Fossil Fuels Failing the Grade

Rob Connelly from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology replied to a comment I made linking Pipelines to Canadas C02 output with a whole string of ‘Standard issue’ talking points of failure… edging the industry towards the ledge we’re all pushing them off of.

But – you’ll see from the comments I made – the talking points Robb made have already been addressed by Scientists, Environmentalists and Economists from around the world, and right here in Canada.  Since he blocked me (and equated me to Donald Trump) – I decided to refine my arguments here… and email them to a few people around the planet.

First, the Graphic – where we as Canadians have the same carbon footprint per capita as the Americans do… insulting the world as far as I’m concerned.

My comment?

“This is why pipelines are asinine… and we need to divest…
*cue hysterical neo-cons and nut-bars

this is why Canadians specifically have to do something – and we CAN change the world

Robb here, decided to jump in…


This was Rob Connelly’s comment on Facebook January 6, 2019

“How do you connect the dots between pipelines and Canadian per capita CO2 foot print? If you click on the graphic it shows the global trend of CO2 emmissions +2.7% YOY. We are burning more hydrocarbons every year and every year the global population is increasing just over 1%. It is fact that as nations become more developed they use more energy. If we look at a developing nation India 1% of 1.3 billion it becomes obvious where our efforts are best focused. Canada can play a significant roll in developing technologies that reduce CO2 emmisions that we can share with the world. This would allow a more realistic or natural transition away from burning carbon. Neo con ? Your call.”

So I answered – made a few mistakes – and corrected them here….

But I have to say this first – this is literally a whole list of points I’ve heard from the Oil Industry in the last year, indeed, the last five years.  Since his statement was rather long, I broke it down sentence by sentence, and gave him point breaks for analysis;

This is how my answer went… so I titled it;

fossil fuels


Fossil Fuels Failing the Grade

First… I’m Darin Howard – Freelancer and Journalist who owns and operates Radio Free Canada.  My studio is in Calgary, Alberta… and this is Robb Connely – 12 year veteran at NAIT – the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology…his bio…

In 1986 I decided to go back to school and take Instrumentation Engineering Technology at NAIT and was offered a position with Syncrude upon graduating. I worked 29 years in industry the last 13 of that with Edmonton Power/Epcor at Clover Bar generating station and Genesee station. I decided to get way out of my comfort zone and share my expertise with young adults and some of the young at heart that are planning a new career. I returned to NAIT however this time in front of the class in the Instrumentation program and the last 12 years just flew by.

This is how I started my breakdown of Robbs query;


Fascinating… let’s break down Robb Connelly and the oil industry talking points…

*sorry Robb, but I literally heard these points from the Oil Industry over the past year

Robb Connely/NAIT (RC) : How do you connect the dots between pipelines and Canadian per capita CO2 foot print?

the primary producer of our CO2 emissions is the oil industry at 26%. 

00 canadien-resources-2018


–  The continued development of the Tar Sands being the primary contributor. (Scientific America)

*editors note: I messed up a few examples of other contributors to Canadas Green House Gas emissions here, however, I wasn’t that far off – just read the PDF to get the breakdown

– just to add to this – 1/3rd of Natural Gas production is used to power the oil extraction system… wtf is that?

– the only thing Pipelines do is ship the CRUDE away, they never, ever, ever put heavily refined oil in long distance pipelines because of how much leaks.  The risk is too high to put millions of gallons of refined oil in a mountain system… we ship crude to fossil fuel developers who use inferior methods of refining because it’s cheaper for them… not us. Us shipping crude to American inferior/higher pollution refineries compounds our CO2 footprint – we’re the suppliers to inferior refineries.

– if we refined this oil – we’d have both massive green-oil jobs – only if we bankroll green tech to develop oil. The Keystone XL pipeline only produces 35 permanent jobs (their own statistic)… according to Stockwell Day a refinery can produce thousands of jobs.  Also – we can produce for ourselves instead of the dying American Economy… or the Chinese / Saudi economy & the American profiteers who are screwing everyone.

00 oil sands

How we’re being screwed…


*editors note:  during an environmental conference in Vancouver some years ago – I was shown a chart of a study of ‘spin off jobs’ from full-time union jobs in a refinery.  The Average wage was between $50 to $70,000.00 / year (American) – which spawned exponential jobs in the service, construction and consumer industries due to middle class paychecks in the area.  However… that link no longer exists in the internet world – if anyone can find it… the Union was predicting that 10,000 jobs would create up to 250,000 jobs – some part time, some full time – due to cascading job growth and oil workers spreading the wealth.

However The Dangote refinery is expected to create a minmum of 145,000 indirect jobs on completion.  and this is a pretty average refinery.

– Gov’t and industry will not estimate the savings we as Canadians had if we just refined and used our own oil – skipping the American middle man who probably multiplies our consumer costs by… 100 times…? maybe more…. ?

*trigger posting of American funded studies that discount reality.

00 chart of

The Chart of the Day from the World Economic Forum started all this… and we’re kinda glad it did… because these are all common Oil Industry talking points.

RC: If you click on the graphic it shows the global trend of CO2 emmissions +2.7% YOY.

– The graphic shows the most important point: we equal the U.S and their C02 footprint…. with only 1/10th the population – that’s a crime against the planet.


RC: We are burning more hydrocarbons every year and every year the global population is increasing just over 1%.

*Note: I failed to correct Robb Connely in one major flaw in his thinking: in Canada, as in other first world countries, the population is declining – we need major immigration just to maintain our population level.  If we don’t add immigrants and refugees, there will not be enough working bodies to support the retiring baby-boomers… Robb should be worried – he looks like a Boomer. 

However; his point is we’re burning more – and the graph is going up…

that’s coming to an end, fast. Consumerism as a whole is being rejected by the new generation since we are no longer working at good paying jobs, and we’re supporting FIAT currency debt payments (profiteering banks charging interest in FIAT currency loans). Nine out of Ten profit dollars go straight out of the country now instead of supporting a middle class. Poverty is coming… ending the endless greed for us.

– ‘Consumerism’ is the driving force for all Greenhouse Gas Emissions created by humans, if we didn’t shop so much, we wouldn’t need so much oil – straight out.


I haven’t even talked about the fact that our own citizens are aware of, and demanding we do something to curtail Co2 output, and the Oil Industry is directly affected by this change.  The fact is – the majority of us think a Carbon Tax is just one step in the right direction.

– Elsewhere on the planet; we are seeing incredibly massive efforts to divest from fossil fuels is happening and being promoted, with millions of barrels a day being cut down as industrial consumers divest (China is divesting to the tune of 100s of Millions of barrels a day not being needed… and they’re proud of talking about it as they should be).

– and above all – developing third world nations (their first world populations within third world countries) are demanding green techthey are switching they have facebook too, and being connected to everyone talking about change is doing a lot of good it’s changing things fast.  In fact the opportunity to just ‘grow green’ is the greatest in developing third world nations.

– the increase is temporarily related to warfare in addition to industry – with the Pentagon itself being the highest oil consumer on the planet…  and now troops are being withdrawn world wide. That’s 2+2 that Trump supporters don’t expect.

*note: I openly speculate about the fact that America withdrew from the Paris Climate Accord specifically because the Pentagon would loose its exempt status.

00 rfc mag template 022514 1 2 - push back

Starting in 2014 we saw that there was a huge movement to divest from Oil – and Five Years later we’re seeing that movement pick up steam and become a mainstream phenomena.

The Tar Sands can crash and burnthe developers stating a lack of market among the excuses… expansion of the Tar Sands has many fatal flaws.

(…but they sure did complain about the fact it was public hatred of the industry that stopped the real thing… fascinating really. Are they artificially expanding in Canada? We’ll find out in the future.)


RC: It is fact that as nations become more developed they use more energy.

– as I pointed out before – the consumer market is ending, and those within the system are divesting... but it takes time. They don’t need fossil fuels for energy – at all…

– initial consumer rates will continue to fake rise – due to the addition of using fossil fuels to extract fossil fuels – tar sands extraction. Asian Consumerism is expanding, as consumerism contracts in the West due to extreme poverty.  But the First Worlders in Asia are demanding an end to pollution as a whole; a quick note – two years ago China actually stopped development of an industrial park due to local population concerns about pollution… that’s for real… a communist government stopped pollution development even though it was profitable – to suit environmental concerns. That’s bigger than anyone is admitting.

– also, remember, this system doesn’t change over night – as individuals & corporations we’re talking about 32 Million Canadians, and 7 Billion citizens stuck in this economic/oil economy – that’s a big ship to turn around. That’s why seeing Germany and China both divesting aggressively is very heartening… they lead and we pathetically lag behind.


00 germany wind-farm

Renewables cover about 100% of German power use for first time ever is one of the articles I researched… however Robb Connelly would further state that “Darin you sound like Trump and his fake news..”  Robb Connelly has blocked my response on his Facebook Page as of this entry.

– Nations do not need to use more energy from fossil fuels, and our new developments are changing fast. In Kelowna, BC – as in many parts of Canada – new houses and business buildings must be pre-disposed to off grid upgrades – with channels for rooftop solar panels among other building codes.  Spain is committed and builds super solar concentrators for its country… that’s not even starting to talk about the tidal energy producers, or the geothermal expansions… the explosion of sustainability hasn’t been added up yet – but with Renewables cover about 100% of German power use for first time ever… and all of Europe looking at it as a competition rather than an option… well… the writing is on the wall.

– also add to this the explosion of Chinese solar panels on the planet – where they dropped the price to dirt cheap… and then Goldman Sachs started to warm up to Solar.

China has also broken the $100.00 battery barrier for electric cars… that just happened – these many contributing factors are being openly ignored by oil-funded economists / analysts because WE don’t even know how far reaching the effects will be. Impressive innovations have just arrived in the past 5 years, some of these just being revealed in the last six months – the Chinese electric bus program produces 9,000 electric buses every five weeks – and there’s more coming – they are talking co-operation in their plans for larger expansions in the sustainable energy market.

– but for this argument; imagine turning a great big ship… slowly to starboard…. in this case we’re trying to turn the Titanic, as a few nay-sayers in the bridge argue we can handle hitting the iceberg.

00 spain solar

Google Earth and just one of Spains Solar Concentrators courtesy BBC.


RC: If we look at a developing nation India 1% of 1.3 billion it becomes obvious where our efforts are best focused.

our efforts as Canadians should be focused on what WE do… that argument of the other peoples houses being worse is kinda sad… and a fail over all.

– We, per person, use 25 times the earths resources compared to an equal citizen in India. They do not have dollar stores or Popeyes chicken… anywhere… they are not consumers like us – so for every Canadian that divests, we already do 25 times more than ANY citizen in India.

– Let alone what we can do in divesting from fossil fuel production. If we use our brains and start producing green-oil products instead of fossil fuel – 32 Million Canadians can be equal to a BILLION third world country citizens… easily… and lead by example. Remember, if we divest from fossil fuel, we also stop the use of inferior CO2 production methods – we stop the addicts from destroying everything… the Americans.


Social Media has brought down governments, shut down major corporations, and the change is picking up steam; The Oil Industry is living in denial – too bad for them.


RC: Canada can play a significant roll in developing technologies that reduce CO2 emmisions that we can share with the world.

– I speculate too – but I made my point up there… a little further up 🙂

– fossil fuel producers are standing firmly in the way of Canada developing any real sustainability – they’re used to treating us like third world bitches… they don’t care how many of us they employand they don’t care if the entire population of the planet dies because they want one more paycheck – it’s pathetic.

– it’s so bad that we’re tracking profiteers like the Koch Brothers funding fake institutes to tow the company line, and funding pro-oil ‘activists’… and even our own City Hall councillors funded a fake activist march here in Calgary – pathetic – no credibility in government or industry for trying to lie their way to the next paycheck. You know if you have to fake it to make it, none of it is worth it – ever. The Gov’t/Industry partnership literally figure out ways to stop our natural evolution past their nonsense – cause they’re greedy and screwed in the head.

– have you ever noticed how much the oil industry and gov’t spend on promoting and defending suicidal policies they make up from nothing… policies that just display their greed?


From Automated Fracking Rigs to Automated Pipeline Monitoring – the push to phase out people in the Oil Industry continues… so why are the workers loyal to the companies screwing them?


RC: This would allow a more realistic or natural transition away from burning carbon.

– Natural transition – our entire economic / fossil system is not natural. It’s all fake, produced by the stroke of a pen, authored by someone we didn’t vote for, and who isn’t accountable to us.  More importantly here; all of us inherited this entire system – we didn’t invent any of it… so why is the industry so defensive?  It’s just greed baby… that’s it.

– not only is the continued use of fossil fuels unrealistic, it’s firmly suicidal – so is anyone working for the industry – that’s the saddest part.

– natural transition is being stopped by the Oil Industry / Government due to greed and short sightedness… if you funded 150,000 sustainable energy jobs in Calgary right now – that would be a natural transition to a realistic economy.


We are the consumers.. and we are now taking on the biggest problem; plastic.  There is a lot more to this story – but in reality we are educating ourselves, and purposefully changing our habits… except those living in denial… those who hate their own species and stubbornly insist we as a species commit suicide to maintain a bleak and empty lifestyle.


RC: Neo con ? Your call.

Neo-Con yes… the Oil Profiteer bitches who pander to fools and drop to their knees for anyone with a few dollars… not a real Conservative by definition, a NeoCon… like a Neo-Liberal…. a fake. Andrew Scheer – Jason Kenney – guys who spout pro greed / suicidal rhetoric with talking points provided by well financed profiteers.

Not leaders – not even real men… my opinion shared by many.


We know the truth – and we’re gathering strength to fight off Climate Change deniers / stooges for the Oil Industry Fanatics who keep us on this suicidal path… Jason Kenney being one fo the worst of these politicians who vow to ‘start a war with environmentalists’.


Thanks for the rebuttal – made a good outline for a script! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Robb Connelly… with all respect as well – thanks for taking the time – your response really helped me refine my stance…

Please feel free to respond – I totally respect input here. I’m working on links for all this – but … I’ve already posted links for most of my points this year… research time!


It’s kind of sad… and political suicide… since we all know loyalty to American Oil Companies only gets you screwed… unemployed… and destroys the planet

A final note:

I did thank Robb Connely for his string of comments – and I did take out the time to answer all of them… at which point he told me that my arguments where equal to Trump & fake news (and he blocked me, but not before I could research who I was talking too)… I’m a journalist, ‘fake news?’ – nothing could be further from the truth.  Most people when losing an argument start with the insults – and calling a Canadian ‘Trump’ is definitely a low blow… but since Robb is just repeating Oil Industry Nonsense, I’ll take it at face value.  Remember, his career revolves around toxic fossil fuels.

However this doesn’t talk about the real point here; these people will kill everyone of us by maintaining a toxic and unsustainable industry just for a paycheck.  They don’t care about their kids, our planet or our future – they are just plain sick – and this guy is a teacher at NAIT?

00 ex

We will need oil in the future – just not in this form for these purposes.  We need to divest now – put people to work who will never work in the automated oil industry again… we have to somehow get through to the education system (and those that employ these types of people), we have to stop governments, and above all – each and every one of us has to divest from consumerism.

That’s where ‘Conservatives’ and those loyal to the Oil Industry are so very lost, and display absolutely no self-discipline at all.  It’s pathetic; they childishly cling to consumerism and stubborn talking points that fail every time.  Loyalty to stupidity will be written in the History Books as the final coffin nail in the industry that could easily revive itself… but the oil industry is addicted to a toxic paycheck… and you can’t convince people to face the truth, when instructors in our Institutes of Technology rely on a lie…

But one thing for sure – I won’t be suggesting anyone attend the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology before they interview and cross-examine every instructor they face… toxic rubs off… and indoctrination like this is just plain creepy and weird.

Darin Howard, editor

fossil fuels

After I did my rough draft of this article and posted it… Robb Connely blocked me from comment on his profile. 


As Institutions Die: CSIS and the RCMP


The news is out… but it’s been out for a while.

Back a few years it was ‘big news’ that spy agencies, under the guise of ‘national security’ where collecting and sifting through our personal e-mails and watching us on Social Media, to detect threats within the borders of Canada, the States, and a few other nations.

The problem the ‘government’ had was with terrorism – the motivation was 911 – and it lacked every form of credibility we look for as a people. We are suspect of them, as is with every time a medieval authority spies, prosecutes and incarcerates its citizens for obscure reasons, using clandestine tools.

DCIM HD080513_4MAG

We did four different specials on Social Media Spying… as it got worse.

Any of us in the front lines of Activism, the ones fighting for social change, were shocked and outraged that the NSA was collecting massive amounts of information, private information and our personal e-mails, to sift for terrorist threats; the credibility issue was a big thing. We were getting firm statics about how peaceful we were being as activists, environmentalists. We know that peaceful activism works – and that’s why there’s such a violent response to peaceful activism.  We all knew that the bullies and psycho’s where Right Wing Fanatics locally – there are so few brown people in Canada… the only terrorist threat came from the Right Wing. We lived with it all the time.

Yet, the KKK still meets to this very day – after years of the NSA sifting and screening. That makes a lot of people believe that they still exist because many members of government and police are active members in the KKK and it’s street affiliates like the ‘Proud Boys’.

In the intervening years, more than a few news reports came out with the statistics. After analysis – Police and Court Systems are both extremely racist – with all of us enjoying a 10x higher chance of having maximum criminal charges laid by police against us, if we’re… say… brown. We enjoy a much higher likelihood of maximum sentences in the court room in Canada if we are… say… brown again. The disproportionate existence of Aboriginal inmates in prison shows us statistically the judges and cops are racist as an entity – and if you read the stories of how Natives are treated in jail, the disproportionate amount of special punishments they receiveyou’d be shocked.

DCIM 072612_4

Radio Free Canada from 2011 – where the investigation started with Police Brutality – this group still gets over 26,000 hits a week – with both Canadian and International stories

The RCMP are literally ‘Royal’ – and the ‘Crown’ judicial system is a partnership pair of leftover medieval institutions that rewarded the oppression of ‘brown’ wherever they went – ever since a King authorized guards to remove craniums… something creepy people celebrate with a smile.

It’s pretty messed. It’s happening today – probably right now.

The RCMP and Judges swear loyalty to the Queen and her Possessions first… I’m not even sure the RCMP or Government officials ever swear loyalty to the people… but they sure swear loyalty to medieval Law practices in Canada. None of our judicial system is designed for literate, informed and motivated citizens – it’s all so medieval you can’t even speak logically in court… they’ll shut you down fast.

The world is waking up – right now as they tighten their medieval grip by loading us with more, and more laws. Until Trump was elected, we were enjoying the lowest crime, and violent crime rate any civilization has ever witnessed on the Planet Earth, right here in Canada…

we don’t need more laws, or even more cops… but the courts lowered the amount of alcohol in your blood to 0.05… and now they’re so desperate they’ve started to give breath tests for alcohol with no reason whatever – they’re desperately fishing… because education and public awareness is so high that actual drinking and driving incidents are now just a statistical anomaly.

The medieval court system is destined to die as we become more educated and connected, the writing is on the wall. All the systems of law today will be swept away by our group consciousness as easily as we left Blockbuster and Pan Am airlines behind… in the end, they will be wiped out as easily as when we upgrade our phones – our phones having a far higher usability than any legal system in Canada.

The law courts, the cops, are obsolete… so was Racism and Hatred – Fascism and violent oppression. Then Trump came along – stirred up a dying animal… fuckin’ pathetic.

Now these R-Wing fanatics are out in force. They are destroying anything ‘Liberal’… they are bent on destroying any international institutions we have, promoting nonsense, and spouting off Trump/Scheer talking points about Immigration, brown people, values and political reality.

The ‘Yellow Vest’ movement is mainly Right Wing Fanatics at this point, and they are hell bent on stopping immigration for ‘security’, ignoring the fact our economy requires a huge influx of immigrants just to pay for Baby-Boomers retiring into a great big dead economic weight on the shoulders of the next generation. We don’t have kids as natural born Canadians… and those who have jobs in the system aren’t making as much as the boomers did… so this dead weight of Baby-Boomers isn’t coming at a good time.

But you can’t explain these two main talking points to R-Wingers in the Yellow Vest Canada thingy… they hate… and that’s it – no debate allowed.

That has attracted an amazing amount of co-ordination between like minded Racists. I think it was Adam Smith that said “People of the same trade seldom meet together, even for merriment and diversion, but the conversation ends in a conspiracy against the public…”

. That’s happening for real, on Facebook right now.



Darin Howard was banned from the National R-Wing Yellow Vest group for posting this meme   On Facebook, the Editor received confirmations that any questions about R-Wing Memes or ‘Alternative Facts’ were met with abuse, profanity and eventual ejection from the sites.

This time… the NSA/CSIS RCMP partnership, along with international organizations, is sifting through our private emails and communications has become more important, literally, for everyone. These Wacko R-Wingers are forming groups, attending meetings together, and Racial Violence and Hate crimes have gone up by over 47% since Trumps innauguration. These people, these Right Wing terrorists, are killing people… I wonder what’s going to happen in the next couple months.

There’s a lot of comments on Facebook about a recent mainstream article talking about the fact that Facebook shares private information and access with authorities for legal purposes.

The arguments center around cops and spies working for a corrupt organization (the government that lies, and the court system that is racist/messed in the head) – those individuals working for ‘authority’ have no-one watching them and their creepiness. We haven’t seen what the Liberals have done to help the situation. When women talked openly about the amount of porn cops where surfing while at work, on an investigation into a pig-farm multiple female massacre… we all knew the creep factor was systemic, a part of the culture within the RCMP.  McLeans Magazine wondered if the sexually dysfunctional ‘old boys club’ at the RCMP could ever be rehabilitated to any sense of normalcy, since the systemic racism and sexism was maintained through to the highest offices of our highly paid police corporation, (and high paid CSIS agents).


The Office Prank as Evidence of RCMP Dysfunction from McLeans Magazine that asks some hard questions about the culture – and toxic masculinity that dominates the RCMP today.

That doesn’t bode well in the history books.

But this cop shop, and these people now have an opportunity to observe and record the private gatherings of R-Wing nut-bar groups and literally clean out the cancer of violent fanaticism we’re all threatened with today.

Still, the ‘privacy’ issue is important. If Facebook is saying our communications are ‘private’… we shouldn’t have to read the fine print to find that there is no privacy from those calling themselves ‘authorities’.

Now I’m very realistic – I don’t put private information out in public – it’s that simple. I use things like Pay-Pal to guard my Credit Cards and Bank Account from fraud, and I never take nude pictures of myself and e-mail them to friends and family. Apparently some security institutions keep a library catalogue of such things, and pics of me would probably end up in the comedy relief file; not a good thing.

People are complaining about privacy – but the Net is anything but private… and if you put stuff out in public…

00 rfc mag 101413_1 CSEC

We’ve been following the Canadian Spies for a while now 


My question today: if CSIS and the RCMP, some of the good cops mixed within… use creepy methods on Facebook and other social media to track R-Wing Fanatics during this time of overt racism; can I say it’s a ‘bad’ thing… considering this is where we are: Not Utopia.

We live in realistic land, we’re stuck with CSIS and the RCMP – and they’re stuck with us.

As the conscious revolution continues; we are walking solidly away from the greed and hatred and moving forward, leaving old institutions behind like so much dead weight – where will the ‘authorities’ choose to be in this scenario?

00 rfc youtube 072114 progress

Four years and over 400 videos later – we’re still tracking how we citizens (not the gov’t) are working hard to literally save the world

As far as this day and age is concerned; the wrong people are viewing and acting on our private information; in pursuit of terrorists.

I have a counter argument here. I contend there might be a few of the right ones out there in the dying institution called ‘Canadian Judicial Authority’. As a whole, the history books will conclude that the judicial authorities at every level lack training and cultural understanding, or even respect of the insurgent, in order to make moral judgements within this work environment. These individuals doing the observing aren’t integrated into public responsibility / accountability platforms – they are operating away from reality and are thus institutionalized into some bizarre belief structures… they work in dark shadows and apparently like that, and immaturely they demand not to be watched by any outside authority representing peaceful citizens (maybe there’s a root cause here).

… but right now… these ‘authorities’ have a real chance to witness the leaders or R-Wing racism and hatred in action – in public – and connect the dots.


An answer to the outright nut-bar conversations in fake ‘yellow vest’ r-wing groups

If some good cops use this information to defuse more bombs, and protect citizens from R-Wingers – aren’t we farther ahead?

I do not believe that there is moral justification for spying on private mail at all – it’s a case of bad/misguided and institutionalized individuals acting on internal belief structures, serving a law instead of the human species. Anything grown in darkness struggles with concepts of light.

Still; with 32 million people and 15-30% of any region infested with racism and hatred (R-Wing Greed/Hatred support communities empowered by hate monger-trump…), in 2018 we can technologically turn the tide by selective, and hopefully honourable actions. Right now we can take out the cancer of violence and dysfunction by simply observing these creepsters in action.


The reaction to Andrew Scheers openly pro-Trump agenda is creating strong opposition to the Conservative Party – but that doesn’t slow down Conservative Racism and Hatred

We are facing the nexus – the change – the conscious revolution in real time.

The Right Wing is violently opposed to removing open greed, hatred and cynicism from public importance.

Their way of life, their continued addiction to hatred, is dying off and they can’t stand one peaceful, respectful moment of it. Indeed, the political actions taken by the Trump administration have nothing to do with any type of responsibility, and are literally designed to create more suffering and oppression, specifically targeted at anyone that’s not ‘white’ and rich. That has created huge energy for hate here in Canada – with the Scheer Conservatives openly supporting Trump and promoting the same types of legislation here in Canada. We are ending uneducated, uncivilized behaviour, and they sense this is their last chance to lash out and hurt people, so the Trump/Scheer crew are taking that spite filled ball and running with it.


For almost a decade now we as a species have been waking up, and now is the time of hard choices. The vast majority of us just want to live relatively quiet and peaceful / respectful lives. R-wingers can’t stand to have the hate taken away from their day-to-day existence; so as the majority of us wake up – they are losing numbers, popularity, elections and TV shows/celebrities. That’s the one major thing that’s got them riled up – whenever anyone is identified, speaks as, or acts out as a Racist or a hater in the public eye – their career is over. Support Trump, pics with Scheer? Career over. Tell some racist joke, or make a racist or sexist judgement – they cancel your show, snub your concert, stop downloading your music. It’s a done deal… the hate party is coming to an end.

Even judges are being outted now… the writing isn’t just on the wall… it’s a courtroom sized wall mural of a guilotine with a crying, sniveling co-worker being dragged onto the stage in front of a crowd screaming for justice, screaming for their heads to come off.


We are working on stopping Racism before we build a stage… and start the French Thingy


Today things are moving fast; Either you stand for good, and what is right, or you serve evil. Thump! Goes down the blade on your career. Humanity is waking up to itself, specifically, it’s waking up from medieval concepts of hating your own species, or believing in archaic and nonsensical religions or institutions that no longer serve the species.

The Catholic church as a whole has decided to curl up, protect the pedophiles, and die because of it. We’re killing the church with a thousand silent cuts, just by turning our backs and never, ever returning again. We see what they did… and what they’re doing… we make mature decisions based on reality and some lame excuses from some lost belief structure.  Remember – we all thought the Church would never die… like many of our institutions… but that’s just not reality as people are waking up everywhere.


We don’t have to fight the nut-bar church – but the effect is lingering… coming up we’re writing a major article about the real effects, and push back, against racism.

That brings us to today and the debate over who, and what happens to our private data. Our legal entities are deciding whether they live or die now. They are in the public eye, whether they like it or not. They are being judged not by their excuses, but by their actions.

Case in point: Police forces in Europe refusing to serve greed and insanity over civilized and realistic citizens (GreeceUkarainenow France). This is just like the the soldiers in Egypt who decided NOT to kill unarmed realistic civilians, thus ending the regime… life is a day to day test on your own personal morality.

…if we give the opportunity for our Cops to serve what is right in the world – could this not be the test? They are going to pass or fail it anyway.

Can we count on the silent revolution within to shake the bigger picture, and force the restructuring of each individual officers moral and ethical foundations, to shed off the evil and complacency of the old guard… can we bring them forward with us into the future? Will we have to turn our backs on them too?


Our own police & security forces are going to have to decide who they are… do they stand for good – or greed?  In France, the cops & government are losing all credibility because of it

The true test of moral intelligence is the moment you decide who and what you are, and that defines you to your core. There are no trite explanations or easy ways to disregard this. Every day is a challenge for those ‘pretending to sleep‘… especially those within ‘authority’…

…and right now – the crisis of consciousness is shaking the Trump administration, and the entire Republican party. That’s actually a pretty big deal if you think about it. General Mad-Dog leaving Trump because Trump has no respect for what countsthat sent a message to everyone.

It’s sick to think that anyone within this countries dying institutions of judicial law could remain asleep – they are going to collect the information anyway… but are they going to act on it in a conscious and responsible manner?

rfc card 2

We will know soon – because the R-Wing terrorists are gathering in numbers in the streets now… they are tweeting, associating by carrying cel-phones that are easily trackable, and they are monitored by incredibly advanced (almost) A.I. screening and pattern recognition.

With this – we will see and can judge the dying institution of corporate ‘law’ by it’s last move on the board; do they choose to at least attempt to save themselves and pursue all these R-Wing groups, or do they curl up like the Catholic Church; safe and in dark rooms, cherishing their loyalty to hatred of their own species. Do they commit social suicide by keeping the self-righteous evil intent – in the pursuit of imaginary effectiveness; for no good comes from the lesser of evils, only tragedy and misfortune.

The ‘authorities’ will most certainly reap the rewards of their light-speed actions today. We are writing the history books now; they are our subjects; and they are being weighed and measured by our yard-stick of authority. Only those who abandon greed and hatred will make it through this next bit. Only the strong and smart are destined to thrive in the new world we’re surrounded by today.


What an amazing time to be alive.

Personally, I always hope the truly fucked up people in ‘authority’ for their temporary today, will wake up… but we all know… there are some who chose weak and dark paths because those paths are easy, the path of evil is small, it seems easy to understand and safe. That’s the devil they make the deal with as they choose to pursue this group, and not that. Are they going to be complacent in front of evil?

That is the cognitive dissonance if they don’t use the information for good, as we judge them, and we are mature and don’t listen to the excuses they give themselves. If they have to destroy their own honour to get paid to hate, ultimately they are doomed to be forgotten, their lives meaning nothing, their names evaporating to be honoured by fewer and fewer, till none of the hateful even remember those names.  What a wasted life.

Those in ‘authority have this moment to decide if they, themselves, stand for something. Will they turn away from certain terrorist groups because of association to wealth or power? The test, because… if all we see is poor rednecks arrested… we’ll know the rich racists were protected; pedophiles and enablers, the church and CSIS, both deciding publicly whether they jump off the cliff of the obsolete, or not.

We are stuck with them, they are stuck with us – but we are moving forward. Will they choose the path to oblivion as the Catholic church has done – for we all thought the traditional church would last forever… and that’s not true at all.

Well – it should be interesting, for sure.

Darin Howard, Calgary, AB – Canada

yellow vest

The final argument against the Fanatical Right-Wing ‘Yellow Vests’ in Canada – where you can find all kinds of talk about ‘Muslims installing Sharia Law’… a complete fail.

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And our Agricultural Job Creation Project

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In Kelowna, British Columbia – we’re working on an awesome project to create Municipal Sustainability. Grocery prices are going through the roof, rent prices are out of control, and there are NO jobs – so instead of just complaining – we’re working our way towards a solution.  (The first part of this story is in a YouTube video below).

Our Solution? The Municipal Sustainability Project – a program to create low cost, high quality food by building an ‘Up-Cycled’ farm that runs 365 days a year. A high capacity farm using old and new technology – and we’re going to be uploading videos showing everyone exactly how it’s done…. so stay tuned!

A farm is just like any business – it’s going to take a lot of resources and manpower to get things done. Fortunately – we live in Canada – and it seems like everyone has too much stuff. So – to solve one of our ‘resource’ problem, we’re turning to the public to make it happen. We also had to test out our Social Media Program – and it worked awesome!

This is the story of how we ‘crowd-sourced’ our resources, and an example of how easy it is to ‘Up-Cycle’ the future.



Some of the sketches we have of the Municipal Sustainability Project on YouTube

To build a free fence – we needed a plan

The first thing we did was make a list of what we needed, and checked off on the list all the things already had. Fortunately – we already have all the tools necessary to finish this project – so if you’re trying this out yourself, make sure you have a standard set of construction tools ready to go.

If you’re trying this at home – it’s very important to make sure you schedule the time you need to get your project done – and above all – set a date you’re going to be complete. When up-cycling at home it’s a really good idea to set the date you want to complete your tasks so they don’t drag on too long.

The second thing we did was go on-line and see what people had for free. We set a timetable of one month to get the resources together – and we did it in under three weeks.


In every city there’s things like Craig’s List, and other local web-sites that people advertise in. In Kelowna, it’s called ‘Castanet‘ – and there’s even a ‘Free’ section where people advertise a ton of stuff they want to get rid of. We also use Facebook quite a bit – since there’s a ton of stuff listed in a couple different ‘free’ sites, or really, really (almost free) affordable ‘garage sale’ type listings.

We where on Facebook to begin with – where we found someone in West Kelowna giving away the lumber from an old back deck. Next, on Castanet we found someone with some long 2×4’s leftover from rennovations – they also had some 1×1 trim, some miscelaneous screws and bolts, and l-brackets we would use later.

During our search – we did find over 80 feet of green chain link fence, and a chainlink gate that someone was selling for $20.00. We bought this while garage sailing…

…but later on, we found someone giving chain-link fencing away – so we could have gotten the whole fence for free… (and it might have been even taller) – but we didn’t need it – so we let it go.


Just when we finished the fence – we experience a major windstorm – but all that reclaimed wood stood up to the elements just fine!  It also kept the kids toys from blowing away…

Then, back on Castanet again, we found another pressure treated gate with two six foot pressure treated fence polls – completely for free.

Finally – a neighbour of ours just up the street was downsizing and advertising on Facebook – and he had about 20 cans of paint sitting around, so after a quick talk, he donated all the paint to us! That was very cool – and within the paint we found over six gallons of primer, exterior white paint, and even a cool, modern colour for the accents!

At home, our neighbour across the street was remodeling his front yard, putting in sustainable, low maintenance elements in his yard, and that meant he was getting rid of about three cubic yards of crush gravel – so instead of just dumping it into a hole – we took his pile of rocks, and put it to work.

Within our one month period – we had found for free enough resources in Kelowna British Columbia to build a 65 foot fence for our kids to have a little yard to play in… for free. We already had the tools, and a big box of Deck Screws we inherited, and the painting supplies – so it was time to get to work.


Wind Power is just part of the things we’re going to Up-Cycle the future with!


First I did a quick drawing, a plan for how to maximize all the resources we had. Then I figured out the exact dimensions, and double checked we had all the right stuff. I wanted to firm things up, and since we had some concrete kicking around – we set the gate posts for concrete so they would last.

For the other fence posts – we dug an extra eight inches deep so we could fill the holes with crushed gravel – so the bottoms of the fence posts wouldn’t rot.  This was all reclaimed wood – so you have to take care of it.

The fence posts were put in, a trench was dug so we could sink the bottom of the chain link into the ground (that’s so little toddlers couldn’t try and escape by crawling under the fence).

Now – the area in front of the main gate was always a puddle of water, so we dug down, and filled a foundation area with more of the gravel. That didn’t solve the ‘puddle’ problem, we needed drainage for the puddle, so I dug a trench a little lower than the drainage area, and led it out under the fence to a natural water flow area. A Civil Engineering friend of mine suggested I look up a ‘French Ditch’… so the crowd was taking care of us again, giving us great information.


The ‘puddle’ problem – the water is draining into the wrong place… so…

The ‘French Ditch’ was filled with gravel, and topped off with some ceramic leftovers from bathroom construction – to form a roof of sorts for the drainage rocks – and that was all covered with dirt.


The ‘French Ditch’ was dug… and you can see where we set the chain link into the ground.


This ditch works awesome!  The drain from the roof was filling our yard…  I was worried that all the extra rain was going to spoil our summer… but crowd-sourcing our problem worked!

With a little help from our Uncle, we set the posts and strapped together the posts and tops. It took about two weeks working evenings and weekends, but it was worth it. The final fence is kid proof, they won’t be getting caught trying to sneak under the fence, and they can’t pry the chain link off the back supports – since we screwed the fencing directly onto the wood with 10 lbs of screws we already had.

The top plate consisted of a board from the used deck, strapped together to a 2×4 – we made posts with 2×4’s strapped to 1×6’s (some fence pieces we recovered from the yard) which all made a structure that are strong enough to sit on – as proven at my birthday party…

And the really cool part was… we had just enough paint to give the entire fence a primer coat, and two coats of outdoor, awesome quality white and coloured paint, with pressure treated accents and a chain link gate for the back. If I would have been buying all these elements, I sure wouldn’t have ended up with such an expensive design – it’s even strong enough to hold flower boxes on top – so I would highly suggest anyone working on a limited (or non-existant) budget to think about trying this.


This DIY Free Fence was made possibly by the generosity of my neighbours, and some very cool total strangers who really helped out. Now we have a place for an exhausted mom to be able to go out and get some fresh air in – when it’s not covered in a foot of snow.

And this summer – we hope to have video of the fence in action, but then again – we might be building something a little larger than a fence.


The first part of our experiment on YouTube


Even things as complex as a ‘Methane Generator’ can be up-cycled at home.

This whole effort was for two reasons.

One: To prove that we could build something big and expensive by crowd-sourcing the material

Two: To give Momma and two little boys a safe place to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.

For the Municipal Sustainability project we know our entire farm can be built from local resources – donated by or funded by people like you. Even the most powerful and effective electric and biological generators can be made with up-cycled material. There are also many other plans on-line that we can experiment with, perfect and distribute throughout the valley.

Low-Tech resources creating high tech results is what we’re after – and we’ll get it. Just using a little common sense, and a little hard work. Building the future out of the recylcing of today is just our first step.


You can really help out by contributing a little or a lot through Patreon right now – or by getting a hold of Darin Howard at the Municipal Sustainability Project.