupt.

The only lesson here is simple; a lot of proud people got the ultimate dupe, the ultimate lie, the ultimate stab in the back from a ‘leader’ whose only claim to fame was inheriting cash, and being a Reality TV star…

…a cautionary tale if there ever was one.

These Trump Supporters got bamboozled in epic style.

The one thing here that needs to be done is simple; we must learn as a society ‘what to do with these people’… the majority of us.

Out of Millions of People in the Washington area, and out of hundreds of millions of people in the USA, Trump supporters, those hard core R-Wing horn wearing Q-Anon cosplay revolutionaries, actually have purpose. These people have value.

They represent individuals that were lied to. They have positive aspects too, they are strong enough to stand up, they believe in things, they are willing to put themselves in harms way… even if for the wrong reasons.

I’ve said it many times before; a little education goes a long way.

I do believe that the system is corrupt – here in Canada – we have pro-trumpers in every institution, and even walking the halls of our Parliament who are proud of their MAGA hats. Institutionalized Racism, Sexism, Corruption can be listed as crimes of every level of government and authority there is in Canada today.

But these Right Winger type people, from the misguided medical authorities, to the violent RCMP and the racist Politicians – all these real people on the Right wing are capable of being rehabilitated on their own terms.

You can forget mainstreams ‘Right vs. Left’ garbage. The reality is simple; We need EVERYONE to help rebuild a sustainable economy, and reverse the effects of our CO2 spewing life – we must reverse climate change using our economy – or we’re all toast. All of us.. no wings represented.

We need the Right Wings strength, not their lack of education. We need the revolutionaries to face real problems, not some imaginary problems with the ‘elite’ or ‘secret societies’… we need them standing with us against real crimes against our neighbours – our friends – our families.

The Twitter ban, the Facebook ban was appropriate – it took the steam that was so obviously filling violent and misguided sails with lies and open, bizarre and unfounded conspiracy theories.

But the fact is simple; we are ‘debating’ when we should be acting. A failure like Trump, with every opportunity to violently overthrow a government, has left a vacuum in society. That vacuum is a serious problem since the next time around someone who WOULD oversee the violent overthrowing of government might get in power.

A man of will – a man of determination – would walk down that avenue and inflict his will on the ‘lawmakers’ till he was crowned king….

…Trump just wasn’t the guy for the job.

Either we, as a society, face up to that fact; and we start educating and inspiring the ‘deplorables’ – building their strength and self worth – or that dictator, that evil power hungry fool willing to violently overthrow our democracy – will step into the vacuum and start Tweeting ‘fake news’ and ‘Make Canada Great Again’…. like Erin O’Toole is doing right now.

Our biggest problem in Canada is the Pro-Trump Conservatives – led by the Open Trump supporter Erin O’Toole

Look at how easy it was for the Fanatics to come within a razors edge of permanently destroying the Republic of the United States. There were over 100,000 internet mentions of violence at the Capital…. the writing was on the Social Media wall for all to see. Terrorism was firmly on the horizon. There was calls for violence, there was the complacency of the Pentagon, there was the police posing for selfies with terrorists….

But here in Canada the writing is firmly on our walls. During the terrorist event, Trump supporters crawled out of their holes across the country – and authorities did nothing. This complacency should outrage everyone since, even after the RCMP and CSIS stated that ‘Right Wing extremists are the only terrorist threat we face’… nothing gets done. There’s no investigations, no public statements, no real action.

Even after our medical, education and legal institutions are revealed as systemically racist, and violent to minorities – nothing gets done.

Even though we easily educated people out of drinking and driving just as the most basic example – nothing gets done about racism, violence, or the proliferation of radical Right Wing groups across the country.

Just like in Washington, the racist and violent elements within our own institutions are actively protecting their own from prosecution; our own law enforcement is empowering racist and Right Wing violence through complacency; first through it’s own ranks and with its own judges, and second through the protection of those in public.

They can track our vaccines, our Covid, but can’t track radical racists?
We know, for a fact, that just isn’t true.

You can mention umbrellas next to your phone, and see ads for umbrellas for weeks to come; not only are they listening they’re showing us what they refuse to hear.

Trump being a failure was to be expected – but right now, in real time, we’re missing the opportunity to fix the future using ALL our people – since Right Wingers, who aren’t bullies, are the strength we need to fix our countries problems.

Will we continue to follow failure to appease institutions that refuse to look in the mirror due to the horror that awaits?

We’ll see – but I’m not waiting.

That’s why I started Radio Free Canada – my children deserve more than institutionalized complacency in light of evil, my children deserve more than a competent Trump waiting in the wings of our every institution.

Your welcome to join me.

Darin Howard, Calgary

Admin & Head Janitor

Radio Free Canada


more to come

The Horse Doctor, the Dog, The fool and the Future

A horror story about how stupid we are

by Darin Howard
January 2021

The Medical Profession is the only one where you study for 12 years… to understand that you will ultimately fail every last patient you see.
We all die.
But we all look to a doctor before this occurs.

Covid revealed the weakness of the Doctors Stance

– in comparison to a future history.
What we need now is something new… the Doctors strength.

Doctors are just like us – they are not ‘elevated’ in anyway, other than Paychecks and Community Status – this has been the truth since… forever. Modern people judge our doctors as both saviour, and problem in this country; but few really look at the root source of Doctors today, and the culture they have, that justifies their most bizarre behaviour.

Historically you can watch the beginning of the 2005 movie “Memoirs of a Geisha” about pre-WWII Japan… to understand what we are inheriting. In the story the main characters life begins with a Doctor. That Doctor was not for her, he was attending her mother, and suggesting a medicine that will cost the family a very high price; two of their daughters.

The Doctor takes the two girls, our heroin and her sister, to sell them to sex-slavery as a trade for the costly medicine he has prescribed; and the medicine ultimately fails the mother – she dies. In the context of small business and restaurants in Canada (and around the world) during the response to the Corona Crisis – this is true today; We are losing our homes, our shelter, our children for a cure that will never work; no vaccine, mask or other rules will ultimately save someone so monumentally unhealthy, they can die from the flu. Instead of funding these seniors homes where the vast majority of Covid victims will die… these Medical Authorites chose to fund… something else.

We know it in Canada – we see the Health Authorities own statistics; an incredibly small number of people are actually at risk of dying from Covid; despite all the dramatic music and big headlines in the news. The reality is, it’s only 0.01% of us that are even at risk of dying from Covid.

This is just the beginning of the statistical nightmare we’ve been force fed from Medical Authorities

Doctors – they have some explaining to do.

But there comes the term ‘Horse Doctor’ to understand a Doctor that sells children, or our futures, for their ‘cures’.

I’m not talking about Veterinarians… the term ‘Horse Doctor’ is an old term from the WWII era and before; A Horse Doctor is someone so rough on you, they’re treating you like a horse. I had a few… they’re pretty rough stuff.

A Horse Doctor will tell you to ‘suck it up’… ‘quit complaining’… and be short, gruff, and insensitive to anything beyond ‘what he can do’ and ‘what he can’t do’. Cynical is the easiest way to describe them.

To be certain – this archetype exists in both male and female form today.

Since I was raised by War-Time parents born in 1919 and 1920 respectively, I come from an era when needles where big, patience was small, and treatments were few. You died because proper imaging/screening wasn’t invented. Surgery had a high mortality rate, extremely high compared to today, because anesthetics weren’t an exact science, and ‘technique’ was a theory, not a practical reality. You can look at ancient techniques of a Doctor sprinkling Chloroform onto the face mask of a patient lying down to understand how far we’ve come today.

During that time – Universities and Medical Training institutes inherited the position in society where sick people turn to someone, anyone, for a relief of their pain and suffering. It is hard on a person when a loved one begs you to save their child, their spouse, their parent. Tears are shed, peoples lives are shattered, the despair is deep and eventful. Being a Doctor in this position is a personal responsibility beyond what most people could handle – indeed – cynicism developing as a defense mechanism for the Medical Person is natural, not helpful, but we can all understand why.

That emotional oppression can happen a few times a day for an E.R. Doctor – that’s for real – tears and anguish. Not so much in Canada – but in the violent and vengeful United States – where a city can see 30 shootings in a day… you better believe the life of some doctors is a blur of tears, cries of pain, and in the end – silence.

That is why, over the years, I grew to love my family Doctor, who checked in on me, monitored my surgeries, accidents – and even brought two of my kids in the world… I have great respect for the man that saw me grow from an alcohol binger to a General Manager, and treated all the ailments that came with my life’s changes. His compassion balanced with his professional demeanor – I learned a lot from that.

He retired after I had to move from my adopted home-town for business. I’ll miss him. As he was there for me, I was there listening to him – his advice, and his introspection on the development of the modern medical community. His insight onto what a Doctor could, and could not do.

The Horse Doctor was a common thing in the pre-social media days, especially around my hometown in the 80’s and 90’s when I went to college, started working in the bars. They’re still out there today – for sure – and I appreciate their straight forward and sage advice when I encounter these individuals. My next two children where attended to by a strict and cold Doctor who was legendary for her lack of patience and straightforward professionalism… in the surgical theater, or attending to a childs birth – I can appreciate that mentality – even if it is a series of thorny intellectual fields to walk through.

The numbers, when compared to the real population, don’t add up. I did this graphic after Thanksgiving in 2020, when the Medical Authorities were once again predicting doom and gloom, based on these numbers… this happened… for real… in Canada.

There was a larger social change occurring as I was starting my career regarding the institutions we are all supporting. Society was influenced by both mainstream news, and by mainstream dramas. We had the ‘love the doctor’ dramas on TV through the 70’s up till today – heart felt dramas of Doctors who care… we weep for them and follow their on-screen fictional lives as if they were close friends. The series ‘House’ starts off with an experienced doctor explaining that ‘all patients lie’… and the series is based on that… a fiction and toxic culture in Drama if there ever was one.

For most of us; this ‘Hospital Fiction’ is exceptionally toxic – It’s all a dramatic lie compared to the sticky truth, and that creates problems.

The easiest way to bring everyone up to speed is looking at another Authority we are supporting, or in this case, a full 50% of us are not supporting anymore; The Police. This is a group we face with ‘dramatic representation’ in mainstream media – Police shows, especially those that started in the 1970’s changed the portrayal of cops in the mainstream media substantially – if you study it from an anthropological point of view.

Like Doctors – a certain amount of romance was applied to the common stereotype of a Police officer, a softening occurred. There was a Sergeant of the New York Cops in ‘Hill St. Blues’ who said ‘be careful out there’ when sending his troops off to the urban war of our city streets. He was a unique change – a Cop that actually cared. If you know common cultural archetypes from the time – you know that this was an amazing step for a public cop – a Sargent no less – held up to military standards of discipline and detachment… who suddenly had a heart and a soft, caring side – albeit small and inconsequential. Compared to the stereotypes of the day that presented cops as either buffoons to be laughed at, or thugs to be feared, it was a major revelation was that a cop could actually care, about other cops… the modern generation will not understand the revolutionary concept that this represented.

Now – on YouTube – we all know the body collective of ‘cops’ really don’t care – the good cops do nothing about the bad cops – and kids are still murdered in statistically obvious ways to show us we have a long way to go before the cops regain public credibility.

The cops didn’t face up to reality; so we came up with solutions – and for some reason Medical Authorities think they’re immune to our judgement, or our positive movement forward – without them.

Things have gotten worse instead of better; the cops aren’t fixing their own problems, they’re defending them. That won’t work. No matter how many cops and supporters put up mainstream stories about how they love cops… we as a majority are demanding that authority be defunded and replaced by something that works for us; not them.

And after Canada’s dealing with the Medical Authorities through 2020, the same thing is happening to the entire medical profession right now; our judgmental eye is looking. We can see they are desperate, now saying that ‘Alzheimer and Dementia are Covid-related deaths’. In Ontario, Canada, they related Suicide to Covid counts… desperation…

….on camera – on social media. The ramifications will never be counted.

But right now – the pleas for help are still happening behind the scenes. We are still going to to get help for that which ails us; there we go… to the doctor… sick, in pain… suffering.

“please help” we say… but now… a great many of us look at Doctors differently – a lot different. Every last small business owner, every last Restaurant owner, employee, or fan… we look. We judge – and we are judging correctly those doctors who swim in a bubble of their own self destructive culture.

We also have a history of this judgmental look upon those who agree to give us relief if possible.

This is what the Medical Authorities cause us to do: examine and question their Authority – and it doesn’t look so good

A great statement comes out of the movie Cocoon from 1985 where a man is dying, and says ‘well, Doctors don’t know everything’… and the answer is ‘some say Doctors don’t know anything’. Active cynicism on the part of the General Public is no longer represented in mainstream media, as with the police, a ‘propaganda of omission’ if there ever was one.

The reasons for omitting a negative judgement from our authority institutions is a reflection of the advances in medicine we’ve made from 1985 – we have made some huge advances; but it’s all been to the benefit of what we now term ‘Big Pharma’ and big profits. Sure… we are starting to ‘know what we’re doing’… but in reality – they really, really don’t. You need only ask ‘what caused the Cancer’ to a doctor – and you’ll find the immediate wall of the uninformed, and oblivious nature of the Medical Field.

What caused the Cancer? Western Culture… chemicals… that which is paying for the next commercial on TV.

A doctor will not, for monetary reasons, describe what caused the Cancer that will kill a full 50% of us before our time. Look at the real, dangerous curve of how many people die from cancer, with never a reason nor explanation coming from those who pull the sheets up over our eyes; never did this group of physicians say ‘STOP’! – let’s find out what’s really causing all this cancer! – causing 50% of us to die from it!

Future generations will judge what’s happening today – in so many ways.

But right now the modern doctor is now faced with an educated and well disciplined humanity to treat.

Those people who train the younger generation have an entrenched culture based on the ‘worst case scenario’. You cannot imagine treating someone in the 1960’s till now. When your average experienced or aged doctor was traine, way before computers and our obsession with sharing cat pictures, you have patients wandering our streets that eat a pound of Bacon every morning for b’fast – and double down on the weekends. That’s for real.

In the ‘olden day’s you literally had people that would never, ever eat vegetables, and rarely ate fruit.

Personal hygiene? Baths, showers, deodorant… that’s all an option.

Most of us went to church – so we showered at least once a week, whether we needed it or not.

I think you understand how a ‘horse doctor’ mentality – a certain cynicism, can develop on both sides of the doctors office at that point.

Some people are dogs – un-apologetically so. The current Right Wing statements like ‘I never wash my hands’… or ‘you can have unprotected sex with hookers’ is a prime example; a position championed by the outgoing President of the United States and his Evangelical supporters no less.

But other people – they are different types of dogs.

Some are yappy – some bite – and others couldn’t pay attention to three sentences in a row if you put them up in Neon Letters.

To be straight out honest about current culture; You have President Trump leading them.

Some would say a full 25% of local society are looking up to the Republican leader; an individual so undisciplined he can’t take more than two bullet points on a topic… and he’s bored. They respect that, they respect active, willful ignorance. Trump doesn’t read, and freely promotes that concept of being a success and ignorant at the same time. Imagine trying to talk sense to someone that eats fast food every day, wearing a $15,000.00 suit, and calling themselves ‘successful’.

I don’t think I’d be willing to take that patient on…

But in Canada – you get them all.

Now, I’m going to point something out by asking a question; where you offended that I referred to people as ‘Dogs’. I even offended myself there for a minute… but I did it on purpose.

We aren’t ‘Dogs’… but as a culture we often devolve to descriptions of others that fit a quick and easy definition to encapsulate a point of view. It works in some cases to facilitate faster thinking and problem solving. But this gets in the way and isn’t helpful when you look at the complexities of social development and building a new future for our country – and our lives.

We aren’t dogs… we shouldn’t be treated that way.

Oh – but it occurs… from doctors… from the Police… in High Definition video on Social Media.

Some time ago – the leading Health Authorities in Canada had another press conference to describe the dangers of Covid. I tuned in to the live stream.

…and for some reason… Health Authorities don’t think we can do math… even if mainstream reporters can’t.

An amazing question came out; a reporter actually asked if that authority had any feelings about the economic damage being done to the country by lockdowns and targeting Restaurants for destruction. I was watching live on Facebook, through a CBC portal, and I was commenting on the side bar about what was going on.

Not a lot of good things were being said about these doctors…

…but it got worse the moment the reporter asked ‘how do you feel about the damage being done by your decisions?’

The response was amazing – the CBC portal doesn’t allow me to record the video; but basically this individual sitting beside Dr. Tam said;

‘There are a lot of conspiracy theorists out there’…

I, being trained in journalism, noted that this person did NOT answer the question; he basically said “if you don’t support our response; the way we killed all small business and restaurants – you’re a conspiracy theorist”. This reporter did not follow up by pointing out the fact the ‘health authority’ didn’t answer the question – the respondent didn’t even broach ANY concern for small business or restaurants – he wouldn’t even address the issue.

Health Authorities learned from Donald Trump; You can say anything to mainstream reporters – you can even say things that don’t make sense or are totally unrelated to the question – and the press conference will go on without a hitch…

We’re all fools now… not just dogs… fools. Our Health Authorities at every level learned how to treat us from Donald Trump himself.

Before my Doctor retired, we had long conversations about the internet, and the good and bad things that were happening. About ten years ago we had a major explosion of misinformation that eventually devolved to coming from one site: Natural News. It had everything on it from flat-earth conspiracies to the latest treatments for anything that ails you – that involve Kale, crystals and a visit to the local graveyard to get an eye of newt, and sources for big metal cauldrons for you to dance around.

Yes, it’s that bad sometimes. The National Enquirer of information on the internet.

But then you have, once again, a public official with bad spray on tans, talking with a national podium, saying that sunshine up our ass solves a lot of problems… I won’t mention who… but he is about to be evicted from the White House. He formalized the misinformation game without being questioned directly by so called ‘journalists’. The Medical Authorities in Canada should never have taken their cues from such a man.

Since both doctors and nurses are my friends… I listen to what they say off camera; and many know I’m a journalist – and I take it seriously; and many will speak to me off the record. I listen first, so I’m going in the logical direction when I write articles like this.

Nurses and Doctors get frustrated at the misinformation, especially by lying old fools on podiums – but most honestly admit the number of people promoting conspiracy theories is minimal, the vast majority of us at least try to take our doctors advise. When confronted with conspiracies in the privacy of doctors offices, most people listen, or just never go back, to sage advise. But mainstream media will only focus on the extremists, the nut-bars, for their click-bait.

But the multiplicity of social media has clouded the world of Doctors and Medical professionals as well. Doctors and Nurses, just like KKK members and those pesky militant R-Wingers who won’t be tread on… the Doctors and Nurses are just like political parties, unions and social organizations; they have their own social groups. They have their own inside jokes. They are like us – they judge the ‘other’ person. On social media they share their surface, social positions, and they express compassion for everything their cohorts are bitching about.

The problem with this is simple; it multiplies the inner point of view, the inner judgment that their patients are ‘dogs and fools’ just through social communication in comments and meme sharing. This is multiplied again as our politicians take up popularity points for both accepting, and condemning medical advise – no matter how stupid it is.

The internal culture of the Medical Profession comes in the form of a picture, a laugh, about how stupid ‘people’ are. They point at ‘pictures of people in Wal-Mart’ as their patients… and the undercurrent of cynicism multiplies and multiplies.

But I’ve been in the hospital, being treated – in a full year of surgery over 2009 and 2010…. and some of the nurses and doctors are pushing back – with incredible logic – even back then.

A decade ago I started researching our ‘Authorities’ – and the doctors and nurses knew two things about ‘health authorities’ en masse – so I’m going to talk about what logical medical professionals knows right now.

1 – The university structure is not producing enough General Practitioners (Family Doctors) for the normal population increase. This is important due to the long training time with the medical professions – and these un-elected bureaucrats won’t be around to reap the rewards of the damage they were doing… 10 years ago we knew this. Not enough G.P.’s in the pipeline will be viewed in the future as ‘professional negligence causing death’.

2 – The ‘Obesity’ wave was, and is, bigger news than ANY news item that these authorities are talking about right now, today. This is vitally important; The problems with 60% of the population now classified as obese (not just being overweight, but being dangerously overweight) – these problems are catastrophic compared to Covid – as far as hospital occupancy and future treatments are concerned.

Remember this when the next press conference occurs about Covid:
Obesity in Canada (the States… all western nations), is one of the biggest problems we face right now – bigger than cancer, stroke and heart disease combined – because obesity makes those three things far, far worse.

A healthy person having a normal heart attack can bounce back… an obese person, its not so lucky. Every last thing that kills us lasts longer, with more damaging effects, when you’re obese – you will die a long, painful death, if you’re not wiped right out by heart attacks, a stroke or Cancer; simply because of too many hamburgers, and too little exercise.

Sorry if I offended you… but you know it’s true… now go out and get some f’n exercise and fresh air.

But here in this moment we know the wave of fat is coming. Hospital stays will be longer – more resources and budgets will be needed – and we will literally have to convert many aspects of physical care to accommodate everything from wider medical imaging machines to stretcher strength, to accommodate our bloated forms.

We should have been paying attention to Disneyland; they had to put in larger turnstiles, and reinforce the tea-cup ride to accommodate our expanding girth… to put it politely.

You aren’t being told this story since ‘Our next commercial break is being brought to you by food producers making a f’n fortune from purposefully making people fat’…. because… they are. If you think cocaine is a problem, heroin is a menace… you aren’t even hitting the itty, bitty tip of the iceberg when it comes to profiting from human addictions and suffering. Behold; the Food Industry – an industry never to be questioned, shut down, or even discussed by Medical Authorities.

I’ll be writing more in depth about this, but for now, let’s concentrate on the fact that all the chemical food companies profit from our addiction to sugar and fat. We, the VAST majority of us, are addicted to every element of fast food that counts; Sugar and Fat.

(in fairness to Mainstream media; let’s take a break with a commercial about the purveyors of fat and sugar).

Sugar and heavy fats are what we all are addicted too – literally. I often say ‘if you judge someone in the streets with a heavy drug addiction I dare you to quit sugar, shopping, and all your screen time’. I dare you. I double dare you; the vast majority of us, when we quit a simple thing like sugar, suffer extreme withdrawal symptoms. Just like most of us I’m not quitting sugar any time soon, I’m not that brave… I know I’m a drug addict. However; let’s get back to our Horse Doctors.

If you wanted to shut down a hospital – the only thing you would have to do is shut down the lobby coffee shop and put a moritorium on all coffee/sugar sales in the city. Right now you will see doctors, nurses, administrators line up down the hall for their coffee, when the inner sanctum of the cafeteria is swamped… to get their sugar faster. I’ve seen doctors come straight out of surgery to join that line… addicts all of us. It’s natural, it’s promoted, it comes in 17 different flavours and sugar intensities, and the best addictive substances have a good dash of flavoured fat, straight fat, to ‘smooth it out’… is that too real for you?

(or are you drooling a bit thinking about your favorite coffee in drive through?)

We are addicted to the elements of our demise; and now the medical authorities have closed down the only remotely healthy food service the public has; Privately owned Restaurants – to push us to the obesity creating fast food that’s killing us all – literally – in real time. Do you think these health authorities are interested in the public’s health?

We’re dogs and fools…. unworthy an explanation from those podiums high up in the health authority echelon; we are too uninformed to hear the real reasons medical authorities don’t care in the slightest about 70% of the healthy population who own or work in small businesses and restaurants. These same authorities demand measures that do not protect an incredibly small number of Senior Citizens so close to death the flu can kill them.

These Medical Authorities watch $Billions go to profitable corporations and Big-Pharma, without any relief for 70% of us in Small Business or Restaurants… let’s think about that.

To put it simple; Medical Authority is destroying our lives when they should just be saving a very, very small number of people at risk.

But they are actively ignoring the bigger picture; we, the conspiracy public, do not deserve a focus on obesity – while we’re going through fast food drive through – these same authorities forced us to do.

We do not deserve an explanation for anything – we’re the General Public and the Medical Authorities, at their very worst, are now the equivalent of Donald Trump… Doctors are now telling us to use ‘glory holes’ from a public national podium in modern Canada… Doctors telling us to wear a mask during sex… not caring about the damage they’re doing to their own professionals – and medical credibility as a whole. Not caring about every small business and restaurant going bankrupt because of their myopia.

Some of the Doctors, like their bosses, don’t care about their personal credibility either and go along with all the damage done to us, the general public. Those Doctors want to maintain their view that they, themselves, are part of the solution instead of the problem – they are ‘bad doctors’ as far as I’m concerned, Horse Doctors at best who insist on adherence to medical authority simply because it’s medical authority. That’s pretty insane.

But in reality – the final point is simple;
Medical Authority isn’t interested in your health – and I’ll challenge you to prove me wrong. The proof is in the in Doctors lobby – in their physical clinics – it’s up on the wall – for everyone to see – it comes in the form of information about how you will be talking to your doctor. We are told how to talk to our doctors by these very same Medical Authorities.

Across Canada, our provincial medical authorities primary concern is ‘budgets’ – so let’s talk about that for a minute first.

Cash is the little lifeline the gov’t allots us from a myriad of taxation and funding sources. Cash flow is more important than you; The primary example of this is the “Emergency Medical funding” in place for Covid.

Like the Aircraft carriers that ‘deep six’ working helicopters and jets off their runways to justify more spending – our own Medical Authorities set up a ‘field hospital’ here in Calgary… that has not treated one… not one Covid patient. Not one person treated for Covid in that huge field hospital next to a real hospital – paid for by our taxes – and completely unnecessary. Cash flow, or these Medical Authorities spending cash, is way more important than logic. Remember, they set up this field hospital next to a real hospital that has empty wards, and regular services cancelled due to a ‘Pandemic’ that, by definition, never happened.

A Pandemic has to affect a large portion of the population… and it didn’t. I challenge people to prove me wrong on-line all the time – and they can’t.

The same medical authorities who set up a field hospital, to remain empty, suspended many surgeries, and totally ignored mass screenings for Cancer due to Covid… a huge blow against the general public and our health as individuals since 50% of us will die from Cancer…

… *but now we won’t be screened – the excuse is that 0.01% of us are at risk of dying from Covid – yes… that’s the numbers… you can look it up.

That’s my point about the ‘Pandemic’ not occurring – we knew the stats from the beginning. The complete destruction of Canada is because 0.01% of us are at risk of dying from Covid… not the 50% of us who WILL die from Cancer, and not the 60% of us currently obese who pose a serious threat to the medical system as a whole. I’m not making this up. This is all about not directly protecting 0.01% of us… but about destroying 100% of our economy to NOT protect 0.01% of us.

A $Billion for seniors care homes would have put some high tech protection in place for seniors close to death, the only population really at risk statistically…. but that wasn’t done… was it?

Look at mainstream media (we pause to bring this next commercial from Viagra, and other Pfizer type entities)… mainstream news is not asking questions, and even when it does… it accepts the most blatant of unprofessional posturing we’ve ever seen. Just like a Trump news conference.

But we’re fools and these Doctors can say anything… so nothing will come from that… right?

And just to keep you up to date; even after the Field Hospital was revealed to be completely unnecessary in Calgary, these very same Medical Authorities now have another one going up in Edmonton to treat… no one. Yes… another completely useless field hospital is going up as we speak.

The most important bit of evidence that Medical Authority is being exposed as completely irresponsible?
In Alberta, Canada – with over Four Million people… the Medical Authority only allotted 70 beds for Covid Response… this is for real. I’ll say it again – 70 beds allotted for Four Million people during a Pandemic.

The budget though, that cash for these Authorities, has to be spent – even if it’s not on patients, they decided to heat an empty tent in the winter, in Canada. These are ‘Doctors’ in charge of budgets… the truth is getting very real, very sticky… and it’s looking very ugly.

After it’s all said and done – the same elements of personal internal corruption are involved across the board when dealing with institutionalized authority. I can point to the cops, and our educators as well with similar arguments – I’m sure there are some people thinking right now as they read this that this lack of logic is being applied by all our government institutions to this day. Educators here in Alberta are allowing their ‘Authorities’ to impose the teaching of the medieval Bible to grade one students… that’s for real… and it’s parallel in the ‘insanity index’.

Unelected Authorities who will never be held accountable for the damage they’re doing to all of us – and above all – our children s future, is what we’re discussing now. These medical officials certainly don’t express any responsibility for providing inappropriate responses to medical emergencies such as Covid, Obesity, or other impending health problems far more dangerous than Covid.

Now mainstream media that isn’t telling the whole story; or even asking a real question and writing about the real-time results.

The ‘Trump Effect’ of allowing someone in Authority to lie, and nobody having the personal responsibility to hold them continuously accountable for every press conference afterward; this effect may never find a recovery in mainstream media – as these hard fought for positions of national ‘news authority’ importance have been tossed aside, news departments having their whole careers ejected for convenience; relegated to sound bites and logical incoherence, news reporters who have become a mere parrot of the podium; never to represent ‘news authority’ again.

Finally, we are left with ourselves, the dogs and fools, always to be subject to the cynical Horse Doctor looking down their noses from that podium on high; those Authoritarian Doctors, so far above us since they, heroically, have deemed themselves worthy to bestow any cure for any superficial cause they choose to fund; causing any damage they wish and destroying, literally, millions of lives in 12 short months of bad math and worse excuses.

The future will call these medical authorities ‘medieval’ at best (and the more honest won’t be so generous).

They will say that a very few, institutionalized and cynical medical authorities caused the greatest economic damage, inflicting immense damage to the health of the general public, for spurious and highly questionable reasons.

But the fact these few ‘medical authorities’ hold their own members, real doctors and nurses silent – is the real crime. They have silenced, gagged, real professionals you may very well know today. They have issued orders to ignore reality – specifically that healthy people should NOT wear masks since it interferes with normal respiration and causes bacteria and toxic build up in the lungs, nose and throat. Yes – up to this point – that was the fact that doctors talked about all the time. We shouldn’t be sanitizing our hands all the time either – it makes us unhealthy.

Real doctors and nurses who know the truth; all the destruction was not necessary – a very few seniors with very bad health should have been quarantined instead of the incredible Police State Fascism that it is occurring now. Health Authorities enabled other Fascist Authorities to run rampant over every last citizen in Canada.

Moreover; all of these elements together will be historically recorded as the first opportunity the general population has to insist that the Doctors, Nurses and support staff themselves start standing up against their own authorities – start talking about that intellectual gag-ball they are forced to wear under their masks…

The Police did not do this, the good cops did not stand up – and now we’re defunding the police for public services that actually solve and dissolve the crime problem. The writing is on the wall.

So let’s get to that poster on the clinic wall; telling you how to talk to your doctor. You, in Canada, are only allowed to talk to your doctor about one malady, for fifteen minutes; the worst and most ineffective form of health care imaginable in a modern society.

12 years of schooling for a Doctor; reduced to a completely ineffective 15 minutes to deal with one problem the patient is coming to talk to you about; that’s not health care – that’s a band-aid response that doesn’t work.

The Health Authorities force Doctors to provide inferior care, and now they have to be silent about the greatest misuse of medical authority to be recorded in history – many of the older doctors will be wondering how it ever got this bad. This is how it got so bad – they didn’t stand up for you when these Health Authorities demanded educated doctors provide inferior care.

Like the Police; Every last Doctor should realize – we are writing the history books now, the ones that will be read, the ones that will be held as factual against their internal and external propaganda.

We are judging and weighing their every movement – 70% of us that should have jobs, homes, mortgages and small businesses that are the real drivers of Western Society. In the greatest twist of fate – Medical Authorities destroyed the real income generators in society, to insure real Doctors will be defunded because they caused us to go bankrupt… does that make sense? They shoot themselves in the foot over and over again… thinking they can run the medical race right afterward.

The cops and medical authorities are refusing to change, to grow up, and that is to their own demise. These Medical Authorities are being exposed, and will die fast and quiet professional deaths as the public turns away for other solutions.

The most important fact here – the vast majority of us are not conspiracy theorists – we do NOT go to conspiracy theory websites – we share what works, and what doesn’t. We ask Doctors if this is right, or wrong.

The vast majority of us are non-violent, something the cops can’t admit publicly.

The Vast majority of us are not conspiracy theorists, another fact the authorities can’t seem to face.

Our collective conscience, our self discipline as individuals, our community common sense that has created the least amount of violent crime per capita in recorded history are led by a group of millenials who read more, and are exposed to more culture by grade 12 than a Doctor of Medicine graduating with a Phd. in the 1970’s… we the masses who can read, and like, and share; we now know way more than ever before.

These medical authorities are focusing on the fake news, when they should be smelling the sweet, fatty coffee they’re drinking right now.

We have been woken by their avarice.

They should have thought twice before opening foolish mouths.

Now, we’re looking at their budgets, and you better believe; Every last restaurant owner that hosted a Doctor, their families, their friends, is rethinking what they did; the loyalty they have.

Doctors love to eat out… ignoring the damage their complacency has done.

It’s sad really.

I’m glad my Doctor retired before all this happened.

Darin Howard, Calgary Alberta, Canada
Looking for Good Doctors,
Even though I failed to find the Good Cops.



by Darin Howard

November 10 – 2019

Oil Industry Investors are leaving us in the Red – Real Estate prices are next.   And every last Hate-Canada story produced by Right Wing Media outlets like the Calgary Herald are destroying home values across the province.

You can thank Jason Kenney and Peter Downing, the organizer of Wexit with a few hundred supporters for that one – and those producing click-bait…

The assumption of the Wexiters is as myopic and undeserved as those of the Conservative party as a whole, and it’s very religious in its implications. Just like the medieval Monotheists who say ‘there are no Atheists in a Fox Hole’ – the Conservatives with their Rabid Guard Dogs in Wexit, have said the same thing;

‘We represent All Albertans’.

No, you don’t.

The same as the Christians with their concept that ‘everyone has a closet belief in God’, the Conservatives think that we all harbour as much hate and resentment of our own species as they do. Take a look at their support of a liar, a cheat and a man completely unqualified for the job – Andrew Scheer. They openly state, as Scheer does himself, that ‘they didn’t get the message out’, and that ‘it was brand loyalty that won/lost the election’.

Wow… living in denial anyone?

They could be more wrong, but only if they started blaming the Soros deep state conspiracy for their loss… which some on-line already have.


Conservatives are still backing up Scheer – blaming anything else for their failure.


Politics does not work in a bubble though… you can say, hope, think and pray that you do live in a bubble… it won’t make any difference at all.

Stability is the problem here – a bubble in not stable – and Jason Kenney and the Wexit crew are the poster boys of instability.

Canada represents stability.

Our reputation as Canadians is one of our strongest, and most accepted traits both locally and internationally. Hell, even Americans put Canadian Flags on their back-packs to get good treatment abroad, and right now due to reputation, those same Americans are so very, very quiet about their country of origin. I have friends who travel, and they noticed it. For a brief couple months Americans would wander into bars in the U.K. or Amsterdam, or almost anywhere else, and loudly state how Trump was ‘all that’… and sneer at those around them… then… the ass kickings began.

A friend of mine told me the story directly from Amsterdam. An intoxicated American decided to inform those in the street of his country of origin, and of how people ‘around here’ should get on board with the Racist and Hateful Trump, or shut up.

What isn’t generally thought of is how strong the people in Amsterdam really are… yes, polite, and very congenial. Still – back them up against a wall… start spouting of stupid… and… you know what happened. One guy, a local, broke free from the happy discussion group interrupted by the Trump supporter, asked the loud mouthed American to please keep it down… he didn’t… and ‘Stroke!’… he was physically convinced to immediately rethink his posture in a foreign country.

The problem with politics and economies is simple: If you don’t realize you’re living with, around, and directly connected to society as a whole, you tend to start believing your own B.S. The Real Estate market is going to break away from it’s happy discussion group… and come talk to the Jason Kenney/Wexit crew very soon.


The Conservatives should realize – bluster and stupid always get the what they deserve: A reputation for bluster and stupid… what they earned.


Jason Kenney, with Peter Downing, the organizer of Wexit, seem to forget where they live.

It’s easy to forget where you live when you’re intoxicated with your temporary popularity. You are surrounded by supporters, people pat you on the back, praise you on your intelligence, your fortitude, your vision of the future. They listen in rapt attention as Pearls of Wisdom fall from your lips, and are lapped up by the faithful. Oh, how very wonderful it is.

It’s appropriate that the biggest ‘Rally’ for Wexit was in a Country Bar – a Boot Skootin’ dance hall – a leftover from a binge drinking era that never caught up with the 90’s. No windows to look out, a crowd of angry white men to stand next too – reality is out there somewhere – in here, we have….

…what? Angry white men standing firmly against everything Canada stands for.

Canada stands for a lot of things. We are polite, but we play one of the fastest, toughest games on the planet… and every kid lacing up skates at 5:30 this morning is proud that we produce consistently fast and tough players who are courted, begged, and bribed to go to other countries to bring on Canadian skills.

Canadians are strong. When there’s true injustice, our forces are called upon to lead every major incursion against enemies of freedom… our Troops are always tasked with ‘taking the first hill’, because in warfare, you need to announce instant victory. There’s no B.S. – Our Military kicks ass. In major theaters of allied war, even the Americans put us up front, not because we’re expendable, but because we ‘take that hill’, we achieve those first vital strikes against enemies both large and small. The international community counts on us.

Canada stands for Strong Beer too… I know… that’s a bit of a ‘thing’ since most people are turning away from alcohol as a whole. But in reality – what we drink here destroys most people from around the world – who hug us, tell us they love us, and look at the next pint with the words ‘I can’t believe you drink this all the time’. Then they find themselves put in a cab, where we make sure they get back to their homes or hotels safe… and sleep off what we call ‘tuesday night’.

Not to mention the strongest dope on the planet. But I digress.


Internationally – without Harper we have a great reputation… and deserve it!


Strength, Pride, Being Polite, Good Times… that’s what Wexit is against.

We are well known as educated and motivated – Wexit, Peter Downing is firmly against that. The recent cuts to the Education of Albertans prove that Conservatives are firmly, strongly against Education as a whole. How embarrassing.

75% of us are tried and true Environmentalists… not the Classic Tree-Huggers the Conservatives would like to paint us as… but as a nation we care about this incredibly beautiful, and safe place to visit and vacation in.

The Conservatives are definitely against any type of Ecological Responsibility. They even promote American style gun laws so that we aren’t safe to vacation here anymore… nobody would be…  Automatic Assault Rifles promoted by Conservatives in Canada… what the hell is that?

Climate Crisis? That’s someone elses problem… screw it… the Environment and the Country are going to hell… so why should we do anything? We can hear them loud and clear.

We as a country are doing something – we’re moving away from the bluster, the hatred, the anti-environment agenda…. while Jason Kenney struts about saying ‘I’m going to play hardball’…

…hardball… in a field vacant of adversaries, or even allies.

You see, the Conservatives in Alberta and the ‘Wexiters’ are counting on the one thing that insures their slow and quiet death in the public discourse: These two groups are counting on fossil fuels;  Fossil Fuels that will become popular again –  not just maintaining its economic place in the world, but for Fossil Fuels to expand again, to regain its ‘boom’ so all those uneducated workers can make their six figure salaries with just a grade 11 education.

Ahhh, the Halcyon days of Albertas oil-boom past. It’s obvious the Jason Kenney and Wexit crew don’t read.


The incredibly negative response to a 16 year old girl trying to save our future highlights what the world now knows about Alberta:  Head firmly in the Conservative Sand.

In the financial columns starting about a decade ago, the trend was starting.  The world is divesting – there’s a global movement against oil – it’s not going to stop.

Germany announced, and carried through with a decade long plan to end fossil fuel energy production, and to a large part, they have achieved it. They are self-sustainable right now, and just in the process of moth-balling the old fossil fuel generated power for sustainable technology.

India is getting on that train, fast… they are limiting the number of cars driven every day in major centers – pollution being the reason.

China has spearheaded the largest Solar Panel production facilities on the planet, dropping the price of the sustainable technology so that it’s far, far cheaper to go solar – than ever consider going to fossil fuels.

China – let’s back up and think about that.

Decades ago, the Chinese Government decided to build the largest sea based solar array on the planet, and did it… for the manufacturing sector. Wind power is becoming one of their biggest expansions now – where they proudly produce pictures of ocean going turbines that power entire provinces.

00 chartoftheday_16292_per_capita_co2_emissions_of_the_largest_economies_n

China… firmly ahead of… the Entire Conservative Party of Canada at every level


China… farther ahead than… the entire Jason Kenney crew and the Wexiters. You would have to read in order to be informed about that… to be informed about Spain’s Solar Concentrators (video)…. about Ireland’s push to get off oil… about Africas plan to end Fossil Fuels… so many articles you can’t keep up.

But, once again, that takes reading. The writing is on the wall… and the warning…

…beware the failure of ignoring reality in favour of your fantasies.

But those fantasies… oh… they are so very bright and shiny. The problem is simple, Darwinian in the scope and implications.

It is not the ‘strongest that survive’ – it’s those that adapt to change the best, that continue to evolve, that win the race – temporarily.  For those of us that read, we understand. Strong and Smart is what wins… that’s what Canada represents… Strong and Smart – concepts firmly rejected by Conservatives.


Coming Soon: our Fight Against White Supremacists and their Cover Groups


So the warning should hit home: Alberta is not immune, or disconnected from the rest of the global village. Right now, despite the local bluster and opinion, Alberta Conservatives are misrepresenting themselves as being the leaders of this provincial community, speaking for all Albertans, and bringing our truth and wisdom for all to cower in front of….

…ya… so… I have the answer: #okalberta

Major Banks and Investment funds are leaving Alberta as fast as possible.

“But Oil will power our economy… forever!”… #okalberta

Whole countries are exceeding climate protection targets, proudly – and China has stopped buying Alberta crude – specifically – bitumen.

“We have major markets to ship our Tar-Sands too!”… #okalberta

Canadians still enjoy being viewed as polite – with Justin Trudeau doing a lot to repair our reputation world wide, where Harper was shunned and hated by the international community (he spoke to an empty United Nations… how embarrassing)… and even Melania Trump has eyes for Trudeau.

“Everyone hates Trudeau!”… #okalberta

But the best part.

“It’s everyone else that caused our economy to go bust!”….

Wow… really? #okalberta

We should have taxed, and spent on transitions away from oil during the boom… we should be like Norway and have the cash ability right now to propel our people, our value, into the sky… like Norway… but we didn’t. We squandered our chance – we spent money on hookers and drugs instead of paying off bills and planning for the future. Well… not all of us… but those uneducated oil workers sure did – and now – living in Moms basement… 100’s of thousands live in la-la land and think for some reason – if we can ‘get the word out’… the WORLD will suddenly say…

“Alberta is the bestest place to invest in… ever!  Let’s switch back to Fossil Fuels and destroy our future!  Alberta is the Biggliest!”

Nope, no it’s not. And Real Estate is going to suffer, so are small businesses, and then every last Albertan will start to feel the real crunch. 150,000 workers lost since the crash? That’s going to be nothing compared to what’s coming next.

First off – Wexit will never happen. The hurdles in front of it are so immense, so far out of reach – it’s immaturity to even consider any sort of Western Union will form. BC is so alienated by Alberta for two years now – they got the message – Albertans HATE BC… message received. They are doing their best to deal with Alberta constantly threatening to ‘cut off the taps’. You can thank the Conservatives for that… so no ocean ports to deal with, and trade deals that can be negotiated from a position of power in BC, and a position of stupid in Alberta.

Manitoba and Saskatchewan are completely dependent on help from Canada – and Alberta can never take care of its own with a dying economy, let alone transfer Alberta wealth to support the Praries – so Saskatchewan and Manitoba are ultimately out of the picture.


And we found out… the number of Fake Profiles, Trolls and Paid Government employees propping up the internet groups cannot be verified… even by Political Scientists

Alberta Stands alone… with Wexiters ignoring the massive $Billion dollar clean up cost for existing defunct oil wells, let alone those being rammed through today.

(Not once in their ‘well be rich’ propaganda do they mention clean ups – decaying infrastructure – or even funding health care or education… no surprise there).

Shedding off ‘Canada’ is complete economic suicide in the future. We’ll be worse than any of the poorest states, we won’t have health care, there will be no tax base to support it. We won’t have education (the Conservatives will be in charge). We won’t have infrastructure, jobs or… Real Estate.

Real Estate is the main subject here. When you study Economics, you can plainly see that Real Estate development is one of the prime engines of the Macro Economy.

Canada as a whole has been receiving warnings of the Real Estate collapse Nation Wide from entities like the IMF and major financial analysts globally. We’re over-priced, we got too greedy, and we’re going to be crushed by ‘sub-prime’ investment in homes and businesses across the country. Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal have all been put on notice… that started three years ago.

For the first time ever, we’ve seen prices go down in these major centers. Sure, there’s 10,000 excuses offered by the Real Estate industry as a whole, but we all know, the gig is up. You can say ‘readjustment’… all you want… we know what it is; the beginning of the Real Estate Recession.

00 canada-housing-bubble

The real writing on the wall…

Part of the problem is the lack of jobs – and it’s not just Alberta. The Moores Institute produced a study a few years ago that stated flat out ‘Automation is going to absorb 40% of all jobs in the next ten years.’

You can see this right now. In Alberta specifically, the Tar-Sands producers are bragging about fully automating the Tar-Sands – we get the internal memos and propaganda they pander to their stock holders. The oil industry photo-op recently was for a fully automated fracking machine… two operators… eliminating countless jobs… if the ‘oil industry’ gets its profitable way.

We, the vast majority of us outside the oil-industry, see it every day. Self Check Outs – fewer bank employees – automatic phone service (that never seems to get me to where I want to go). A computer to hook to your car to tell you what’s wrong. A search engine that replaces librarians, and whole libraries.

The list goes on… in every sector…

The IMF knows. Without jobs, Canadas over valued Real Estate gets more ‘sub-prime’ every day. Nobody can afford to work and live in Toronto… it’s causing major instability in the market… and all you have to do is take a look at the incredible negative effect it’s having on centers like San Fransico, or the Vancouver Condo Market to see the effect.

So – if you’re a Real Estate investor – where do you go? Real Estate investment won’t die… but it has to get choosy, it has to make decisions.

You have $Millions to invest – Do you go where there’s stability? Yup.

Is Jason Kenney, and Robert Downing creating instability? Yup.

Are we screwed? We can hear what Kenney and Downing are saying;

“We’re going to be rich – and independent!’….




Every last advance the Wexit crew causes long lasting impressions on the logical, and very reserved Real Estate investment crew. The Wexit story, 540 actual signed in members, is covered day and night by Right Wing Media like the Calgary Herald… every last story driving down buyer confidence.

As the over-valued Real Estate market is quietly judged, investors will take a look at Canada, and see that Provinces that are adapting to the fast changing economic environment are far more attractive.

BC – Ontario – Quebec, will be seen as healthy, vibrant – alive.

The BC government has been quietly working with the Feds to open up Asian Markets for everything they can – sidestepping the American economic meltdown as subtly as possible. Mainstream Ontario and Quebec know that international trade has to open up, so Africa, Europe… even India is being petitioned for our new products and our information and technology base. Thanks to Trudeau, a positive international view.

And as the world ‘breathes a sigh of relief’ that Trudeau is back in front for another four years, we have the one, loud, Right Wing Media supported province that seems to think they live in a bubble that will never burst.

And that bursting, our demise, is now a done deal.

Instead of reading about macro-economics and future jobs – the Alberta Conservatives have insured that Alberta is now, solidly, penned in with the words ‘backward’ – ‘religious nut-bars’ and, most seriously ‘Anti-Canadian’.

Canada – proud, strong – free… Jason Kenney, Andrew Scheer, Robert Downing & Wexit, all against being strong, proud, free.


we know what’s happening here



Would you invest in that? Who would want to buy a home where someone is against that? More importantly… if you were to buy an investment – would you want your neighbours to be some pro-oil, pro-poverty, pro-religious wacko that can’t see writing on the wall? Do you want neighbours that stand against being polite, playing a fast, hard hitting game… of just being normal and going for a double-double and enjoying an kick-ass international reputation?

Do you want a neigbour like Robert Downing – a Trump Supporter (Make Alberta Great Again) who, with his 540 supporters, is insuring the economic destruction of Alberta just by spouting off?

Wexit will never occur – ever.

But Alberta is going to suffer every day this incredible minority of people – Jason Kenney Conservatives and the Wexiters – highlighted by another small group – Right Wing media editors. The Media itself seems to think that ‘everyone will come around as soon as they realize they hate education, health care, non-Christians and Justin Trudeau’. That’s Postmedia… that’s the Calgary Herald… everyone just has to wake up and realize they hate everything that Right Wingers do.



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The toxic combination of a small minority of malcontents combined with a small minority of Right Wing mainstream media editors is insuring the domino effect will start soon, and won’t stop until bankruptcies and poverty are what Alberta is best known for.

First, Real Estate dies because in an over-priced market, you don’t choose a neighbour that hates everything Canada stands for… polite, strong, free.

Small business, which employs 70% of us, dies because the Construction workers and service staff vastly out number the oil workers… because there are no oil jobs anymore, and none… not one… oil job is planned for in the future. Automation is coming… it’s already here… and the main drivers of our new economy are being ignored right now.

When Real Estate and Small Business slip quietly into oblivion, the true scale of giving $Billions to corporations, this year, hits home… our Health Care dries up… Services for everyone are axed… Austerity is the name of the game, and every economists knows – as soon as the major government starts saying ‘Austerity’… that Province is done.

They don’t write Eulogies for Provinces – they just walk away.

The Artificial recession started a few years ago, with governments and political parties refusing to adapt to the light speed market and social awareness going on. Justin Trudeau even bought Alberta a pipeline – and that wasn’t good enough… so now we have even more instability.


Courtesy LaMontegna Art

I made the analogy on-line that was my best description of our current state of affairs.

“Jason Kenney and the Wexit crew are like immature children, dancing on a dead war-horse, on a battle field where the war has already been lost. They shout at their only allies, the Federal Government, because the people have firmly turned away from their hysteria – they call their allies the ‘enemy’ and taunt them… saying ‘come out and fight! Watch us whip this dead horse!’ and they whip, and whip, and whip some more… till everyone turns away in disgust.

Jason Kenney is not capable of playing ‘hard-ball’ against a well liked and motivated Prime Minister, simply because he has no ball to play with. There’s no leverage in ‘leaving Canada’ because when anyone says ‘Wexit’ they see a Pro-Trump group of angry white men who don’t read, and can’t see how backward and pathetic they are.

The country can easily say ‘go ahead’… but it won’t happen, since 540 people don’t represent the Million of people who will be left in poverty if it ever did happen. Nobody wants to listen to a the ‘Rednequois’ every day, all day, except the Right Wing Postmedia group.

And that’s what is happening right now. Jason Kenney and Robert Downing are devaluing Alberta.

The Real Estate Market, Small Business, Pensioners and Families, and especially the oil-workers themselves should be reading, and rethinking – strategy – not hysteria.

The tidal wave of climate and economic change is upon us, and only the healthy, intelligent, and well-read will survive the future. The Wexit Crew, promoting ‘President Jason Kenney’ are insuring that Real Estate is devalued to the point of obscurity, and dragging everyone down into an economy that will never boom again, a pre-1950’s era where our grain stock is controlled by Saudi Arabia (thank you Stephen Harper), and our Real Estate goes the way of Florida or worse.

The boom ended, it’s never coming back again.

We just gave $Billions to corporations that promptly took the money and ran.

We have no future in oil – we need help from the country – we need help… now.

And all the failure group; The Calgary Herald, National Post with Jason Kenney and Robert Downing of Wexit – all they can do is promote economic suicide and backward religious thinking…

…because according to this incredibly small minority… they represent every last Albertan… and living without health care, education, or even jobs is better than having a healthy Real Estate or Service economy, or the reputation for being polite, strong and free.