Hope for the future… Dancing in the Rain as a new day breaks

A letter to myself in the year 2113

Today is a good day – like any other day.  The Rain is coming down, it’s cold outside, looks like it will be like this all day.  That’s part of life – that’s reality… and that makes it a good day.

Accomplishment is like that – and where I live, Rural Canada, there are a lot of ‘conservative’ people who are shouting me down, lying and misinforming the public about what I’m doing, and why.  They have a lot of different excuses, and agendas, and above all, obvious weaknesses.  I don’t care – it’s of little importance, since that’s the way it’s always been, a little cold rain… an awesome day.

For my friends here on the net – I do have a little explaining to do.  You see, I come from lineage that stands up for what is right, a people that aren’t complacent in sight of injustice.  Unlike those entrenched in the system, my world is not limited by the haters and back-stabbers, the weak ones, those lost in the illusion of freedom while they slave till they die.  I am not content, as many are, I’m not leaving a legacy of regret and delusion.  You can die with your eyes closed, that’s easy… and it’s no way to go.  

Lately – I see it as a grand experiment of sorts… this Internet thing.  The experiment was simple, it was to see who was who, and what was what.  Now that I have the information… I’m moving on it.  Some two weeks ago, I pressed a ‘go’ button on some bigger plans that are coming to fruition right now.  So as the sun comes up behind gray and foreboding clouds, I take this moment to consider where we are – what’s really going on.

To those of you who where there from the beginning, who don’t need to agree with everything I say, or do, I welcome you along.  Life’s like that – it’s sticky, and it’s not perfect.  Those close to me for the past 20 years know that my battle has always been against racists, lost Conservatives and haters of every type.  We all fight wars in one way or another… I just chose not to be destroyed by it – and this morning that is full of all that is human life today – in the cold and rain – I smile because in many ways… I made it.

There were a lot of times when I thought of giving up – I thought of just doing what everyone else seems to do – ‘take care of yourself, be content with the common thought of ‘it’s all you can do’… I found that line of logic was a pathetic lie.  Right now, as a society, that evil concept of ‘it’s all you can do’ is packing up the older people, and their wisdom, and shutting them up in old folks homes to die without sharing their light.  It’s a tragedy of epic proportions, spurred by a generation of Baby-Boomers too self involved to save the world, or even their own families… they are literally locking their parents into cages called ‘care homes’ instead of inviting them into their world, to do what we used to do – be responsible to our family and our community, both young and old.

Baby Boomers say stupid things like ‘I’m tired’ and ‘you can only do so much’… and that’s a lie they get to live.  They haven’t built up their endurance, physically or spiritually, and that’s their loss.  I really don’t care about that – I care about the results of their complacency.  That attitude of ‘we can only do so much’ has created the disaster of environment and culture.  Right now they are turning away the disaster they are individually responsible for, to go shopping and on vacation.

We are the new generation – the ones left to clean up the mess from the laziest, most complacent and irresponsible generation to ever walk the face of the planet earth.  We do not have excuses – we have a task.

In the past 30 months, I have researched, wrote, produced and operated many different outlets for information and action… and every last one of them was amazing… because they where not for any corporation, not for any greed fest, not for any myopic banker or lawyer… they were for my kids… they were for those that we raise on our shoulders to see farther than us.  That’s what those haters in Kelowna, and throughout the world are angry about – that there are many of us who are actually working to fix the mess they’re to lazy and filled with excuses to attend to.

Every last person needs to wake up to the lost generation, and expose the effect the lazy baby-boomer has on our future, and our lives.  We, as a people, need to take a look at the grocery prices tripling, the monopolies set up by power companies, the way the law courts hold back humanity and the way that a bunch of freeloaders are sitting atop pyramids they built for themselves, as they crack at the foundation and tumble before our HD cameras and our YouTube accounts.  We are witness to the great change – and we must do more than just be witnesses.

Regardless of what is said – I will continue to fight for those that cannot rise to fight – I will speak for those that cannot speak for themselves, and I will continue to expose the crime against Humanity which is the ‘society’ that those lazy Baby-Boomers are watching crumble… without doing a damn thing about it.  I will keep going, and I am joined shoulder to shoulder by the brightest, strongest and most capable generation to walk the planet earth.

We have a prosperous and limitless future in front of ourselves, even if a very scant few pour millions of dollars into ‘news’ outlets that pander to the lazy generation – the minority explaining to everyone that ‘it’s all we can do… scorch the earth and watch the chips fall’.  That’s the poison pill the Boomers swallowed – the big lie being told in between commercials that continue the lie.  Those that are losing power allow commercials to lie to them, by the hundreds every day.  The actually put up with the concept that if you ‘buy this’ you will be happier, you will be better.  They tolerate commercials and nonsense pandered as truth.  

We have a bright future, and now that the stage is set, we must only reach out and take it… or in reality… take it back, from those that are too greedy to see the light… to lost to find their way back to humanity.

They will shout me down – make up lies – and say hurtful things… the rain will fall – it will be cold.  But that’s another great day being human; because I know what they know, that change in inevitable, and that humans are meant for more than just supporting a useless and medieval system holding our species back more effectively than the Catholic Church during the Dark Ages.

No matter what, there are those that wish to see us fail… so they can leave the earth a worse place than before… confident their laziness was the right decision… since they couldn’t do it themselves.  But within those lost and lonely individuals, there are those that are waking up – and are reaching out.  Entrenched in the system, a few who hear our combined voices are stirring in spirit – they know that things are wrong, and now, they are waking to a new light, and a new prosperity.  That’s what happened to me over a decade ago – I was there with all the money, the toys, the friends… and I turned away for something better.  I found I was blind – and outside of the greed there was an awesome life full of rain and sunshine, happiness and tears, and above all… honesty.

It is our destiny to shed of the shackles that kill us, to rise up against slave masters and their stooges, and to do what we can, as individuals, to help humanity regain itself.  We are here for that singular purpose, and we’re destined to achieve it – to achieve real human prosperity.  We will not be turned away, we will not fail, and we have a lifetime to perfect dancing in the rain… all of us.

Surround yourself with success, and hopeful people.  Shed off the negativity and anger that the Boomers call ‘normal life’… it’s not normal to fight all the time, it’s not normal to hate humanity, or have a negative view of society, or the general public.

It’s normal to have faith in your fellow human being – it’s normal to have hope for the future, and to work towards that hope.  It’s normal to fulfill dreams, and invent new realities… it’s normal to dance in the rain.

And when my time is done, maybe a hundred years from now, I will look back and see that I wrote this letter to myself, and to you – the one that made it to the end of the old, to build something new… to simply share my thoughts on a morning full of rain… when those that profit from misery and hate turn from sleepless nights to days filled with distractions.  I wrote this because I hope that they too can be a part of the change.  That is the final note – they too can build the future… they just have to shed off the lie, and join us…

And to the Baby-Boomers offended by the fact they have no endurance, or responsibility – I say this… get over yourself and join us – or continue shopping and going on vacation till it’s all gone.  I have a world to build… and there are a lot of motivated intellects building along side me.

The future is ours.  Thanks for being there at the beginning… I’ll see you at the finish line.Image

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