Dana Larson sets back the ‘Legalize It’ movement… again…

Darin Howard, Editor
Radio Free Canada – April 7 – 2016


Quote from CBC.ca
“Under the Canadian Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, it is illegal to distribute marijuana in any form regardless of whether payment is provided,” the release said.

Police say they will address the incident at a news conference Thursday.”

Dana Larson and his political ambitions where stopped cold in Calgary as he tried to take his popularity out of the province, and failed once again to do anything legitimate.

After failing so spectacularly with the ‘Sensible BC’ campaign, he’s set to bring his bad P.R. across the country with an unknowing and unsuspecting fan base who don’t realize how continuously failing campaigns hurt the ‘Legalize It’ movement.

It’s the Medical Patients relying on the real medical benefits of Cannibas, and our economy that really suffer. We could use the money to do something real in this country, but not with Dana Larson out in the public.


Supposedly to pressure the Canadian Federal Government and Justin Trudeau to owe up to their election promises to decriminalize and legalize marijuanna, Larson set out from Kelowna to distribute ‘a million seeds’ across the country…

…supposedly to be planted in homes to ‘defy the law’.

Nothing could be worse for the movement.

There are literally hundreds of other ways to get the word out, and build credibility among Conservative types who are holding out on the Legalizing Marijuanna.  Dana Larson lost it since he’s playing to the choir, and not addressing policy makers who are content to sit behind their policies.  Remember that – even though Dana Larson says he’s promoting a ‘civil disobedience’ stance – he’s literally offending the policy makers who are used to ignoring the debate.  A very small percentage of people actually make up the rules here – it’s the reason why many ‘Legalize It’ advocates adopt the suit and tie, to influence those policy makers superficial enough to judge people by their clothing.

The point here: Activism is Winning major victories against corrupt cops, corporations and individuals… yet that all seems to be lost on Dana Larson who continues to offend, detract and destroy any legitimate public campaigns to get Marijuanna into a respectable light.


Bong Man – Probably the most immature of public personas… a dancing ‘mascot’ of the legalize it movement, appearing next to legitimate proponents medicinal marijuanna – this ‘mascot’ stamped the words ‘jack-ass’ onto the public forum. Not everyone is a fool…or respects such nonsense.  Did he do anything to stop this from showing up?

bong man

Green Bud & Hash – A parody of Dr.Seuss, this was a direct kick in the crotch to every Conservative type making legislative decisions… a waste of creative & publishing efforts… he set back the movement decades… and it wasn’t necessary at all.

green buds and hash

Photo Courtesy Dana Larson

Seeds for Anarachy – Setting himself up to get arrested – he goes right to ‘Conservative Central’ to do it – Stephen Harpers backyard – once again proving his ego and shortsightedness are comparable to Donald Trump. He’s not some champion here… he’s setting us farther back.  I have no doubt the Harperites still hold sway over certain issues in Cow Town – it’s kind of embarrassing to think of Calgary as a home to Fascism, the people there are so friendly.

Now think for a second… why did Dana Larson choose that spot to distribute seeds, and break the law… was it because he was almost assured a spotlight by getting arrested?  Personally, I would have avoided Fascist Party Headquarters till the end of my tour… then get arrested if that was what I was aiming for… make better press and get a LOT more seeds out there in territory the RCMP have already proven they’re not going to prosecute.


Image Courtesy CBC.ca


There are a lot of mature, logical and educated people that know the war on drugs is an expensive failure, and the prohibiting a plant from a peaceful and well disciplined general public is just plain stupid – and asinine at a federal level.

Until we get massive ego’s out of the spotlight (which is where Dana Larson seems to do the most damage) we’re faced with corrupt officials guiding our efforts.  I’m not getting to in depth right now, but you have to see that it’s statistically a failure to fight a war on Pot in any manner… that’s more than just a corruption of logic.  We are also in massive economic chaos – with Colorado and Washington continue to capitalize on our failure.

We need a real, national campaign that doesn’t appeal to the ‘jack-ass’ crowd. We need firm leadership, with support of not just the immature ‘bong man’ crowd, but from everyone including the Conservatives who can be won over with logic – not grandstanding.

Dana Larson will continue to benefit the cops, the courts, and the Conservatives until he’s removed from the spotlight… what is now, obviously desperately needed.  The ‘Psychos in Suits’ who maintain MJ prohibition where just handed another years worth of internal rhetoric and a poster boy for ‘reasons to keep MJ illegal’.

With Mainstream Media promoting Dana Larsons every word, you know that we’ll be waiting for the ‘Legalize It’ movement to gain traction across the country… for a long… long time.

That’s my opinion…
Darin Howard
Editor – Radio Free Canada

Radio Free Canada – Facebook




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