Neil Macdonald gets it wrong… so very.. very wrong.

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An answer to Neil Macdonald at the CBC – Why Mainstream ‘News’ is failing.

The general public has weighed and judged mainstream ‘news’ based on performance and we have turned away… the same way the general public has turned away from the law courts (inaccessible / racist / myopic) and the elected officials (lying / self-serving / oblivious). The Doctors have devolved to shills for the pharmaceutical industry, and the church… well… it just plain refused to grow up.  These, along with the Universities, are dying institutions.  We know that as a global conciousness.

The facts are facts – and stamping ‘approved by a dying institution’ isn’t going to save a thing here. The concept that Neil Macdonald proposed is ‘formal accreditation’: ‘there is no other way’ – would almost be funny – but Neil Macdonald is ignoring some simple facts here:

We, with our cel phones and internet, are recording the real news… and that’s what we focus on… reality.  

We don’t need a stamp of approval to post a picture on Facebook.  We are smart enough to decide if it’s real or not… we are smart enough to decide if it’s ‘news’ or not.


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Take a look a the stats – this is the reality Mainstream is Ignoring.

1 – One in Five children go hungry in Canada… 100% of families are impacted by this in countless ways… so at least 20% of the news should be talking about this… instead of 0.1% of the news.

2 – 50% of us die from heart failure and stroke, another 50% of us from Cancer… not ‘terrorists’… not ‘trade deals’… but from real problems. Yet that’s what we get shoved down our throat continuously – war and unending financial disasters.

For some reason Neil Macdonald says ‘get letters of approval’ and we will be happy with the status quo; while mainstream ignores how we spend our last days.

3 – Both problems have simple solutions – solutions that are over complicated by talking to 0.1% of the population monopolizing the arguments: the ‘government’. Mainstream is not telling the story of the real statistics that kill people.  Mainstream lost it because we are at work in the real world, we are ignored while we’re trying to pick up the pieces.

We have the perspective, and mainstream ignores it.

A stamp of approval from the dying education institution (that only creates poverty by student debt – see Generation Jobless / CBC) is never, ever going to regain any credibility for reporters.


image courtesy ‘tech news world’

As citizens, 70% of us have turned away.

We’re cutting the cable, we are ignoring advertising based outlets. We don’t pay for our news, and we don’t care about celebrities, sports stars, or lying politicians… we care about day to day life. We read more, daily, than any other generation before us… per capita we are far better educated, far more peaceful, than any other generation.

You had an audience that is informed, and you talked yourself out of the deal.

We are waiting for reality, but we don’t care if it surfaces. Facebook groups devoted to saving the CBC have thousands of members, when they should have millions. You lost the social media war because we’re waiting for a news headline that represents reality…

…try this: ‘Today the government (only 0.1% of the population) continued to stand in the way of Cancer cures:  REASON – 0.1% of the population wants to mobilize billions of dollars worth of equipment to move 1,000 soldiers into war… a war nobody wants.

That is reality. That should be the headline. If mainstream wasn’t listening to old people thinking up ways for young people to die in wars, if mainstream reporters like Neil Macdonald wasn’t content to ignore starving children, to make old people richer… well… we wouldn’t have the mainstream hysteria over fake news.


image courtesy CBC

Mainstream is just a small group of old people, quoting more messed up old people, who just plain hate their own species.

Wars? Poverty?  None of this is necessary, or inevitable, except to those old people who are tired, desperate, and vengeful.

The story here is that mainstream panders to lazy ass baby-boomers and their excuses… people who never actually get off the couch and do something different – like solve big problems their own complacency created.

Mainstream is listening to those old people… we aren’t. Get it?

We grew up with people who hate their own species… religion…. government… financial institutions.  They created the mess on purpose – why on earth would you say these people are worth reporting on?  Mainstream government, religion and education institutions had total authoritarian control – and they messed it up… and now we know the Baby-Boomer institutions have failed across the board.  Yet Mainstream ‘News’ gives them air time?

That’s like talking to a Trump supporter about solutions to Racism.  But that’s what’s literally happening here.

The information vaccuum is being filled by those of us who are independent reporters, and the rising stars of other outlets like Huffington Post and the National Observer.  We are taking the ratings because we are starting to tell the story – and the rising stars are getting the ratings and income to prove they are on track… but still they are in ‘transition’… sometimes distracted by shiny nonsense mainstream competitors offer.


image courtesy University of Hawaii

The other headline that could turn the tide is simple:

‘One in Five children are left to go hungry, even though we could easily feed them, and in the next 10-15 years we will be phasing out 40% of all jobs for automation, and we need to fix this now.’

The real world of journalism is now firmly in the hands of us, the rest of the real world, and we are simply not talking among ourselves about 0.001% of the population that makes up mainstream news editors and reporters…

and we don’t care about your opinions on why you lost ratings.

Mainstream doesn’t seem to be able to face the fact they lost their ratings all by themselves.  They aren’t getting invited to the party – and they obviously think it’s because everyone else has a problem.  Really?  I mean, Really?

Overall I don’t think mainstream has an intellectual mirror.  They seem to think like Neil Macdonald – he doesn’t believe we turned away on purpose and for good reason.

We cut the cord on our own, with scissors provided by people like Neil McDonald.  We turned away on purpose.  We ignored the National Enquirer for decades as ‘fake news’… but all of a sudden Mainstream is trying to point at the Clown in the room… openly ruining their own reputation by saying ‘you guys are looking at the clown!  that’s why we aren’t invited to the party!’.  We don’t listen to Alex Jones, we know the difference between Shinola and Prarie Oysters… and we aren’t looking at the clown in the room.


Neil Macdonald – courtey 

We are looking squarely at those outside the party bitching about the cover charge… the cover charge that says ‘you have to be relevant’.

We, the people, have common sense – we can tell the difference between mainstream b.s. and authentic facts.  That’s why Neil is proposing, that somehow ‘more authority’ makes you a leader in society.  It doesn’t.  Anyone in the Management field knows that a position, some letters behind your name, means absolutely nothing in the real world.  In fact, in the business world, we know the more edcuation you have, the more of a liability you are to progress.

Earning respect gets you a place in the world today.

We as a ‘Global Consciousness’ have moved on from those assuming positions of authority – especially when they don’t earn it.

All this ‘Fake News’ and ‘credible sources’ nonsense is just more water-cooler talk in an office with less people, smaller paychecks, and dwindling credibility. Neil Macdonald just posted a summation of the problem – with an asinine solution that ignores logic, and above all, statistical reality.


image courtesy – sourcable

Neil – you should know better.  You lost ratings with articles like this – you are simply talking among yourselves now, and coming up with bizarre solutions divorced from reality.  I‘m just waiting for the straw on this camels back… the one that says ‘Russia did it’.

You guys are convincing us to tune you out – while muttering amongst yourselves… the ‘Neil Macdonalds’ of the world are not answering their own questions of who, what, where, when, why and how.  The Neil Macdonalds of the world sit and watch the ship sink – and for some reason – they ignore what I learned in my first year in Radio & Broadcasting:

Get out of the office and go get the story!

We know how – and why mainstream news lost it.  Every day, as we turn away, we show mainstream what it’s unwilling to face – we have far bigger problems than their limited observations present to us.

Gray haired people who hate their own species caused our current problems – and their institutions are not going to do a damn thing to fix it – so listening to the inmates about the quality of the locks isn’t going to feed people, or find a cure to Cancer.

This is the swan song for people who hate their own species, and Neil is fiddling while the flames get hotter.

I’ll be in the streets talking about people standing in the way of feeding kids, and finding cures for cancer. Taylor Swift can’t compete… neither can accreditation shared among yourselves.. on nice shiny paper… around an empty office… with nobody listening

Darin Howard

Radio Free Canada – Facebook

Radio Free Canada – YouTube

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